Friday, April 05, 2013


Sandstorm alert. Not pleasant. It's 'sunny' but extremely hazy out today. It was the same yesterday. And with it, the temperature goes up as does the humidity. Not only that, but everything gets covered in dust. No way I'm getting the car washed today. Or cleaning the balcony. That can wait until it passes.

No chance of even going for a swim upstairs. Little point given the amount of dust I'll suck up. I might invest in a breathing mask. I wonder if that would impede my swimming stroke?

Monday, April 01, 2013


April 1st.

Just another day. Kind of. I quite like that fact that a lot of newspapers and websites throw in a fake story. In fairness, it's often not limited to the 1st April but that another conversation!

Some of the fake story stories I liked were:

Virgin Atlantic saying that they were going to introduce a glass bottomed aircraft so that passengers could look down and see what's going on below. Working in the aviation field, I know that there is no way that could happen, I mean, your luggage is directly below so you could see out anyway, but the layman might get excited about it.

Also, the Guardian goggles. A definite dig at the Google goggles. The Guardian ones stream 'liberal' views and news straight to the wearers line of sight. It might actually happen in future but for now, it's a fake!

One story I did see, and I though was fake, was the one about a flea circus losing it's entire cast of fleas due to the cold weather. Apparently, it's real. Who knew there was a flea circus?

Alas, no April fools in this household.