Sunday, June 21, 2009


Quite liking:

Phoenix - Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.
Kitsune Maison Vol. 4.
Yuksek - Away from the Sea.
Passion Pit - Manners
Daft Punk - Indo Silver Club and the bit 3 mins 20seconds in where all the melody and drums 'disappear' into the background leaving only hi-hat. The melody and the drums return to a blissful conclusion.
The Juan Maclean - specifically The Simple Life and Tonight turned up quite loud.

On the Lookout for:

Kitsune Maison Vol. 7.
Cut Copy's Fabric Live mix.
Tabloid mixed by Phoenix.
Holy Ghost!
A decent boombox for the i-pod.

Not Caring Much for:

80's styling.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Why do we all persist with MP's and Governments and rulers?

Collectively, we should all rise up and have our say. The minority telling the majority what to do and think by peddling utter nonsense and displaying nothing but contempt for 'us'. They minority must wake up every morning and laugh heartedly at 'us' all for being so thick whilst munching on their cornflakes or whatever it is they have for breakfast. Fried babies with jam perhaps?

I have absolutely no respect or faith in the UK 'way'. And that goes for the puppet Parliament of Scotland. The PM is crap. He knows, his party knows, the media and we know it. Yet, why is he still there despite all the resignations around him. Because his party don't have the balls to and as a result he will lead them to the next election and lose. Badly. It's taken the Conservatives 12 years to rebuild after the landslide that was Blair's first term in office. It will take Labour just as long with this fool at the helm.

The latest, and for me the final straw, is this inquiry that will be held into the Iraqi war that was announced last week. It's scope to report on it including the lead up to it and why the decision was made to go ahead. In a very general sense, it appears a good thing particularly when all the 'key' players can be called and made to answer questions under oath. Then Brown got hold of it and decided that it would be conducted entirely behind closed doors. A farce. A whitewash. A cover Up. Whatever you want to call it, that is likely what it will be. A partial climbdown has occurred as parts of it will now be conducted in public. Apparently that is not enough for some MP's. Good on them. Then the 'bombshell'. It was Blair who had requested that it should all be kept private. Well, there is a shock. I mean, it was he who took the decision to go to war. Oh hold on, he would have to give evidence under oath oh but hold on, he's bidding to become the President of the EU. Oh now, we can't very well have that after all the blame might well be directed at him and that would harm him. Tell that to all the people that have been displaced or killed or injured. See, it stinks. 'They' do what they want, when they want and on their terms. It's got nothing to do with 'us' or being accountable or doing what the people want. It's covering their backs.

Given it's proximately to Dubai, this Iran thing also stinks. Of course, it's hard to gauge what exactly is what as the media presents only certain parts of the 'story' but irrespective of what news network you watch it does same completely corrupt. Apparently, there was no rigging of votes. No sir. Never. The people spoke. The minority didn't like it so changed it. The head bloke in Iran pretty much said as much when he said that his views and the views of the sitting President were the most alike of all the 'candidates'. Funny that really, isn't it? The head bloke had already decided. He could have made a difference by saying 'ok, we'll look into' but no, he didn't. He threatened the country. Protest and it's your own fault. We won't be responsible. Well, sorry mate but that is what a Government is - responsible for it's own people. Unless of course you simply don't care about them and are more interested in power and using it to suit yourself and build a legacy.

It's all wrong. It's a just a charade, isn't it? How can you believe anything that 'they' say? You can't and that's it. It's pointless getting upset or worked up about it as it's doomed to failure. Unless of course you can somehow get a million mates to march the streets with you and even then, that might not be enough. Then of course you need to come up with a credible alternative.

Either way, it's all a faff and an illusion. Are we any 'better' than the dictators and their regimes that have littered history?

No is the answer.
History will prove that.

Monday, June 15, 2009


damn you wind and dust and sand flying everywhere.
i'm covered in it.
and i hate it.
please stop.

can we just have the nice warm sunshine without you mucking everything up?
i'd like that better.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


One of my mates did warn me that no matter how good or considerate a driver you are, driving in Dubai will make you turn into an as*hole. I just laughed this off saying 'yeah, yeah, yeah'.

6 months after getting my car, I can say for sure that he is right. I've turned into an as*hole. A bigger one that I was it should be said. In my defence, I haven't meant to become one. It's just kind of happened. Generally I'm a good driver and an safe but it's other people!

They are so thick.

Take my drive to work. I don't drive that fast, especially in the morning as I'm half asleep. I have one relatively long bend then a long straight. I came round the bend as normal and about 20 metres away was this bloke crossing the road. He saw me coming and did nothing. I mean, he didn't stop nor did he speed up. He just kept going at his original pace. I was getting closer to him and still he didn't alter his pace at all. In the end I sped up and honked at him to move him out of the way before I whacked him. He proceeded to wave at me like I was his mate. Eh, hello I have a car and I'm travelling faster than you on the road, where cars are meant to be and you wave at me. Are you mental? I really should have gotten out and beat him up.

See what I mean, I'd never even dream of that but because I'm driving I just to. It's the same with people who are knowing in the wrong lane; they try to get ahead of everyone in the queue (there are always traffic jams) by travelling up the wrong lane only to try and cut in at the last moment. I'm not having that. If I've done the right thing and stayed in the right lane and waited then mate, you ain't getting in. Simple. I always get up really close to the car infront so these idiots can't push in infront of me. I don't care if they have a bigger car or whatever, they're not getting in. Of course, that is likely to annoy them but for some reason and get a small twinge of satisfaction out of it which is totally ridiculous and I'd never feel like that outwith of a car.

Oh and I can't be bothered with all these people who drive up right behond you even though you are going at the speed limit. Flash your lights all you like, I'm not going faster and in fact, I'll go slower to further annoy you.

I really need to stop all this behaviour.
Therapy perhaps?

Sunday, June 07, 2009


I woke up this morning and just kind of knew that the day just wasn't going to be a vintage day. There was too much noise first thing and that bothered me. It often does.

I got to work and to my utter shock I managed to get a parking space on the ground floor of the car park. That's never happened before. I always have to park on the 2nd or 3rd floors. That single event revived my feeling that the day had potential. Within 10 minutes however, that potential had disappeared. Completely.

I have to get a little shuttle bus to my office. Actually, I have to get the shuttle, then walk for a little while to get to it. I had just stepped off the shuttle and was making my way to the office when I heard an 'excuse me'. I turned around and it was a policeman. "Here we go" I thought to myself. Generally, I don't have much dealing with policeman in Scotland or anywhere for that matter. I have a bit of 'faith' in the police at home. They have there procedures and are relatively objective. The police here though. I have no real time for them. The ones that are meant to man the gates that us airport staff come in aren't the sharpest as I'm sure I've mentioned before. They barely check airport passes and frequently allow people in who set the x-ray machine beeping. Those acts have given me a low opinion of them - rightly or wrongly.

The policeman though was a particular ass. He asked to see my airport pass which was attached to my belt. I took it off and showed it to him. I could tell that he wanted it but I was not letting go of it. I showed him it and as far as I was concerned, was good enough. Then he decided he wanted to stamp his authority on the proceedings by giving me a lecture. For what? Having my airport pass on display and showing it off. I could be bothered with it all. He started asking questions to which he got just enough information. Let's just say, I wasn't about to start a conversation with him. What did it matter how long I'd been there? Did it matter were I was going given that I have access to most areas of the airport? Did I really care if people other people lost there airport pass? And the clincher, "I am a policeman".

Well, stone the crows. ...and your point is? At that point my eyes start rolling. Big deal. I had done nothing wrong. I had everything in order and was doing what I do every single day. What was he doing - trying to act all tough? Knobhead.

In the end he 'waved me away'.

If you ask stupid questions, you get a stupid response particularly at that time in the morning at the start of the working week. Especially when I've already passes through security and physically showed my airport pass to his less that interested colleagues. Perhaps I'm being disrespectful and I do see that however...

It'll be interesting to see if he's floating about tomorrow. I doubt it but I'll be ready for him. On second thoughts, perhaps not the best idea.

Needless to say my strop lasted most of the day...I despair sometimes.

Thursday, June 04, 2009


A struggle.

That's what this week has been.

I had person pass my English Test all week. Granted, I there were 10 people that took it but that's not a high percentage. Now, there are 2 ways of looking at that. The first, is that the people that took it wee just crap. The second being that the test was a bit too hard. I'm tending towards the latter. In saying that, the test is set at the correct level and its the level that we have been trying to standardise. I can justify it all, so I'm not all that worried at this moment. A tweak here or there might well be needed however.

Alas, 3 weeks 'til home time. Think that's what I need.