Monday, February 28, 2005


yeah yeahyeahyeah..yeah, yeahyeahyeahyeah! yeahyeahyeahyeahyeahyeah?yeah.

Feeling somewhat bored today. It's not what I should be feeling but I am. I guess it is start-of-the-semester blues. A bad sign.

Actually, this mornings class was o.k. It's an intermediate level class which means you can do alittle more with them also they have been at University for (at least) 3 years, so they know what is expected of them. Although, I did get a girl playing on her mobile phone towards the end of class. I kept her behind because of it then asked her to re-read the list of class rules and regulations. Strangely, she understand point #4 ... 'Hand Phones should be switched off during class time'. Now she knows it off by heart.
_________________Anyway, the class seem pretty receptive. I wonder how long will last. They were certainly in favour of breaking the 90 minute class into 2 portions with a 5 minute break inbetween. I'm not sure how that will go but it makes sense since it is difficult to sit for any length of time without switching off mentally and it must be especially difficult to listen to me for that length of time. I definitely feel that I should be more student orientated. I think that has come with experience. This time last year the priority was simply to be able to control 50+ students for the duration of the class. Now I can do that. It seems like now is the time to try to expand things and perhaps loosen the control by being more student centred. Certainly, that is achievable with the older students however I may be limited in my options with the new 1st years.

Anyway, it was really nice to see some familiar faces around campus today ... I may not know all my students names but I do remember their faces. Thankfully, no-one tried to lunge at me for giving them a bad grade. Perhaps that will happen later this week!

Sunday, February 27, 2005


Word of the week: 'Class'

Not in a glass but the beginning of. 17 weeks until the next holiday then.

Phrase of the week: 'Eh, that corner is coming alittle fast'

So, there we were. Night time. A country road winding it's way down a hill. 5 people in the car. Suddenly we clip the edge of the kerb and the car skids over onto the other side of the road. It looks like we are heading for the bushes beyond the road or even a double flip with pike. Alas, a nifty flick of the wrist sees the steering wheel jerk the car back into the road and the danger is over. Cue slightly relieved laughter and the smell of someones pants needing changed.

Sight of the week: 'Natalie Portman'

Didn't think she was that hot but after seeing Closer, I've changed my mind. Well done on a great performance. Oh yeah, and for wearing that outfit.

Song of the week: 'Tribulations' by LCD Soundsystem

Quite possibly the album of the year even though it didn't come out this year. It just won't get off my stereo. It's stuck. Stomping.

Saturday, February 26, 2005


+vepositive+ve. We got a win. Scotland won. We beat Italy. Brillant news. It certainly wasn't pretty and it certainly won't have the other teams in the 6 Nations shaking in their boots but in the present climate a win is a win regardless of how it is achieved. Some quarters suggest that it was fear which saw such an uninspiring performance. Of course. 13 defeats in 15 is not a record which indicates that confidence is in abundance but perhaps this is proverbial monkey which has been cast off our backs. We have played much better and lost but finally a win by playing badly. 2 games remain. Wales at home will not be easy. They have just defeated France and came from behind to do so. I suspect that they will have one eye on a Grand Slam and quite rightly so as they are looking a very capable side. I would be surprised if we beat them but this seems to be the thing with Scotland at the moment - which Scotland will turn up on the day? Will it be the one which gave the Australians a mighty scare, the Scotland which was so lacklustre against the South Africians or the poor but winning Scotland of today. And then there is the England game ... it's not easy being Scottish.

Security guards. We have one in our apartment. I do make a point of waving to him when I go past and he always reciporicates. Well, that's not strictly true. It seems that the security guard (I say 'security guard' but in reality there might be many but they all look the same) is prone to bouts of rest time infront of the tv. In other words, he is a lazy b__________d who sleeps on the job. But, in his defence, it's not really a very exciting job. I mean, what does he really need to do. I guess he needs to make sure that we put the rubbish in the correct recylcing bag or make announcements over the intercom at god awful times of the day but other than that, I'm not sure. Of course, we need him because what would happen if someone tried to steal the building? There is only one man trained to deal with such an event and he wears a great cap and an equally impressive nylon suit. From a distance, he looks like a police man but he's more than that. He is a deterrent, he makes everything run smoothly and he knows ... he knows everything. He knows who are visiting who. The unfaithful husband being visited by the 'coffee girl'. The one night stands. He even knows that he is cool enough to sleep in his chair with the tv on without drooling and without even waking up when someone walks into the building.

Mr. Security guard.You are the cornerstone of the community and when I come stumbling home at night, I think, shit I better sober up. You are the man. Keep up the good work. I salute you.

Friday, February 25, 2005


my peace is shattered..........
...............................seems like I have new neighbours. the only evidence I have that I do have new neighbours was a curious, late night sound from the next apt. it was a women's 'sound' and lets just say, she wasn't talking and she certainly wasn't getting strangled. i'm hoping that this sound isn't a regular occurrence.

speaking of 'exercise', I joined this new gym near my home. I briefly checked it out last week and it seemed ok. but when I actually went to get down to business, i really started to notice that this gym isn't that great at all. i mean, i can't increase (or decrease) the slope of the treadmill or it's really difficult trying to alter the seating of the machines. and, the shower room. well, remember the 'worst toilet in scotland' courtesy of 'trainspotting' ... not as bad as that but could certainly do with a clean. plus, it is the small things that really count against it. the 'trainer' just sits behind the desk playing some unknown game. it's like he is completely disinterested in his customers. the towels are not a nice shade of pink. the dumb-bells are strewn in a completely random order and the layout could be better. all in all, i'm still trying to come to terms with the fact I willingly joined. so anyway, after 2 days, it was time to quit. the whole place just didn't 'feel' right - is that an acceptable reason? where is the next gym I can use and abuse?

.........................sorry, just feel like having a moan, so bare with me
whatelse. yes, tv. have tv. have video. have tv channels. have no english tv channels. 2 weeks and no tv. think i'm having withdrawal symptom. i don't really watch that much tv but not having the option of watching is the problem. after all there is only so much reading and internet usage a man can take. give me give me give me tv.

and on a positive note, holiday time is finished and university starts on monday.hahaha:)

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


The slow trickle of returning students continues ... I had almost a full class on Monday morning which I was surprised by given that most students generally return in week 2 since that is when we get down to business. It was nice to see them although it is a strange experience being back infront of the class after having such a long time away. When you are slap bang in the middle of the semester, you have no qualms about dictating everything that is done in the class however, on monday, I felt I needed to remind myself that I was the teacher and that I was there to 'run things'. I dare say I will be back in the swing of things come next week when there will be 40 or 50 sets of eyes on me in the 1st year classes. I suspect, given those conditions, I'll have no option - I will have to be ready or at least, be able to successfully fake that I am.

I see that my fellow Edinburgers' voted down the proposed transport overhaul of the city. Currently, the traffic flow in Edinburgh is not great. Better than some cities but worse than others. The Council wanted to improve Public Transport whilst reducing car usage in the city centre by charging each driver to enter into the city centre. A similiar plan had been introduced in London and the available evidence suggested that it was a success ... I'm not going to be overly critical of the Edinburgh plan because I feel that at a fundamental level something has to be done in order to reduce car usage and the polluation it causes within Edinburgh. However, I'm not entirely convinced by the plan on offer despite voting for it. Certain aspects were fine like the rail links to the Airport, increased frequency of buses and the re-introduction of the Trams. Anyway, it's all academic since it was comprehensively voted down by the car using public such is the nature of a democracy. Seems like short termism won the day instead taking the long term goal of clear air and less congested streets ... so, in response, please don't come complaining to me in a year or 5 about how bad the traffic is or how cases of ashma have risen 10 fold. The chance was there and now it's lost.

It might be that the Council turns around and says 'well, we'll ban cars from the city centre altogether'. Then you'll be f________________d.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


First things 1st ... the Dark Side a.k.a the Huns or to give them their official name Glasgow Rangers F.C. finally won at Celtic Park. It is their 1st win at Celtic Park for 5 years. I think we need a moment of quiet reflection on this as it is indeed, a sad day ... (

) ... i'm sure they were due a win.
Again it seems that certain parts of the Korean Media are intent on highlighting a tiny minority of us English teachers here in Korea. The programme broadcast on saturday involved a story in which both Middle and High School student's were obtaining dope from their 'English Teachers' in return for sexual favours. This programme also painted a fairly negative picture of English Teachers claiming that many are here illegally and that many didn't even have real Degrees or suitable qualifications which are necessary in order to obtain a Visa. Furthermore, the 'probelm' of foreigners' dating local men and women was also highlighted.

Hmmm. I don't want to get on the moral high ground and start preaching about 'rights and wrongs' because in alot of situations, one cannot make such definite, clear cut conclusions. Certainly, if the claims of 'drugs for sexual favours' is found to be true, then that is grossly unacceptable. It's not acceptable at home and certainly shouldn't be condoned here. I suspect that the T.V. programme has laid the blame squarely at the 'English Teachers' feet. Of course it will, the case is 'open and closed' in the eyes of many and it is hard to argue otherwise. However, one suspects that the students in question may not be completely innocent. That though shouldn't deflect from what these 'English Teachers' have, allegedly, done.

As for the other claims of faked Degrees and qualifications and illegal teachers. It seems like an age old phenomenon. I'm sure it will continue to occur. I'm not sure if this phenomenon will ever be resolved ...

With regard to the larger picture of anti-English Teacher feeling - I can't make excuses or justifications for other, unnamed and unknown peoples' actions who happen to have a simliar occupation as I do in much the same way as a doctor could make excuses or justifications for the actions of Dr. Shipman who killed, possibly more than 250 of his patients.

Does that mean all doctors are bad? And by the same token, does that mean all English Teachers are bad?

It tires me just thinking about it ...

Monday, February 21, 2005


So ... there I was. Sitting infront of my laptop deciding what to do. So, I thought that I would just check my timetable. Again. Just to confirm how great it is with my 3 afternoon's off. When suddenly I started to feel somewhat uneasy, then decidely queasy and then downright upset followed by a small tirade of words which would not be out of place in an '18' rated movie.

It seems that my timetable has been changed. Please bear in mind that the new Academic year begins in less than 12 hours time. I'm not wholly impressed at the short notice. I wouldn't have minded if the changes were helpful but they aren't. Instead of my 2 back to back classes on a wednesday, one of them has been moved to tuesday evening - 4 hours after my other class on a tuesday has finished. Typical.

Without being too critical of my wonderful hosts here in Korea, why are the timetables for a large Department being altered a day before the Semester starts. I mean, is the 2 months between the end of the old Semester and the beginning of the next Semester not enough time to make the afore mentioned timetables, particularly in light of the fact that the students get a handbook detailing all the classes offered, when they occur and with which teacher, months in advance. Perhaps, it actually is a hard task giving everybody timetables, so I will not comment further ... Until it happens again next semester.

And thanks to Scott, I've managed to get my own links. They are on the left. Enjoy.

Sunday, February 20, 2005


Word of the week: 'Scarface'

A decidely brutal movie in which Mr. Pacino is startingly scary. 'Make way for the bad guy. There's a bad guy coming through'. I want to be a hard as him.

Phrase of the week: 'Are you just going to sit here with your pint or are you up for some crack'.

No, i'm happy sitting here with my pint thanks. /Does that mean I'm getting old?/

Sight of the week: 'Cards (lack of)'

Clearly, it must be the lack of Valantines Cards. So, in essence it is not the 'sight of the week' as they never actually were sighted or even existed. White Day means shit to me.

Song of the week: 'Musclecar Reform Reprise' by Mylo

Purely for the unbelievably seductive voice that utters ... 'Daytona, TransAm Mustang, Charger, GTO - (ooh,ooh,ooh,ooh,ohh) Burning rubber'.

Saturday, February 19, 2005


When I arrived back in Korea last week, I honestly thought that I missed the worst of the weather and that Spring was on it's way. Clearly, I was mistaken. It's freezing. I was admiring the view from my Apartment and thought that it looked like a really nice day - the sun was out, hardly a cloud in the sky. So, out I went. Got the lift, walked through the revolving doors and WHOOOOOooosh ... oh my god. It was about -150 degrees. O.k. perhaps not but nearly. The wind was blowing and it was cold. There was no point in wearing my jacket or gloves because they weren't offering any resistance or warmth.

So, I got a movie and stayed home in protest.

Oh yeah ... and don't drink either. It makes you feel colder and makes you stay home and watch movies.

Friday, February 18, 2005


Oh ... holiday time is almost at an end. Back in December, the new semester seemed like AGES away. Alas, it's right here - starting on Monday.

Although, we are gently eased back into it. Next week represents the start of classes which don't involve the new 1st year students. I have 1 non first year class which is on Monday morning and I think that class will be basically just an introductory class with me laying down the law and outlining what I'm looking for from them. I might even get them to speak!

Then the following week we have the 1st year classes but again, that will be me laying down the law and outlining what I'm looking for from them which might be tricky. I'm planning on being 'tougher' than usual in the 1st month since we need to be clear on what is o.k. and what's not and to also let them know who is the teacher and who's not. Plus, they will then get to know my style and how far they can push things before I start throwing them out the class!

Of course, all the big plans and ideas that I have for this semester might actually not see the light of day but then the beauty of teaching is that it's flexible with no set way of doing X, Y or Z. I think initially I'll just be putting out feelers to see what I could do and by the same token, not do. It's entirely based on the student's, their attuitude, their ability and trying to find out what will help them best to achieve the end goal of passing the bloody course!

Anyway, enough teaching talk and back to the serious issues ... remember to vote for the 'Jim Baxter Bridge' at the new Wembley - see yesterdays post for the link!

Thursday, February 17, 2005


I got a fowarded message today which said that the Organisation that is building the new Wembley Stadium in London have started a contest which will see the naming of a Bridge over to the main stadium. The overal winner will have the bridge named after him (or her). I suspect the organisers were hoping that the bridge would eventually be called 'The Bobby Moore Bridge' or 'The Stanley Matthews Bridge'.

However, us Scots can't sit back and watch this happpening. We need to get enter this contest in order to get this bridge named after one of us especially given that Wembley is like a seconds home for us ... Who can forget the humbling of the English in '63 or the defeat of the 'World Champions' in '67 with a certain Jim Baxter doing his keepie uppy's like it was a training match or winning the last match at Wembley between the 2 nations or finally - my favorite - the Scottish fans invading the pitch in the '70's and taking the goal posts home!

So anyway, this fowarded message urges us to vote to name this bridge 'The Jim Baxter Bridge'. Cheeky but well worth the 30 seconds it takes to complete the voting form.

Imagine getting off the Underground and seeing the new Wembley in all it's £800 million splendour then walking on the 'Jim Baxter Bridge' ... and into the stadium to watch Scotland get gubbed.

The link is Here

You know it makes sense ...

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


The trouble with living and working in another country is that you need to make the annual pilgrimage to the Immigration Office in order to get your Visa extended. The day of that pilgrimage was today ...

I arrived to find a MASSIVE queue mostly of Koreans getting their passports issued but right at the front of the queue was this American guy. At 1st I didn't take that much notice as he was being attended to by one of the Immigration guys. However, all was not well ... has was huffing and puffing. The Immigration guy was huffing and puffing. He (the American guy) then got on the telephone to someone. The telephone was then passed to the Immigration guy who spoke to the person on the other end of the telephone. This happened on a number of occasions. Finally ... after much effort they got everything sorted out - well, I'm not sure if everything was completely 'sorted' but that was all this American guy could do at this time.

Whilst watching all this, I was actually really worried that I didn't have everything I needed and that I would become THAT American guy ... thankfully, I didn't have any probelms. The Immigration guy that served me was excellent. He didn't charge me the usual fee and he gave me a multiple entry Visa which U.K. Passport holders never get - apparantly, it is only American Passport holders who do - ... and that was free too.

So, this Immigration guy is 1. Bending the rules (maybe) or 2. He's corrupt (probably) or 3. Has just got himself a new girlfriend (unlikely - he was late 30's)or 4. He just wanted to get his lunch hour started (almost certainly) or 5. He is actually a very nice man (hmm).

I just hope that it doesn't come back to haunt me!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


So, Valentine's Day came and went without incident much to my disappointment but then some things never change, irrespective of location.

Anyway, have just posted some new photos. The 1st batch are from Tuna's birthday and also from the 'Big Buddha'. You can get there by clicking Autumn:Winter

Also, their are photos from Edinburgh. Mostly taken during one alcohol strewn saturday afternoon/evening which some indivduals might need to explain! Plus, there are further photos of Edinburgh

And if all this linking works, then I will be stunned!

Monday, February 14, 2005


Well ... where are they then?

I'm talking cards and flowers and chocolate and knocking at my door and the soft pitter patter of heels coming along my apartment building in order to knock at my door.

Alas, it's all quiet ... perhaps it isn't Valentines Day after all. Perhaps i'm just imagining it. Perhaps there are loads of cards and flowers and chocolate and there has been knocking at my door and the soft pitter patter of heels along my apartment building in order to knock at my door.

I'm waiting.

Sunday, February 13, 2005


Word of the week: 'Rooster'

Not exactly the most 'romantic' of animals but this year is the year of that fine beast. Makes me feel superior given that I was born in the year of the Dragon. What do you want to be ... a mythical flying, fire breathing monster or a bird that wakes up too early and then decides to tell everyone that it's awake?

Phrase of the week: 'Can I see you passport?'

Ehm, no you can't.

Sight of the week: 'Koreans'

Yes, I know, I see them everyday but these are the ones that fly. A truly unique bunch. You can always spot them at the airport even before you head to the gate - they are the ones with their own supply of food (usually Ramen) whilst carrying their rice cookers (because outside Korea rice isn't cooked!). Also, when on the flight, they are the ones who walk. Everywhere.

Song of the week: 'Yeah (Crass Version)' by LCD Soundsystem

A disco tinged 9 minutes of pure unadultered beats, hi-hat and synth mayhem. You know when you down a pint, put the glass down on the table and think 'whoa' ... well, this is that feeling. whoa.

Saturday, February 12, 2005


It seems like Scotland are on to winning something this year alas, it's defintely not the Grand Slam or even the Triple Crown - although that could still be on, however unlikely. It's more likely to be a second straight wooden spoon. To those who don't follow the Six Nations Rugby, it means you lose all your games. 1 season of this is bad enough but to have it happen in 2 consective years (possibly) is scandalous particularly now that Italy have joined the party.

Last season was dreadful. We were poor by a long way. The autumn tests showed some improvement. Even last week against France we should we could compete and were robbed of a famous win. However, the encouragement gained from that game soon evaporated around 4.20pm on saturday when an 'understrength' Irish team took the lead after Scotland had started promisingly. In the end, we were gubbed. It seems that we took 1 step forward last week only to take 2 steps back this week. I guess that's what it means to be Scottish ... a short peak followed by a long trough.

Next game is against Italy at Murrayfield. A must win game, no question about it. A game in which both the scoreline and performance need to be up there otherwise, we could be looking at record defeats against a resurgent Welsh team followed by a trip to the World Champs back yard with little to play for other than pride. Furthermore, even if we do beat Italy, we could still end up with a record of played 10, won 1, lost 9 in the last two Six Nations Championship. The Coach manintains that we are simply looking toward the next World Cup. With such a record, he could be looking at the next World Cup without a team to manage ...

Friday, February 11, 2005


Can't sleep ... my body clock must be all out. Have been trying my hardest to stay awake until 'normal' bedtime but when I decided it was time for a wee sleep I couldn't actually get there. It seems that I just can't turn off which will probably mean that at some strange time tomorrow I actually will just drop. Hopefully, that instant doesn't happen when I'm walking along the street. If it did, I wonder if anybody would come to my rescue ... or would they just keep walking, thinking 'hmm, another drunk foreigner'.

Just missed out on Lunar New Year ... the time of the year where it seems like everybody in Korea travels somewhere with the main highways and other major roads packed out with cars and buses. Even the train back from Seoul yesterday was full with standing only tickets available. At home, mass traffic jams would not go down well however here, they are just accepted as normal and they get on with them. If it takes 5 hours instead of 2 then o.k. They just pack more food!

Thursday, February 10, 2005


Safely back in Korea. Strangely, it looks the same. Actually, that is strange given it takes about a week to build things here.

Although, i'm tinged with sadness. I had been saving my large pack of Minstrels all the way from Edinburgh. I had fought the urge to scoff the lot on the plane ... finally, I had to on the train back to Cheonan. I whipped them out only to have them fall on the floor.


I wanted to pick them all up but the train to busy and I would have looked rather stupid chasing these little brown circles all down the aisle although it would have been worth it ...

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


One difficulty of living in Korea is that you really lose touch with music ... I would like to say that I really enjoy listening to the music here but i'd be lying. Korea doesn't really have the whole sub-culture of music that can be found in the U.K. and elsewhere. Everything from disco-punk through to noise can be found at various record stores around Edinburgh which is fantastic. Alas, a trip to a record store in Cheonan is akin to spending time looking at the CD's in Tesco or even Our Price (does that still exist?). It serves it's purpose but you don't get the same level of excitement ... so when I get to record stores these days, I see so much that I would like to get bearing in mind that the likehood of picking up LCD Soundsystem or How to Kill the DJ part 1 are virtually nil. I could, in theory, fill up a trolley purely in CD's that I've missed or on bands that I have heard in passing.

So, to the bloke that owns Fopp ... mate, please open a branch in Korea. It doesn't need to be a large store. It doesn't even need to be in Cheonan. There is a gap in the market and I feel that you would be doing a get service for me and the many others who need quality music.

Monday, February 07, 2005


Finally recovering from the weekend ... whose idea was it to spend most of friday and all of saturday in the pub? It's not big and it's not clever ... but it's got to be done every once in awhile!

Just trying to get myself organised for going 'home'. Was planning to send money back via Bank Transfer but my god - do they charge you for it. I'm not surprised RBS made of big fat healthy profit last year, so in protest, I'm taking with me.

Met up with the 'oldies' as well ... It's amazing how much the older generation can talk without the need to stop or even to think out what they are saying. They just whittle on regardless. Even the ones that you don't know. I was standing waiting on a bus when this old wifey started speaking to me. Never met her before in my life but it didn't stop her from telling me her life story. Thankfully, LRT buses run quite frequently and got away - it wasn't exactly the bus I was wanting but the choice was 1. Listen to her or 2. Make a sharp exit and walk an extra 5 minutes home. Clearly, number 2 won the day ...

Saturday, February 05, 2005


Word of the week: 'Money'

Note to tourists coming to Scotland - bring lots of it.

Phrase of the week: 'Are Ireland playing with a different ball?'

No names but uttered with complete conviction this afternoon whilst watching the rugby. Clearly in rugby, both teams play with the same ball during the match. A simple mistake.

Sight of the week: 'Chavs'


Song of the week: 'Rip it up' by Razorlight

A song that will forever be played at Indie Disco's - why? Because it's cracking ... 'Get on the dancefloor/Rip it ip/Rip it up like you really don't care.

Thursday, February 03, 2005


of course their are so many differences between Edinburgh and Cheonan. It's frightening to think how so ... however the major difference was one that became apparant during the course of today. A day spent almost exclusively in the pub. I'm pretty sure all day drinking can be had anywhere but it's not just the drinking, it's the company. That's not intended to be a criticism of people in Korea as I have met so many really great, genuine and caring people in my time there however, to be able to go out for lunch, coffee and some beer and just chat about life, the universe and everything is something that I miss, particularly when it's with people that know me and know what to ask, where little is 'off limits'. Plus, to be able to just talk all day without really needing to think of anything to say but just have the ebb and flow of conversation and topics is difficult to beat whether it be the upfront 'Do you love her' questions or the totally off the cuff 'He's a knobhead' or 'I can't believe he did that' observations.



You know how you sometimes just wake up in the morning and you know that the day is just not going to happen ... well, today is that day but since i'm on holiday, i'm not too concerned.

Anyway, i've just been reminded by my dad that I need to record that fact that i just went over to Safeway and bought coffee, milk and biscuits. He is in shock - apparantly that hasn't before ever ... such a lie. Doesn't stop him and the rest of the house eating all the biscuits.
Sorry, domestics!

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


So ... I'm watching the Scottish news today. It's the usual mix of serious news stories, sport and the weather but 1 story caught my attention.

Apparantly, some old guy - in his 60's - had stopped his car, got out but left the engine running in order to run to an ATM or as we like to call them a Cash Machine to withdraw some money. He was doing so when some bloke stole his money and his card then ran to the car and nicked it as well leaving this old guy in shock, penniless and carless ... all this not too far from my house! The reporter was interviewing this old guy about it - since it's a 'major' story but whilst watching it, I was thinking that this old guy is actually really thick, I mean what was thinking? Everybody knows that you don't leave your car unlocked with the engine running whilst your not in it ... Surely, that's common sense. Plus, this old guy has gone on National tv to tell the whole nation how stupid he has been.Is this just a Scottish thing or are people this thick in other parts of the world?