Wednesday, November 30, 2005


"It's shite being Scottish. We're the lowest of the low."

'The rant' by Renton.

Actually, it's not and we're not. It's great. We're not English, we're not Irish, we're not Canadian, we're not American, we're not Austrialian, we're not New Zealander's. We're Scottish. And that's it.

We have a rich history. We have culture. We scored the 2nd best World Cup goal ever. We took the Wembly goalposts home. We have the highest club match attendence. We invented the tv. We had enlightenment. We have the highest rate of Heart Disease in Europe. We are 61st in the FIFA rankings. 9th in the Rugby rankings. We are Scotland.

St. Andrews DAy/.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


How to make an idiot of yourself, part ______________________.

1. Get on a busy city bus. 2. Await for your stop to arrive. 3. Ring the bell to let the driver know you want to get off. 4. Move towards the exit door. 5. Fight your way past the old women to the door. 6. Hold on for dear life when the driver finally applies the brakes, 2 feet from the bus stop. 7. Push your way off the bus. 8. Don't bend down. 9. Whack your head off the top of the exit door. 10 Run to the pavement like nothing has happened. 11. Hope that no-one heard or saw you whack your head. 12. Wait until the bus is out of sight to finally acknowledge that you whacked your head and that it hurts like hell. 13. Rub sore bit. 14. Continue on your way.

And in next weeks episode - how to become deeply embarrassed in front of your class.

Monday, November 28, 2005


Oh dear.
Oh dear.
Taxi for McLeish?

The Huns, the dirty Ger's, Glasgow Rangers. However you want to call them. 8 games without a win, the worst losing streak in 132 years and a terrible performance against Hibs leaving them 11 points behind 3 place in the League. Yet, their Manager remains. And long may he continue. He's doing a great job of losing the League which is all the better for Scottsih football. I hope the Chairman has the courage to retain his services until at least the turn of the year thus ensuring that Rangers 'top' the bottom 6 when the split occurs sometime in April.

The irony is that they could qualify for the knockout phase of the Champions League which no other Scottish team has done previously. I can't quite get over that given that they have only won 1 of their group matches, yet other teams in other groups may not qualify even though they remain unbeaten. If they do qualify, they will surely be the worst team ever to have qualified.

Anyway, it's only a game as my mother rightly points out.

Sunday, November 27, 2005


Word of the Week: 'Thankful'

Awful, awful, awful. During our 'thanksgiving party' people were asked what they were thankful for. Around the room we went and I knew it was going to happen, so I didn't I needed to go to the bog. After a long time, I thought it might be safe to return because I couldn't think of anything and couldn't be bothered trying to think of something. Alas, it was not long enough. Busted as soon as I walked back into the room. Microphone thrust at me 'What are you thankful for...?' I really wanted to say something like 'birds and booze' but then no-one would have understood the 'birds' bit and the Korean lot wouldn't have understood the 'booze' bit. Plus, it's a Christian University. In the end, I merely said 'I'm thankful for you all being here'. Exit stage left. Deeply trumatised.

Phrase of the week: 'He was...'

The '...' is the important bit. Legacy and all that. Hoping that mine is more than '...' Hope it's more like '..................'

Sight of the week: 'Sore'

Confused. Slighty. In class, all the student's have to do is ask me to go to the toilet. It's only natural after all but it's something that is never actually said. In almost all situations the students claim 'stomach ache'. I don't get it. If you need to take a dump, take it. This 'ache' think is strange. Perhaps they haven't learnt the word for taking a p_________s instead they go for the closet alternative which actually means something completely different. I wonder if it's an institutional learning problem in much the same way that Koreans are never drunk but are actually drunken. I've never really come across anyone that would say drunken. Perhaps Shakespeare did but never got round to meeting him.

Song of the week: 'The Empty Page' by Sonic Youth

Quite liking this. Not sure why but in true Korean style...just because.

Saturday, November 26, 2005


One of those nights that your so tired that you can't actually fall asleep and when you finally do, you frequently wake up for no real reason. The net result being equally knackered the following day. That day is today.

I wonder if there is some root cause this_______

Anyway, no self-respecting football fan will be unaware that George Best passed away yesterday. It didn't come as a major shock given his health problems over the past month. In trying to write about him, it's difficult not to mention his life off the football field, yet I would much rather have a vision of him skipping past brutes of defenders on muddy, sodden pitches or jumping for joy having scored in the '68 European Cup Final.
But, the myth is more than his footballing prowse. Instead, he is equally known for his drinking and womanising, something which cannot simply be glazed over but does detract from his footballing exploits.

That said, football was his game. Not a big man but perfectly balanced. Shimming past defenders, coming off the right or left foot or simply scoring. His talent was exceptionall. Pele and Maradona have been mentioned in the same breath but how can you compare. It's all subjective. Critics have suggested that he didn't do it in a World Cup or he didn't do x/y/z/ Can you compare sticks and stones? Of course not.

Nevertheless, he had some ability and it is that for which he should be remembered. 2 stories spring to mind...
In is Hibs' days, he went over to take a corner. Whilst waiting to take it, someone from the crowd through on a can of beer. It just missed him. Instead of getting mad or throwing it back, he simply picked it up and took a drink!
_____________________________and then there was the time when the Irish were playing Holland in Amsterdam. Cryuff was playing. Best said before the game that he would nutmeg Cryuff, the 1st chance he got. True to form, he got the ball and ran towards Cryuff. What did he do...nutmeg him. Just as he had done so, he punched the air to signify that he had done what he said he would.

Can anyone claim anything better?

Friday, November 25, 2005


A big chicken died escaping from ghostville. He initially jumped kicking left, moving nicely over princes' queer red shoes. Twisting upwards, veering west xhibiting youthful zest.

Sorry, just wanted to see if I could write something that followed the letters of the alphabet, in order.
Sad but that kind of day.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


**Generalisation alert^

Sitting in the class with the heating on at 30C, the windows open and their jackets zipped up.

My student's.
They're really clever.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Someone once remarked that music is the soundtrack to your life and in many ways is it a spot on observation with phases in your life being represented by the music that you would listen to at that time with teenage years either loved up with the latest 'pop' heros or trying to channel your anger, uncertainity or new found feelings into the likes of Metal et al. Though music one listens to changes and alters and you do and your record collection reflects. It may not be a conscious effort on your part but it happens. Boy Bands suddenly become the sperm of the devil whilst you are annoyed by long haired, depressed people who don't wash listening to the latest Slayer offering.
It's evolution whether that be growing up or your taste becoming more /or less/ sophisticated.

Of course, your taste is only as good as the music on offer.

Hence's a 'free' music site.

You type in the name of the band you are interested in and it comes up with music by that artist or that 'sounds' similiar to it. I'm still getting used to it but it's a decent starting place. It gives you an idea. And your ideas have to start somewhere.

Monday, November 21, 2005


So...there I was walking along the street the other day, minding my own business as I tend to do, when I became aware of a group of 3 or 4 teenage boys walking behind me. They were talking and laughing and acting like typical teenagers. But then I noticed that one of them was talking alittle louder than the others and not actually talking to his mates. So, I tried to listen in to see if I could catch anything that he was saying. It's a small triumph if I can listen in a get the gist of what is being said - the odd word is doing well.

He was saying something along the lines of 'Hey Mister, can you understand Korean!'

Depending on my mood, I would say 'piss off' or 'eh' but on this occasion, I merely turned around, looked at him in the eye and said in a low montone 'yes'. At which point he shut up and so did the other boys. I turned back around and kept walking.

1-0 to the 외국인. wELL, not really but it cheered me up.

Oh yes and so did the Old Firm game. 3-0 to Celtic. Top of the league. 15 points above the 'Gers. And when was the last time Rangers went an entire calendar month without winning a could be this month!

Sunday, November 20, 2005


Word of the week: 'Fascist'

n. 1. a person who supports facism* 2. a way of referring to somebody that you disapprove of because they have Right-Wing attitudes.
*Extreme Right -Wing political system which is in favour of strong central government.

Big words. Big accusation. Especially from a non-native English Speaker. Show yourself.

Phrase of the week: '2011 Rugby World Cup goes to...'

New Zealand. Somewhat saddened by this. New Zealand was up against Japan to host the 2011 Rugby World Cup. On the one hand you had a bid that was from a Rugby powerhouse which would not have spwaned any new converts to the game. And on the other hand, you have a country who is developing in Rugby terms and by bringing Rugby to a new location, would have opened many more doors and opportunities. Alas, it seems like money may have swayed the decision. A definte opportunity wasted.

Sight of the week: /the cold has affected my eyes./

Song of the week: 'We have sound' by Tom Vek

Alas, an album makes it. Sometimes, once in a while, an album comes along that just does it on a musical, a lyrical and an emotional level. Some albums hit perhaps 2 but it's unusual to hit all 3. It seems that this particular album does. It is bold and brass but has this tender undercurrent to the almost mechanical nature of some of the songs. It's electronic and cold in parts but also warm and uplifting in a pseudo-suburban kind of way 'You said I was the map reader/You said I was the glove compartment'. Perhaps it might be compared with Beck but then it seems like anything that is slighly left of centre is compared with him. The Eels for example 'sound' like Beck but then Beck never actually sounded like the Eels. This album though is left field. It's the kind of album that comes along and just makes you gasp in much the same way as leaving you centrally heated apartment for the cold, windy street down below. a GEM and onrepeat.

Saturday, November 19, 2005


All this internet technology____
I do like it. I use it everyday. I would be lost without it.

Of course, problems arise from it's increasing usage. Korea is certainly a hotbed of usage. Positive and negative usage. And it's easy enough to go posting comments of negativity and equally nasty stuff. It's easy to say stuff from a computer. It's equally easy to post without having the balls to write your name. It's anonymous. Completely anonymous with little chance of being found out.

That bothers me.
If you have something to say, say it but have the courage to sign your name or to identity yourself.
Seems like it is Korean style to post nonsense or inflammatory comments in the unregulated domain of cyberspace.
If they were in public - face to face - would they do it? Probably not. Spineless and cowardly.
This is me. I have opinions. And my name is Paul. Not some 'random' nameless, potentially pissed knobhead hiding behind a screen.

Friday, November 18, 2005


So Roy Keane has left Man. Utd, by 'mutual consent'... the infamous phrase. 'Mutual Consent'
Actually, he's probably been punted. Alex Ferguson is ruthless but you don't get to where he has got to by being a nicey, nicey. And it is that single-mindedness that has cost Keane his contract extention and now his club.
Keane though is equally single-minded and that has been his downfall. His outburst - that never was - pointed fingers at his team-mates. It didn't go down well yet it was true however brutal it seemed. It was simply what the fans were saying. Ferguson though does not tolerate the airing of dirty linen in public and it is this that seems to have been the final straw. Initially, he was going to strip Keane of the Captain's armband but then Keane is not the sort of person who would tolerate that kind of demotion. Hence this.
Keane's legacy had already been cemented. His drive and abilty made him perhaps the best midfielder of his generation. Certainly the best in the Premiership. Two games spring to mind - the Irish match against the Dutch. The winner went to the World Cup. Keane was everywhere. He covered every inch of Landsdown Road. The singlehandly won that in much the same way he got Man. Utd to the Champions League Final. 2-0 down to Juve in Turin, booked and suspended from the final if they got there, he drove them on to a historic 3-2 win.
Conversely, his temperment made headlines. Bookings, red cards, a horror tackle on Haaland and walking out on the Irsh team before the World Cup. Classic Keane.
Celtic his next stop off. Perhaps. No doubt he would add something to the team. His age and his salary may could against him...although would love to see him try to take on Ricksen in an Old Firm Derby at Parkhead!

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Could you visit these 2 Blog's please...

They are feeling alittle left out.

and 2= Nae mair stuff

You can leave a comment for them also. They'd like that!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Well, it seems like Mr. Miles and bit the bullet and gotten himself hitched. The cheek of him. He even had the balls to suggest that I would be next. All I can say to that is: you're having a laugh mate.

Tell you what seems that alot of folk are doing 'that' particular deed or worse still, having offsprings. What's that about?
Honestly, f_____________________k that. I have enough trouble looking after myself without the additional stress of a moaning missus or screaming punk. Neddless to say, I won't be next. Not even next after the next person.

In saying that though, I would think that it will happen but I'm at the point where I always associate marriage and children as 'things' that other, or older people do. I must be in some form of denial about my age or something because such a concept just doesn't reflect reality with people close to me and younger than me are engaging in such behaviour.
Anyway, just because xyz are doing 'it' doesn't mean that I need to follow xyz.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Panic attack of week should be a new 'sunday' category. Just thinknig that we have ages left in this semester to get a test organised and implemented. Clearly not. And it hit me today during class. It actually made me stop and think 'oh s_________________e!'

Organisation is one thing that you need when you have 300+ students otherwise it all goes pearshaped. It very nearly has. Think a couple of late nights are in order to fix this one. D'oh as the yellow one would say.

Haven't had much football 'chat' recently. I even missed commenting on the Old Firm win last week. Although, it didn't come as a big surprise given that Rangers had only won 2 in the last 10 or something equally crap. Would love it if they didn't even qualify for Europe next season. Hearts and Celtic in the Champions League with Hibs progressing to the UEFA Cup courtsey of a decent 3rd place finish. Rangers then having to win the Scottish Cup in order to qualify but losing out to the Dons on that one!
Sorry...should stop dreaming.

Oh yeah and weren't America lucky against us last saturday in Glasgow. I can confidently say that they still have never beaten us. How many countries can claim that?!?

Monday, November 14, 2005


Seems like there is a fight brewing back in Edinburgh...come on guys, sort it out.
What's wrong with taking a minute or 3 to send a text message?

Clearly, I'm not 'in the know' but I definitely don't want to see my mates having problems with each other. That's not good. You're both big enough and ugly enough to sort it out, so please do so.
Love and hugs and all that stuff!

Sunday, November 13, 2005


Word of the week: 'Really'

'Cos they were really here. That'll be my students claiming they were in my class when in fact they were in their beds, recovering from a hangover.

Phrase of the week: 'Happy Birthday'

This was primarily brought on by a certain Munro - and not, that's not a 3,000 foot high mountain of Scottish origin, it's a bloke and a mighy fine one at that. Korean style birthdays seem to be celebrated in bars in much the same way as everywhere else, however, it appears that the 'thing' to do is to tell the management who then turn the lights out, crank up your choice of 'Happy Birthday' - the thrash version, the normal version or some other shocking versions - and then switch on the strobe lighting for the duration of the song. Cue nosebleeds, fits and temporary blindness. A definite health and safety issue.

Sight of the week: 'Children'

Don't like them. They are small. Have too much energy and that's it.

Song of the week: 'I ain't saying my goodbyes' by Tom Vek

Not a household name but who is these days? Simple guitar followed by highhat with a little bit of bass...then a distinctly London voice. Akin to the Rapture in sentiment in that it is defintely music to tap your feet to and some. Might even wiggle my hips to it. Noisy, brash and onrepeat.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Friday, November 11, 2005


Not sure if you've followed this court case in some hick(!) State in America in which the parents of kids took the Education Department to court. They were challenging the Education Departments policy of teaching Darwin's theory of Evolution to the kids in class. The challengers wanted this 'Intelligent Design' theory brought in to replace it.
I'm not exactly fimailiar with Intelligent Design but it essentially suggests that us Humans were made or created by an intelligent being and were not at all here due to evolution. Of course, this 'intelligent being' is God - a Christian one.

I'm not really going to get into the Court case as I don't want to influence the jury /haha/ although i'm not sure that we should start mixing Government and Religion. They are both different entities. One we have a choice over and one which we don't but for both to become mixed and intertwined sets a dangerous preceent with certain Governments going down that particular path.

However, the reason I bring this up is the 2 conflicting 'theories' on how we got to where we are today.
Having a scientific background, I'm more concerned and interested in facts and evidence. Something hard and tangible which sways me towards the evolution side of the coin. It makes some degree of sense. Darwin suggests that 'only the fittest survive' and in my mind that is true. Humans with some genetic disease don't generally survive to produce offsprings resulting in the end of that particular genetic combination. One could argue that this is also true within other animal communities with more 'suitable' members of that community going forth and mulitiplying, enabling the next generation to live. And in turn this generation adapting to it's surroundings and continuing the cycle until 'something' happens with prevents the next generation from being produced. They are more longer able to adapt. When this happens, extinction occurs. It appears Dinosaurs could not adapt and paid the penalty. It could be that Humans eventally pay the penalty also.

Darwin and his peers presented this against a backdrop of evidence and it has yet to be proved wrong beyond all reasonable doubt, hence it's general acceptance.

This Intelligent Design, though, is essentially the Bible story in Genesis in which God created Man et al. and sent us on our way. The inherent problem with this is it's lack of concrete evidence to prove it. Equally, there isn't anything compelling enough to completely disprove it. Yet this particular idea does cover all the bases. Dinosaurs came before Humans, so where do they fit in? And what of the this fossilised evidence? Further, nobody has actually seen God. He /or she/ tends not to visit anymore. Despite any definite pointers to the authencity of this, there are believers, so much so that they want it taught in mainstream Schools. There have been believers for 2thousand years.
Science though is a way of explaining what is around us. It's a best fit model of 'everything' based on the evidence available. Perhaps something will turn up to prove or disprove the most fundamental aspects of our lives or existance. And that is the difference between the 'believers' and the rest. Evidence.

Whether or not a 'God' did create us is open to question. Perhaps. I'm sure some unknown force did help us on our way. I would be naive to suggest that it all happened completely by chance or as randomly as it seems given the size of the 'universe' but I do hace serious misgivings over the Christian concept as it is too simplistic and doesn't answer the most fundamental of points. Whether we will ever get an answer is something but we are only as good as the evidence allows us to be.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


University was a time in which could be considered a time of self expression. Free thinking and radical thought. Debate and arguement. All interwoven with tales of pulling xyz and terrible hangovers whilst trying to listen to lectures on the p-orbitals of Carbon or something similiar. In fact, at times, lectures were more like monologues. A 1 way stream of consciousness that continued streaming, past you and out of the room, never to be caught or seen again.
Though, in general I didn't particularly stand out but then that was more by choice than anything else. I never had pink hair or wore a sarong. I just got on with what I had to do whilst enjoying it on the way. It never really occurred to me to be 'different' or outrageous. I was a student - not a great one but equally, not a bad one. I didn't get picked on, I got on well with my classmates and the people down the Union and that was fine. And I certainly didn't intend to do anything that would cause this to alter...

Yet, there is 1 student here at University who is trying his hardest to get himself a reputation for being different or even odd but I think that it is more to do with his beliefs than anything else. Every lunchtime at 12 noon he can be found outside the main building - nothing unusual with that - but the strange thing is, is that he is on his knees facing the sun...praying and bowing his head completely oblivious to those around him.

I'm not quite sure what to make of it. He definitey gets some 'looks' but I guess that he is too involved in what he is doing to notice. I have no idea when this ritual started or even how long he knees for but I'll give him credit for doing something he believes in and in such a public place and such a busy time of the day.

I might go and sit next to him and see what happens...

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


So...the shambles at Heart of Midlothian F.C. continues.

The baby faced one /clever enough and cool enough to be Chairman and Chief Exec./ has decreed that a certain Mr. Graham Rix is worthy to succed Burley as coach. Notice how he is not the 'manager' but 'coach'. That is a job for Romanov himself because he knows alot not just a alot but A LOT.

It's just a soap opera really. The Baby faced one promised a high profile successor with names like Bobby Robson and Ottmar Hitzfeld being mentioned yet they get Graham Rix. Formerly of Oxford Utd. In fact, sacked by Oxford Utd. I'm not even sure which league they are in these days. He had coached at Chelsea but 'only' coached.

'Puppet' springs to mind.

The Hearts fans are not impressed. They are equally unimpressed by the fact that he is a convicted sex offender. Of course, people can change their ways and be given a 2nd chance but do you think that opposition fans are going to be 'nice' to him? Not a chance...

He's going to have to win the league now. No question of it. The PR disasters of the past few weeks have seen to that. The Hearts fans will demand it.

And the last word to the baby faced one...he said when responding to a question about Rix's criminal record 'We in Russia have a saying 'A man beaten by life is worth 2 men that have never been beaten by life'.
Interesting. He thinks he's Cantona. Is there no end to this man's talent? Perhaps someone should tell him that he isn't actually Russian, he's Lithunianan.

Sorry, a minor detail akin to me saying i'm English when in fact i'm Scottish. A simple error.

Monday, November 07, 2005


I seem to have alot of problems with monday's these's not that I dislike them, on the contrary my dear Watson, it's just that I've grown to dislike them.

The traffic is infinitely worse on mondays mornings. How so? So, it takes longer to get to Uni. As a direct consequence, most of my students are late also.

Perhaps the most compelling reason for disliking monday's is the fact that it's the beginning of a new week and a new lesson plan which as not been tested on the student's. So, you never really know how the lesson will go - will the students understand it/will they be happy with it/will you get all the key points across/will I forget to mention something/will I have enough time/will I have too little time?

It's all a stress.
It is this kind of encertainly that tips the balance in favour of disliking mondays. Not really a great excuse but it's just the way things are. Next semester, I might be back to disliking tuesdays. Who can say/

Sunday, November 06, 2005


Word of the week: 'Random'

Seems to be heard alot.

Phrase of the week: 'Is there anybody in the bathroom...?'

Women go to the bathroom in teams. That's understood. Men however, are single bathroom goers. They do not go to the bathroom in pairs or even in teams. Even that is understood. Not in Korea...

Sight of the week: 'Fully grown people...

....dancing away like they just don't care.' Good for them. It's exercise but it's very personal. At the gym, everyone does the same moves. On the dancefloor, it's everybody for themselves. I wonder of the people who are crap down the gym are equally crap on the dancefloor, conversely are good dancers good at the gym?

Song of the week: 'F___k forever' by Babyshambles

if u don't mind...In light of the Mr. P Doherty warble, it should come as little surprise that this is the song. I got a version of it but it's not the orginal. It's just Pete and his guitar doing 'it'. It's rough but strangly sounds better than the original. It's weird how there are times when alternative versions do sound better. That's not especially the 'rule' but there are a few gems out there.

Saturday, November 05, 2005


Bonfire night/

Makes no difference to me. Korea isn't interested in making a big fire outside and placing a 'man' on top.

Hang on...didn't they do that during the summer up in Seoul?

Friday, November 04, 2005


Music. It's universal. It speaks to some yet doesn't to others. It's something that has been with us forever in one guise or another. It's interesting though to note the people that are responsible for it.
Despite it's universal appeal, it appears that all sorts of people have been capable of making it. All races, all colours, both sexes irespective of age, appearance or behavioural characteristics.

Take the likes of Kate Bush. Has made her 1st album in 12 years. Hates the limelight yet produces music of sublime beauty or Yer man from Radiohead who also makes music of haunting simplicity yet is equally uncomfortable in his position as 'rock star' however you have numerous self-publicising 'artists' who record and make music which isn't as good as they would have you believe. The ones who are more famous for being in the gossip columns or in the fashion mags...yet, once in awhile there comes a person or group who seem to fill the void in the abyss. They generate column inches, headlines, are in fashion mags yet produce music which does not happen very often. Perhaps not completely original in itself - taking the best elements or x y or z and morphing it into his or her own style of music which in a perverse kind of way is highly original given that no-one had the idea before or the ability to pull it off which such simplicity and orginality.

Perhaps this generations example is a certain Mr. P. Doherty, formerly of the Libertines but latterly of Babyshambles. It is his musical innateness and the sublime poetic nature of his lyrics that should be considered and not the percepetion which has been created fact that he is, to all intent and purposes a drug fuelled fiend. Yes, such behaviour does not help, in fact it probably detracts from his musical prowess in much the same way that Sid Barret has been widely ignored as songwriter and musical 'genius' due to his drug dependency and erratic nature.

Yet, in the case of Mr. D, it is confusing. He is a highly intelligent man - academically at least yet it's as if he doesn't really know how to deal with it. In some ways he deals with it by writing some utterly fantastic music. The Libertines back catologue and even some of his most recent Babyshambles efforts are peppered with tender, poetic warblings that major poets wouldn't be ashamed of penning. His sharp observations of 'Albion' are perhaps equal of Ray whats-his-name of Kinks fame. On the flip side, the destructive or rogue side of him comes out and it is that which is highlighted in the music press and other publications and which also let to him getting kicked out of the Libertines around the same time as their 2nd album came out. It could be argued that all that was self-inflicted. Burglarising your band mates house is something but taking copious amounts of coke at al isn't the best and is perhaps not going to win many friends. Equally, missing your cue at the Live 8 concert does not go down well infront of a potential audience of hundreds of million of people.

But___it has. Every generation needs a figurehead, not a goodie, goodie but someone who is on the edge. Someone who is living the 'dream'. Sex and drugs and rock and roll baby. He is it.
The last of the true bohemians.

Thursday, November 03, 2005



Apparantly we're having a Thanksgiving 'Party'. Or at least, the plan is to have one. However, we have been given 3 different dates to choose from. 2 of the dates available are on saturdays and also a date on a thursday. To fair, i'm not that fussy but then I'm not that interested in Thanksgiving...obviously, it's a very American (and Canadian?) thing and something that I've have no major feelings about.
It's just a reason to get the Department together and indulge in small talk. hmm. I guess i'll get some turkey though. And kimchi, together on the same plate.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


It's mild. Really mild. What is going on...must be global warming.
It's definitely unseasonal, so much so that the windows are wide open and the heating off. Although, at Uni. the windows are open because the heating is on full blast. A real waste of energy but then it's not exclusively a Uni. thing or even a Korean thing. It happens everywhere. Heating on yet warm enough to not have it on but then unable to physically turn it off or even turn it down. It's a problem...'cos I hate hot rooms.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I mentioned last week, that I had a student who did particularly badly in his Mid-Term test...I think he scored 4 out of 20 or something similiar. It is going to be very, very difficult to pull his score up to even getting a D but, there he was, in my class this morning. He was late and even came up to me at the end of class to check that I had ticked his name on the register. It's a sinking ship for him but I admire this perservence especially given his class is the 1st class of the day. A time when many a student can be found sleeping and at home.

Anyway___the Hearts' slagging match continues. It's a great soap-opera. The politican ex-Chariman Vs. some baby faced punk who thinks he can do both the Chairman and CEO thing. Should be interesting. What is interesting is that the Owner has appointed all his family into key Boardrooom positions. Isn't that strange...
Oh yeah and it's bloody November already.