Sunday, July 31, 2005


Word of the week: 'Turbulance'

Don't like it one bit. It's neither big nor clever.

Phrase of the week: 'Yer mauw!'

A classic Scottish phrase. One that one tends never to hear enough or even say enough because no-one outside of Scotland has any idea what you're talking about. In the Queens English, it is 'Your mother'. A less than complimentary phrase which can be used to show that the speaker is not impressed with something.

Sight of the week: 'Sun'

Or lack of. It's summer but it's not here making it well cold. No A/C is need.

Song of the week: 'Noise'

It's not really a song but it's the sweet sound of English everywhere you go. It's comicial. From the mundane warblings of people on the bus to the abuse generated after a few pints. It's all poetry.

Saturday, July 30, 2005


The footy is back.Yes, the Scottish League season started in earnest. Although, it could be a long season. Celtic somehow squandered a 3-1 half-time. It was 4-3 to Motherwell with 90 seconds to. Thankfully, we pulled it back to 4-4 but it's not looking good.

A new manager and half a dozen new players does not exactly mean that we are a team yet. Infact we are more like individuals at the moment. The defence is, quite honestly, shocking. The 2 new full backs look out of their depths whilst the 2 centre backs are not even at the races. All the goes lost have been easily preventable. Simple 1on1's being lost. Clearly, it'll take time to iron everything out but that's the problem, time. Celtic managers are not allowed that luxury particularly given the calamity that was wednesdays European in Slovakia with a 5-0 drubbing still ringing in our ears. A disaster but also a freak result. At least, i hope it was a freak. The Slovakian team were made to look like true world beaters which they clearly aren't. Suffice to say, there will be no European nights to look forward to...which, dare i say it, might be a blessing with the new manager potentially having time to blood some of the promising youngsters and give them 1st team experience which is necessary given that the team is starting to age.

Only another 37 games to go.

Thursday, July 28, 2005


Quite into reading at the moment. I've started looking into Chomsky and all his warblings. The man has a point, allow it can get abit hard going at times. You really need to be in the mood in order to tackle him.

Also, i've started reading this other one that's been sitting in my office since i moved into it. I've only just got round to looking at it. It's not exactly a bundle of laughs but felt that it might be educational. So, I whipped it out on the plane - Lufthansa - only to swiftly put it back into my back fearing that I had made a very large fax paus...the book, Schindler's List.

Plus, it's now friday and i've been back for 3 days but I have yet to see the sun. Scottish summer at it's best. I think i might have missed it.


Big Brother is watching. Actually, itt's me who is watching Big Brother. And, it's dull. Previous years have been alright but this's not upto scratch. This is the programme that places 12 strangers into a house for 12 weeks. Each week the public can vote to evict a housemate.

This year they're all gay. Not sure that it's a representative cross section of the population but there you go. I guess it's all about ratings. Still trying to fathom out whats going on but there is defintitly 1 guy who hasn't spoken yet. That's after watching it for 2 days. Perhaps he can't speak but then what's the point of him being there if he can't interact. Maybe he's a mole. Hmm.

Anyway, there is this Turkish 'bloke'. He's a bloke only because he has a tadger. Everything else is woman-like. He wears stilletos and hasn't told his parents that he's gay although 'came out' on national tv. Honestly, I would love to slap him/her. Clearly only on the programme to get famous. The 15 minutes of fame...

More B.B. to follow.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Aaahtv. Real, live English sounding tv. I could watch it all day. It just goes to show how amateurish Korean tv can be particularly the 'dramas'. Korean dramas tend to sugar sweet, love spurned affairs with a happy ending. Clearly, true to life. Alas, that it in complete contrast to the utter bleakness of Eastenders or Corry which compared with it's Korean counterparts is 'real-life'. Even the news is better. More professional, more reporters 'at the scene' and their overall presentation is more polished. Compare this with Arirang. It's no contest.

Perhaps, i'm still jetlaggd.

Monday, July 25, 2005


Backin the land of the fat...after the 24 hour marathon that was the journey home. It started off badly with the sight of an Airbus sitting at the gate instead of the usual 747. Thats never happened before and I hope it won't happen again because the turbulance was brutal especially flying over China and Siberia. I was holding onto the arm-rest for a time. I'm not a good flyer these days.
___particularly with Korean nationals on the plane. They generally get up and walk about and hang around the emergency exits which does worry me. I also found myself scoping out all the other passengers at the gate prior to departure, trying to decide if they were dodgy or not. And let me tell you, there were a few dodgers...

Anyway, got back in one piece. Tired but there.


Tired and hot and have a sore head. Typical. Perhaps it's lack of water. Probably is. Anyway, off home tomorrow. Whoa!

Packed and ready to rumble. I'm always careful when heading back home, to try and not pack too much given that I usually buy a pile of 'stuff' at home which i need to try and find space for. Actually, just looking at my pack, it's only 3quarters full which is great...I quite fancy buying clothes when I'm back, so that 1/4 left unpacked will come in handy.
I'm excited about heading home, as I always am, but these days the whole 24 hours travelling, door-todoor isn't very appealing. That must be a sign of getting old or perhaps doing it too often. I used to get really excited about flying when i was younger but now, it's just something that I do. Ameans to an end almost. Also, I used to love sitting at the window. Again, that 'love' has almost gone particulary on long flights where having to clamber over people everytime you want out isn't that appealing...

oH Yeah. Now experience of the week- having my glasses steam up whilst getting off the bus. Usually, they steam up going from cold to hot - going indoors forexample, but yesterday it was the opposite - going outdoors. Just goes to show how warm it was.

Anyway anywayanyway. Who knows when I'll be updating this again. My folks are still on dial-up. Thats the problem going home, is almost like technology hasn't reached home yet. IT'll be the same with mobiles...all the latest models with be the models that were out in Korea 6 months or a year ago.

Sunday, July 24, 2005


Word of the week: 'Hot'

If a Floridian says it's hot, then it is. Is there such a thing as a Floridian or is that another word that i've just made up!?!

Phrase of the week: 'F_______g hot'

The Floridian says it's hot, us wasters from Britain say this. Actually, it is. Definitely the hottest few days of the year. So much so, that I was lying on my sofa and I was still sweating more than I do at the gym. How is that!?!
Alas, next week will see the jacket back on or at least packed...

Sight of the week: Sometimes, pictures speak more than words alone!

Song of the week: 'The Killing' by the Rapture

A tough call this week given that I've been compiling the summer mp3 list for the 10 marathon that is the flight to Scotland. However, this one gets the nomination purely for the screamingly scary line, 1minute 44 seconds in - '1,2,3,4 kick that fucker out the door' - followed by pulsing punk like guitars backed with incessant high hat. Enough to make me want to shout 1,2,3,4, kick that fucker out the door. OOps. Just did.

Saturday, July 23, 2005


One hump or 2?__________sorry, answer the question and i'll buy you a beer!

See on your computer, you have all these games. I've had a computer for ages now and i've never actually played any of these games because they are so low-tech and honestly, I'm not really 'into' playing games that much. Well, not since we had the Spectrum ZX - the one with the rubber keys, followed by the neaxt generation one which didn't have the rubber keys and finally the one with the cassette deck build-in. Anyway, games just didn't really do it for me. Even the likes of Street Fighter2 which everyone and their granny was into. Probably because I was mince at them.

But, this game on your computer called Spider Solitaire is doing my nut in. There are 3 'levels' - 'easy' /all 1 suite/, 'medium' /2 suites/ and 'difficult' /all 4 suites/. I've started playing the 'easy' version. At first, it was solid. I couldn't do it at all but now, it's too easy. Everytime i'm i'm on it, i finish it. So, with the swagger of someone who's just scored a bending, 30 yard rocket into he top corner, I moved upto the 'medium' level. Again, that proved to be well solid. I thought that over time it would become less solid but it hasn't. It actually is solid. On the easy level there is quite a big room for error but on the medium level there really isn't, at times there are maybe 3 or 4 moves you can make before it's game over. Sometimes, i'm brillant and other times i'm crap and i just can't see anything. And here's the weird thing. At home, my stat's are a shockingly bad 31% completion but on my office computer, my stat's are alittle better at 40%. Admittedly, both leave alot to be desired. I thought if I played it more, I would become better but i'm not sure that i am. It must be computer program...since it throws out some shockingly bad cards and the worst possible moment. Ofcourse, I should be ready for anything but when you ask for 8 more cards because you can't move anything, you expect to be given a mix of cards that can get you moving again. What you don't expect is all the Kings being thrown at you all at the same time. I think it must be a 'glitch' in the software. That's the only way to explain it.

Anyway, check it out. i defy anyone to complete the medium level in under 100 moves. Surely, it can't be done...clearly, however, I haven't made it onto the 'difficult' level yet. It might be some years before i get that far.

Friday, July 22, 2005


Right on queue...the air-con doesn't work and guess what-it's the warmest day of the year so far. Apparantly it was 33Degrees with a humidity of 85%. That's painful in anyone's book. Alas, nothing much was done apart from moving within the range of the fan. It even gave me a sore head.hmm. The heat I can deal with but the humidity, that's a different kind of beast altogether. I wonder what the weathers doing in Scotland. Jacket at the ready...

I was reading Mr. Sexy's blog when he touched on the 'you don't understand Korea' jibe that seems to come from the locals from time to time. Depending on how much I've drunk, I find that line of questioning somewhat offensive. If I had lived here for 3 weeks or something and had never met spoken to Koreans then yes, i'd agree but if you live in a place for awhile, you do get to understand more and more of that particular culture. Of course, the language barrier here does mean that you can't tap into 'society' as easily as another English speaking country but that is not to say that it's impenetrable. It might even be the opposite given that you actually try harder to understand because of the language.
_______________it's almost as if Koreans actually believe that their way of doing things, their society and their cultural norms are completely unlearnable for 'outsiders'. It's beyond their level of comprehension...perhaps there are certain parts of the culture that are. The 'han' phenomena for example which binds people together is something that I can't quite get to grips with. But for some random, drunk bloke to think that Koreanness is an unlearnable entity, smacks of something...not sure what but something. Maybe, naivety or maybe delusions of grandeur or superiority. Sorry to disappoint, but everything is learnable. Even the minefield thatis Koreanness.

Thursday, July 21, 2005


The Air-Con doesn't work at my place. Disaster! I hadn't even tried using it up until today which is stupid. I should have at least tried using it when I first moved in alas, I didn't and when I wanted to use it, it's not working. It's doing something when I turn it on but it's not really cooling the air, it's just moving it around in much the same way as my fan. I'm not too worried about it being out of order as i'm going home but when I get back in august, i'm going need it. Hopefully, the old repair men / 'cos it's never just one/ will be able to drag themselves away from their soju and newspapers and sort it out. I already know that they'll take alook at it and then leave. It's Korean style. They can't just bring what they need and fix it there and then, no they need time to 'evaluate'...just as well i'm not paying them by the hour.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


The unofficial truce between politicians in the U.k. over the London Bombings is well and truly over with 'Red' Ken Livingston, the Mayor of London suggesting that the U.K'S and the American foreign policy towards the 'Arab' nations has lead to the actions of thses suicide bombers and 'extremists.' It doesn't exactly take a wise man to see that their must be some kind of link between the 2. How significant that 'link' is, is anyone's guess.
_yet Livingston actuallydoesn't say that this is a recent thing but that it is much more deep rooted. Thats it has been manifesting itself since after the 1st World War, some 80 years ago. In which the U.K. and others have moulded specific countries governments to suit there own needs. If the government in question can't be moulded or is unsympathetic, then that governemt is simply overthrown, this all against the backdrop of the West's need for the oil that is abundant in these 'Arab' countries.

Know doubt Livingston will be lambasted for this or accused of empathising with the Bombers but that would be a cheap shot given his remarks directly after the bombings in which he condemned the actions and urged for Londoners for unity.

It's just messy. There is no right or wrong here, just opinions. For someone like Livingston to say this is fine. He's saying what people may or may not think. There is no point in trying to disguise or deflect the blame for these bombings. Sweeping everything under the carpet is not going to help...clearly history has alot to answer for.We need to pick up the pieces of our forefathers and deal with what happened in a different time and era in much the same way that people in 100 or 200 years will have to deal with what is happening now. It's a neverending cycle and one that gives me a headache just thinking about it.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Rightlets get this footy chat on the go...

Celtic seem to be doing well on the old transfer front. About time too...some Polish striker who missed a penalty on the weekend on his debut. Hmm. aNOTHER Polish bloke for a season. Goalkeeper. Your man from Arsenal..Some random bloke who was released from Burnley at the end of last season. Doesn't particularly bode well but...then some Virgo bloke from Brighton. Has definite potential. And the Asian influx. The Japanese guy. Certainly looks a decent player. Left sided with a knack for scoring. Think he would be a useful addition. And there are reports of some Chinese defender also. It's all fine getting new players but with a couple of Champions League qualifiers on the horizon, they are going to have to gel instantly...

The dirty huns have also done well in recruiting unknowns. But, hands off to Hearts in getting Burley. Think that's a great appointment. If he gets a few decent players, they could do well this season.And that's it. Can't really be bothered with football. It's too hot.

Trying to come up with the ultimate MP3 choons for the forthcoming 12 hour marathon that is the homeward journey next week. It's not an easy task. 256MB to fill up. I need an a definite mix of styles...i get abit schizophrenic when it comes to music, soI need to allow for that, plus, I need to bare in might that I need to download which might limit my selection somewhat. I mean, I might out fancy listening to the Daft Punk remix of the 'Take Me Out' by Franz Ferdinand but what are the chances of finding it. Or that song, track 9 on the Mo'wAX Headz 2, CD1 compilation. I sense the chances are minimal. Or even the DFA REMIX of the Chemical Brothers 'the Boxer' which completely does away with Tim Burgess' vocal contribution.So much to think about.

Monday, July 18, 2005


Was down the old hairdressers the other day - thats the one without the poles, thanks very much! - my hairdresser is great. I don't even need to talk to her. I just sit down and she does it. At the end she asks me if it's alright and that's it. But, it's all her assistants that try to speak to me...i wouldn't mind if they were cute but, honestly, they're not and it's distressing although they are pretty good at giving hand massages, that's HAND massage although they use some funny oil which is mingin.
__________________but one thing bothers me. Why do most of the hairdressers have shocking hairstyles? I mean, usually hairdressers usually have the latest style which can look alittle odd but then they are stylish so it's ok but these guys have styles which are not cutting edge or that stylish. In fact, they look like complete knife and fork jobs that they did at home, in the bathroom which is bizarre given that they work with people who could sort their style out. What's the excuse? Perhaps, it's me getting old BUT...

Further to that e-mail. I have exonerated from any wrongdoing. So, my question is, why send it to me if it doesn't actually have anything to do with me. hmm.

Also, I haven't mentioned any football in months...alas, the league season gets under way in a few weeks. The footy chat will be back. And Chelsea, what is your purpose in life? Another £21 million on Wright-Phillips with another £20 million offered for Essien and another £8 million spent on that Spanish bloke. The irony is that Wright-Phillips will be sitting on the bench! I would love it if they won nothing next season. More to follow.

Sunday, July 17, 2005


Word of the week: 'Home'

Counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds. Does that sound like desperatation or something.

Phrase of the week: /it contains alot of bad words/

Sight of the week: 'Locals'

They are crap. These Korean people. cLEARLY, i've had a bad week, so please allow me to generalise, stigmatise, stereotise and and other 'ise' that I see fit. They can't queue for the life of them. I guess queuing is a very British thing. Something that you release from an early age that no-matter who sneaky you try to be in jumping it, you always get found out by some old hag or some bloke who looks like he you take you. I don't really like queuing but I do it. Anyway, in the local cinema, they have recently installed a ticketing method of getting served. Take a ticket and wait for your number to be beeped up. When you see that there are 100 people infront of you, it's depressing...but, what can you do. Yet, these locals just can't grasp this idea of waiting. If there is a slight opening at the counter...whoosh...a rush of people demanding to get served at which point the women behind the counter, probably for the millionth time, tells them to get a ticket and wait their turn. So, anyway, it's close to my number so I move to an area where I can quicky rush to the counter so as to minimise the possibilty of someone jumping in front of me. DING DONG...MY NUMBER. iN A blind panic, I rush to the counter. Honestly, my acceleration is impressive. I care, not a jot for people in my way - mothers, fathers, grandmother, children - it's like tunnel vision all the way to the counter. I get there. Stunned by my Koreanness in bumping people out of the way...only to find 6 teenagers at the counter. What the ... how did they get there? I push in explaining in my best Korean that i'm next and so they should f______________________koff. Alas, they don't listen but then the women behind the counter politely tells them to get a ticket. And that was it. Done and dusted. Ticket in had. All I had to do was barge past everyone to get to the lift. I'm getting good at the barging lark. You should try it. It's great. I get a great deal of satisfaction from whacking these middle-aged men and women and walking on in triumph. Get in there.

Song of the week: 'Jerk it out' by the Caesers

Garage stlye indie with slightly pop undertones molded around a fantastic wonky organ melody and an irritatingly good chorus. What else do you need in a song? A cert. for one of the songs of the year which I think the neighbours already know. It perfectly drowns out their dog.
Shame about the crap title though.

Saturday, July 16, 2005


___________________Still can'tquite believe yesterdays E-mail

Friday, July 15, 2005


I received this E-mail from a Korean Professor at my University today. I don't consider it to be confidential in any way given that it has been addressed to all of the 'foreign' teachers.

I will not express any opinions about it even although I do possess them. I just wanted to highlight certain things about the conditions that I (and my co-workers) work under.

The E-mail has not been doctored or rewritten in any way. This is how it appeared in my inbox.

Dear Teachers,

How are you?
Did you eat chicken stew (삼계탕) or dog soup today?:)
Today is one of three hottest days by lunar calendar.
Koreans traditionally eat some special food on the days

Even though the summer break already started, my busy schedule doesn’t seem to be any better now. I believe some of you also feel the same way because of many other summer events.
English department really appreciates your sincere and dedicated work throughout the semester, and especially additional service during this summer break.

However, today I’d like to share some concerns with you as a coordinator and on the behalf of the department chair. Since English language learning is literally the hottest issue in Korea, these days the demand for native teachers is bigger than ever. So many people keep asking us to provide work force for their special programs and we are also nicely asking your active participations. Lately, I’ve gotten an impression that some of you misunderstood or forgot to properly manage yourself in this situation. We do our best to provide you with ‘reasonable’ money and work conditions all the time, but some of you have showed some kind of attitude, like demanding some conditions that cannot be regarded as reasonable at all from our viewpoint, probably your viewpoint also. That kind of behavior seems to be rather an insult.

We deeply understand westerners’ ways of thinking and behavior, so we have tried to meet your standards and requests. However, I have reached a thought that you also should respect the culture of the country which you live in now. You might not be able to understand some things, like daily-paying (government work), showing up at some events or working more without money, and reporting whereabouts during the break, etc, that are totally OK with us. I don’t ask you to be Koreans and I don’t say that they are good, either. I just want to ask you to have a willingness to respect those things even if they are not that positive. Being able to speak and teach English is a good thing and very advantageous, but it doesn’t mean that you can look down upon people unprivileged(?).

I want to say one more thing specially to male teachers. I want to be straightforward. You can get any girl you want but be careful with Hoseo people. They are your students or co-wokers. Don’t insinuate unnecessary suggestions. That’s really unpleasant! I’m saying this based on what I’ve heard, not a speculation. It doesn’t mean that you have to keep the distance from your students. You know what I mean.

I’m sure that most of you are doing great and don’t have to get this annoying email.
Initially I was about to send it personally, but I changed my mind to give you a chance to take it as ‘
letting another's shipwreck be your sea-mark’ I hope this email doesn’t offend you seriously.
(I know it is quite offending).

But, please don’t be mad at me I’m doing my job. I’m same ********. I’m here for you as usual.
I hope that all of you have nice break and meet again with a big smile. Thank you



Thursday, July 14, 2005


life would be verydull without it. I guess it's been with us since the dawn of time in one form or another. Arguably hitting a bone on a stone is 'music' in it's most primitive guise. These days it's hitting a wooden stick against a 'skin' which seems to be in fashion. 5 years ago a computer generated approximation was in fashion. And that's all it is. a fashion.

In the 50's good old rocknroll took hold.the 60's saw a expansion of this rocknroll template shifting in various directions. the 70's saw further expansion into the realms of punk, metal and the birth of electronic. 80's. well, more consoladation of previous music forms with abit of hip-hop coming to the fore until the end of the decade when electronic music morphed into different forms. This continued in the 90's...these days, it's almost like we have gone full circle.

I just wonder if we have exhausted it all now. We we get any truly original music that we have never heard before. Something that I could listen to and think 'my god, I've never heard anything quite like that before'. Something that you can't say sounds like xyz. I guess you could say that the start of electronica could haved been one of those moments - over to you G - with Kraftwark doing there thing. Perhaps the emergance of drum'n'bass could be the our times moment given that little of that genre had happened before.
One album that came close was DJ Shadow's Entroducing. My mate said that I should listen to it. I was put off by the 'DJ' since most of the 'artists' using 'DJ' were responsable for crap Euro-pop that you heard on your 2 weeks holiday to Spain or something. Anyway, it was like listening to something that hadn't been done before which was completely ironic since most of the album is borrowed from other songs. It was just the way it was done... groundbreaking?

What's left? Random noise...although, I think that Brian Eno and Lou Reed have already tried that. Perhaps they were ahead of the opposition.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


I came across an animated Koreanadvert by a building company who build apartment's. Nothing too unusual in that given that the likes of Barratts used to fly helicoptors over their new houses in the 80's. However, this partcular advert had absolutely nothing to do with apartment's or even selling them. In fact, their there wasn't even an apartment in sight.

In sight was this damn isolated island that is Dokdo - the one that the Japanese half jokingly claimed was their own which Korea couldn't quite see the funny side of - anyway, in this advert we see some rather stereotypical 'Japanese' people getting scared by the sight of a Korean robot coming there way. The advert ends by the 'liberation' of Dokdo by this robot thing. And then and only then do we see that it is in fact an advert for some building company.

Exactly what are the building trying to sell us...there is no way they can build apartments on Dokdo because it's completely uninhabited. Unless they are going to build something for the seagulls.

I'm wondering about it. The only thing that it could be is propaganda of the highest order reiterating the fact that Korea 'owns' these islands. Also, the advert is, rather ironically, in the style of Manga - a japanese style!

And, if it's propaganda, then where will it end? I should be noted that up until the 70's Korea was under dictatership...i guess we are still seeing remnants of that era. But, it's scary how everyday Koreans see this kind of 'stuff' and will believe it wholeheartedly without questioning it. Perhaps it's just nationalism. Nationalism is fine. Be proud of who you are but there is a fine line between nationalism and xenophobia and from then on in, it's a slippery slope to the right...

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


The Open gets underway on thursday. That is 'The Open'. Not the British Open, but 'The Open'. The Americans had to call their open, the 'US Open' because the open was already taken by 'The Open'.

sT.aNDREWS THIS YEAR. Where it all started. The most famous course in the world. Clearly, I'm not good enough to be hacking my way around the course. Swanston, Lothianburn and the Braids were the unlucky victims of my dubious attempts to hit a white ball as hard and as far away as possible. Sometimes it went where I wanted it. Alas, there were times where it didn't although was usually down to the lie or the windy conditions. Honest gov. I did alright at times. I even managed a few birdies. I think the lowest ever was a 78 which isn't that bad...I remember my 1st ever round. Sunday afternoon at Braids2.
1st hole I hit an 8. Not bad. 2nd hole a 6. Both were par4's. But, the highlight was a par 3 on the 6th. I never repeated it. The tee is high up on the hill. From the tee, you can't see the green, all you can see is a valley and at the top of the opposite hill is a marker which you should aim for. The green is about 20 yards behind it. It should be noted that there are bushes everywhere. Left, right and in the middle. Really, it's a sucide hole. It doesn't matter what you do, the ball has more chance of hitting a bush and being lost forever. It usually was. Anyway, somehow i hit the green in 1 and 2 putted. The cheek of me. And from that poin, it was all downhill. Literally.

Monday, July 11, 2005


So it's pouring with rain outside, it's blowing a gale and i'm in School waiting for any student's to knock on my door and complain. That coupled with the fact that I'm bored out of my brain, starting to get hungry with no foodstuff in my fridge and I'm getting tired and can't possibly read anymore either in the book i'm reading, on the internet or in my Korean Textbook that i'm meant to be 생활이 어떻습니까?... is printed in my textbook. The basic translation being 'How is your life in Korea?' There are 4 possible answers listed although none really express the answer that I want to give.

And thats the problem -being on holiday. It's nice. Very nice but it does get dull, like the weather. I sometimes think that life in Korea is fine but that is usually when I have a mountain of things I need to do. Otherwise, Korea isn't that exciting. I guess if I could speak Korean, it could be exciting. Perhaps it's how it happens at home. I mean, Edinburgh, at times isn't that exciting but because it's 'home', one tends to make do with it. I would like to substitute 'Cheonan' for 'Edinburgh' in that sentence and largely I can. If I couldn't then I wouldn't be here but then there is always that 'thing' that's missing that would make that sentence completely true. I'm not sure there is one 'thing', more like a few little fractions of 'things' that would make one complete 'thing' and certainly the language would go a long way to making that 1 'thing'. Alas, there isn't an overnight quick fix to that particular problem.
It's a complete catch22situation.
It's nice to have holidays and wake up and think 'haven't really got much on today'. maybe i'll study, maybe i'll do some reading, maybe i'll see what's happening on the 'net, maybe i'll talk bollocks on my webpage. there is only so much of that you can do..but invariably I like to wake up and think 'ok, I have xy.z to do today'. Perhaps that's why I like my job since there is always xy.z to do. that must come across as really sad. yep. sadbut true.

Iguess i'm not just cut out for lazing around for days or weeks on end. it just gives me a sore head and actually just makes me moretired.

______________________________and there's another thing. why do my postings start away down here these days. Shouldn't they be at the top. I haven't touched anything...

Sunday, July 10, 2005


Word of the week: 'Shocked'

Guess that sums it up. Had been trying to get onto the Beeb's website but couldn't. That in itself is unusual. I had the feeling that something was up. Perhaps it was something to do with the G8 thing...maybe something had happened. Something had happened but not in Scotland.

Phrase of the week: '...looking anxious and checking his rucksack'

The bus.

Sight of the week: 'Movies'

Now that free time is here, it seems i'm watching more of them. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing. I suppose it's got alot to do with that fact that it's so cheap and the movies are fully air-conditioned for your viewing pleasure. Anyway, War of the Worlds was viewed. Visually spectcular and incredibly intense as seems to be evident in many of Spielbergs movies, however, it kind of tails off towards the end once the 'novelity' and 'whooooooh' factors wear off. The first hour or so is pulsating...yet suddenly it's all over with the trademark 'happy ending' which leaves you somewhat bemused particularly since the son arrives at the mum's house before Cruise and his daughter, completely unscathed. How did that happen given he ran towards the tripods?
__________________________also caught the Aviator. Actually really disappointed with it. I might even call it dull. Well put together but it just lacked 'something'. Didn't really hold my attention. Mygod, i sound like barry Norman.

Song of the week: 'Limassol' by Maximo Park

And you just thought that it was a football who regularly qualified for the Champions League qualifiers only to get beaten by the likes of T.N.S. Shelbourne or Dynamo Tiblisi but no Limassol is great. Indie has moved back into prominence after the brief flirtation with electronica which, for a time seemed to matter. It still does, just ask G...however 'real' drums, 'real' guitars and 'real' bass are back en vogue. This mixed with a heavy Geordie accent equals something rather good.

Saturday, July 09, 2005


Drop the hate________forgive each other.

dropthehate-forgive each other
r dropthehate+forgive eachother
opthe hate
drop the hate
DROP THE hate.forgive eachother
forgive each other
forgive each other

Friday, July 08, 2005


Another sad day.

Bombs, buses, blood and ultimatly death and destruction.
As events unrvael in London, it is becoming increasing clear that there was no 'massive power surge' but some explosions. 3 on the Underground - Edgeware Road, between KX and Russell Sq. and Aldgate/Liverpool St. and one further explosion on a Number30 bus at Woburn St. in Bloomsbury.

My 1st thought was 'i hopethere are no casualities' but clearly that is not the case. At the moment upto 40 people have been confirmed as dead. I suspect that this figure will increase. How many injured?

Thankfully all my friends in London are accounted for...a blessing given the random nature of the attack AND the timing - during rush hour.

It's quite strange to think that I went to work everyday on that exact route. Down to KX, cut through Bloomsbury, past Russell Sq. and along Woburn St. Also, the Number30 bus. How many times have I been on that? I guess thats 2 places I've visited where there has been some explosion, the other being the Sari Club in Bali which saw such awful loss of life a few years back. Perhaps, such events are following me...not sure if Cheonan has much importance to some random bloke intent on blowing things up.

And the's complete randomness. No doubt fingers will be pointed at agencies failing to counter such threats but how exactly can you counter someone who either puts a bomb or sits, on a bus with a bomb. You can't. It's that simple. A number30 bus running from Marble Arch to Hackney. It could have been the number10 upto Archway. Furthermore, how can you stop a bomb getting on board an Underground train. 3 million people a day use the network. You can't.

If people are driven enough, then they will succed whatever the odds. I wonder if we saw suicide bombers at work. Not sure although the bus bomb appears as if it could have been. Thats even more worrying.

All for what.

'they' certainly got something. But murdering innocent people who happen to be in the right place at the wrong time does nothing but further alienate opinion and cause further outrage. Can't they see that?
express your opinion. definetly. but this is not the solution. Take the 'Live8'. Opinions have been expressed in a loud and clear manner. Who died? No-one. Who was injured? No-one. Has it worked? The powers that be can be in no doubt of what needs doing, so in a sense yes it has.

But now we have X died, X injured. U are even more isolated as a result. Come and talk to me. Tell mewhat the problem is. I'll listen to your viewpoint.Only then can I do something about it.
if your going to 'shout' and use aggressive tactics then your viewpoint will not be heard despite your 'shouting'. It's akin to bullying...

I wonder if religion has played it's part but that's a completely different kettle of fish. All in the 'name of god'. Yeah...doesur god advocate murder. Then god has no place on this Earth. And neither do u.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


The silly season begins tomorrow...the time in which the students can seek to get their grades altered. The time of year when, strangely, my office phone doesn't work and my E-mail account won't let me sign in. Bizarre.

Actually, I'm not too concerned. Past history shows that I haven't had too many queries to contend with, only the ones who are greddy and want an A+ instead of an A. I always think that they should be thankful for getting a good grade, after all there are others who would kill to attain such a high grade. I have already had an E-mail regarding this very same problem. The student all her work merited an A+ but then, of course she is going to think that. I would say I was an A+ student at school. Clearly, the teachers didn't quite feel the same way about it and that is how I feel about this student. She did well but not well enough to earn the top grade.
Also, I have heard that another student is out looking for me...angain, a similiar situation. He is querying his A. The simple answer will be that it's not that he is lacking in ability - far from it - but it is the fact that he came to class consistantly ill-prepared. No textbook or even a photocopy of it. Harsh? Perhaps but he knows the rules of the class which where written in both English and Korean.

Anyway...I see that London landed the Olympic Games in 2012. It seems like a very, very long way off. I don't particularly have a strong feeling for it. It all seems very distant from Edinburgh. It is reported that the Golf may take place at St. Andrew's and that some football might be held at Hampden Park but essentially, it's going to be a 'home counties' thing with X amount of GBP pumped into the East End of London. No doubt that it needs the regeneration however there are perhaps 100's of other regeneration projects that need addressing all over the country. I guess it's a question of prestigue. Somewhere like Newcastle or Birmingham or even Glasgow doesn't have the same 'bling' factor compared to London. But, as far as i'm concerned, it's light years in the future...

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Oh here we go again...George W. doing everything in his power to re-iterate to the World that he is simply a Cowboy President who has no real concept of anything other than his selfish point of views. Me, myself and my mates.

He says he will not do anything to harm the American Economy even if that means harming other nations, people and the environment. It seems as if he has no real sense of compassion or care towards people other than Americans which I find as somewhat strange given his religious beliefs in which compassion and helping others are central themes.

I despair sometimes, particularly since I feel that I can't really do anything. I can't change his mind or at least 'chat' to him or others and ask 'why'? Why do you act this way? Why are you doing this? etc. I guess, it's not only him but others as well. I would quite like to 'chat' to that bloke in North Korean, Mr. Kim and ask him what's happening. How are things with you? Ask him why he rules the way he does. Even just to ask him how he feels about taste in clothing. Alas, it probably won't happen and that is frustating...

Anyway, I was thinking about all this dEBT RELIEF TO African nations and stuff. I hope it helps, i really do...and then I thought, well, why don't countries pair up. For example, if I have to make pairs in my class, I might pair the best student with the worst student so that they can try to help each other or when scuba diving, you have a 'buddy' who you look out for whilst under the water. So, what if all the 'rich' nations paired up with a 'poor' nation. It could be done in a graded kind of way with the richest paired with the poorest, the 2nd richest paired with the 2 poorest etc.

Then the 'rich' nation can exclusively help their 'paired' poor nation get back on it's feet. That way aid and money etc makes it's way to that specific country and not thinly spread around a 'few countries' as seems to be the case now. Furthermore, there wouldn't be any unfair discrimination because the 'rich' only needs to help it's 'poor' partner. All areas of need could be tackled by 1 single agency or governmental department and not the many conflicting agencies which seem to be cutting each other off at present.

Of course, great in theory. In practice however.

Monday, July 04, 2005


So...some unnamed blogger wrote a psoting suggesting thAt the Bible is, in fact, a great work of ficition. Interesting point, however he was (or it could be a she) retracted the posting because he or she is a chicken.

Anyway, it's a fair point. It could well be a work of ficition. The problem I have always had about it was the fact that it took a long, long time to write it down. Generally, once it's written down and published the text tends not to change. Take the Doomsday Book or Shakespeare's work. They have remained true to the orginals, however, the Bible - or least parts of it - were not written down until a thousand years later. During that time, it is entirely conceivable that stories have been altered and distorted with each telling, morphing into what we now regard as the 'definitve' Bible...I mean, just look at how rumours start in Cheonan. One person says something, who then reports something similiar but not identical to what was reported in the beginning. It only takes a couple of people to twist a story completely. This could happen in a couple of days. Yet, we are to believe, completely and unquestionably that the Bible is in fact a true reflection of the events that have, over time, shaped the Western World. I do not doubt for a minute that part of it is true however by the same token, I wouldn't believe it word for word.

If we are to believe 'everything' then Human's are evolved from only 2 people. Surely, genetics dictates that 2 people are not enough to start an entire race free of genetically 'different' individuals. Furthermore, Jesus just 'decided' to fast in the desert for 40 days and then proclaim he was the Son of God. That's some tranformation. What has he been doing for the years up until that point. What did he learn at School. Did he have a girlfriend. All simple questions. He couldn't have just been 'hanging' around until his 30th birthday...I'm sure that David Karesh bloke had similiar ideas. He decided that he was the 'chosen one'. Some people believed him in much the same way as people believed Jesus. The FBI decided he wasn't and took steps to eliminate him. One could put foward the view that the Romans felt the Jesus was a threat and accordingly 'eliminated' him.

ANYway. i'll quit. There are some many questions I would love to ask re: this but I fear they will never be asked...

Sunday, July 03, 2005


Word of the week: 'dance'

Do not mix soju, z-rock and my mate scott otherwise you get dance. not big and certainly not clever.

Phrase of the week: 'Stomach Ache'

and runny poo's. No good.Must be something I ate.

Sight of the week: 'Dog'

It's me imagining ways of eliminating next doors overgrown rat which just barks it's head off at the slightest thing. It even has the cheek to run into my apartment when both my door and next door's door is open. I think that is going to be the best way of 'eliminating' it...when it runs into my apartment, and somehow grabbing it without biting me and2. the neighbours knowing where it is. But, then, if I do grab it, what can i do with it?....i'm not likely to eat it.

Song of the week: 'x'

Not sure at the moment...have been very sly on the old d.loading front. 'A certain Trigger' by Maximo Park is looking good but then so is 'The Understanding' by Royksopp. Hmm.

Saturday, July 02, 2005


Thankfully, there was little or no trouble reported at the 'Make Poverty History' March in Edinburgh...i'm pleased about that and i'm also pleased that so many took to the streets in a peaceful manner. I just hope that it is noticed... Isuspect that it may have been noticed but whether the people in power have the foresight, the courage and the ability to separate 'national interests' from making the right decision, then it will be a success. I hope so. I really hope so...

Although, 1 thing about the whole day, which saw concerts in various cities across the World, was the presence of people who have had a silver spoon in there mouths all there life, have never had to work or worry about where the next meal is coming from and are 'famous' for doing fuck all apart from attending Parties and carrying dogs around - yes, thats you Paris Hilton. Why the fuck was she at Live8 in London...she is as thick as pigshit. has done nothing to further mankind, is a self obsessed whiny waif of a 'women' who I would love to slap. What does she know about Poverty or Africa or the 'reasons' behind the concert. As far as I can see, she sensed a Party and flies to shit, there she was. Piss off to your 100 bedroom mansion in the hills with your dog. You are both perfectly suited given that the dog has the same IQ as you. What is your purpose? I sincerely hope your genes are not passed onto the next generation.

Anyway, if I saw her on the street, I would trip her up.

Friday, July 01, 2005


_sSincity was watched today. An unexpected viewing feast!

Dark...very dark. Wasn't familiar with the comic that spawned the movie but the 'comicbook' style was very evident. And, there was a surprisingly topnotch cast...even Bruce Willis was pretty decent although hats off to Eijah Wood /you know, that bloke from the Rings Trilogy/ He didn't actually utter a word in the movie but was deeply scary in his role as a cannibal!