Tuesday, February 28, 2006


the puking didn't happen, the reverse of puking did. All very natural but with extra velocity and odour. the stomach rumbled and made all kinds of pained noise and sleep just didn't happen. in the morning, i could hardly move. my body was aching all over. only one thing could be done - a visit to the doctor. i knew what would happen. the doctor would push my stomach and ask me it it was sore. 'eh, yeah that's why i'm here' and then type something into his computer. 2 minutes, i would be ushered into a secret room to get the mandatory injection. and it happened just like that but with an added twist. i was ushered into another room to become attached to a drip. fun and games. an hour later, i was 'discharged'.
no class today, instead hours of sleep and later a terrible rumbling noise in my gut. things are not good down there.
the joys of eating.

Monday, February 27, 2006


the joys of a sore stomach and a fuzzy head.
all without the presence of sex and drugs and rock n roll.
would quite like to puke my guts up. perhaps 'quite like' is too strong a phrase. it's not something that i like. this time, it's more of a 'think it would be a good idea because i'd feel better after it' kind of thing.
as for the head, well it's where it should be but not really. meeting 3 new classes tomorrow. would like to be relatively healthy for it. it's not fun being unhealthy infront of 40+students.

Sunday, February 26, 2006


Word of the Week: 'Travel'

It seems like i've been all over Korea this week. It's because I have been. Was hoping for a nice calm week before the day job starts taking over, however Passport and Immigration issues have meant that I've been down to Daejeon then back up to the U.K. Embassy in Seoul just to get it all sorted out. The result:a nice new Passport in 10 days. The question is will Immigration extend my 1 year VISA with the new Passport. If not, I'll be home at the end of March!

Phrase of the Week: 'Get that right up ya'

That'll be the Rugby then.

Sight of the Week: 'The sight of Student's'

Really unexcited about teaching. Perhaps it's the end of the holidays blues but I'm not feeling that *____________*. I am for the Degree classes but the 1st years, no. Probably because I know what's likely to happen and conversely, not happen.

*all new* Rant:Abusive Tirade of the Week:

Could well be linked to the point above re:students or perhaps just a case of being tired and somewhat fed up.

Song of the Week: 'Sympathy for the Devil' by the Rolling Stones

Purely for it's submissiveness. Probably quite revolutionary when it orginally came out. The 'whooo hooo's' are a masterstroke along with the funky bongo drums. And the line 'please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste'. I am neither but Mr. Jagger was, and still is, both.

*ALL new** Hidden message of the Week: 'The empty page has ripped'.
oh and a HAPPY Birthday to my grumpy brother. 25 years young today.

Saturday, February 25, 2006


Since it doesn't happen very often - twice in 16 years to be exact - I am going to gloat.

Margaret Thatcher, Morris Dancers, the Bulldog, High Tea and Scones, David Beckman, Wembley Stadium, Rule Britannia, The Queen Mother, Fish and Chips, the Beatles, 007, the Morris Minor, Tony Blair, Henry the 8th, Shakespeare, 'Yer havin' a laff', God Save The Queen, Essex Boys, Essex Birds, Hugh Grant, The Sun, Coronation Street, St. George, Canterbury Cathedral, the Millenium Dome, Warm Beer, Cricket in the Village Green and Prince Charles and his missus...your boys sure took a hell of a beating!

Oh yes, Scotland 18, England 12.
On a sidenote...the 6 Nations table is a curious thing. France are top on 4 points, England are 2nd on 4 points whilst Scotland is 3rd on 4 points.
How exactly can we be 3rd when we have beaten both the teams above us?

Give us our moment of glory. Please.

Friday, February 24, 2006


Having a discussion with the Sexy1 the other day about hoarding things. Keeping things that you might need but in actual, you should just punt because they take up space. It seems that women are somewhat prone to such things. Nothing wrong with that. Not much.

The one thing that I've been hoarding for a number of years is actually a little deep red-coloured book. Alas, it does not contain numbers and sizes of all the women I've lusted over nor is it anything remotely as interesting. It is my humble passport. I guess I wouldn't have gotten this far without it. Literally. It's fast approaching it's expiry date which comes as abit of a shock since I still remember going down to the photo booth in Morningside Post Office in order to get the picture taken. I definitely had not given much thought to the picture and how it would look 10 years later. It's not that bad a photo and to be fair, the clothes I was wearing are not particularly outdated. Comparing it to the new passport photo that was taken yesterday, I do look older and alittle more 'slimline'. I was trying to work out if my hairline was still where it was in the old photo but it's hard to judge.
The Passport though is getting alittle tatty. The pages have filled up quite nicely and it's something that I am pleased about...to have stamps saying I've been here or there. I guess it says that I've done something in the past 10 years instead of simply staying in Edinburgh, working to get some holiday time.

I am sad that it has to go. Once I apply for the new one, the old one gets whisked away to Passport Heaven, never to be seen again along with all those stamps and with it the proof that 'i did that'. Without sounding too melodramatic, it's a big piece of my own personal history that is 'going' with me being unable to 'hoard' it for future generations.
To my Passport:it's been wonderful. U did your job to the best of your ability and more besides. You got me to Ireland, France, Spain, Holland, Germany, China, Japan, Korea, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Fiji and the USA. May your replacement be your equal or even better than you. So long and thanks for all the fish.

Thursday, February 23, 2006


Was reading on another website about this 9/11 thing that happened. Think you might of heard about it. A couple of airplanes hit 2 really big buildings and the buildings fell down. Then some bloke order his army into some far off land because these buildings fell down.

Anyway, there was a link to a movie looking into the actual events of that fateful morning and the resultant commissions and ways of explaining what happened.
Of course, there is no disputing that it actually happened but it's the whole explanations since it occured that have caused the most debate.
I must say that to the layman that I am, it did seem surprising 2 airplanes and the resulting fire actually managed to bring down buildings in such a manner, also this plane that hit the Pentagon. It hit the Pentagon on the 1st or 2nd floor, over an Expressway which is some feat but also it was noticable that there wasn't any kind of marks on the ground right next to the Building even just simple things like burnt grass.

I can honestly say that i don't have any real idea of what did happen but watching this movie does make you wonder what the hell went on. Even if only 1 or 2% of it is 'true' then the 'Official' version of events do not seem to fit with what was seen and reported.

I have enough doubts.

Watch the movie for yourself...it's HERE. It's an hour and 20 minutes long and is actually well put together and has a decent line of arguement. See what you think.
hope it works!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


That's it...i'm officially f __________ed off with Korean Buses. Admittly, they are frequent, fast and cheap but the doors are not big enough. They are wide enough - perhaps not for 2 people to get off side by side but it's easy to get off.
The problem is the height.
I'm not especially tall, around 6 feet tall and that's not even that big for Korea but the damn doors are still too small.

I have to stoop to get off the bus. I'm usually pretty careful in that department although it's hard sometimes when you have some middle-aged bird trying to push past you but sometimes, just sometimes your stooping calculations go abit haywire and whap...head on metal cue pain but without actually showing it. 'I'm fine...see, i'm ok' but once round the corner...

And that is what happened. This time, it was actually sore. It has even given me a headache and i'm pretty sure that I've cut my napper. Oh the joys.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Was reading a 1-minute interview with the ex-Coventry, exBBC Sports presenter David Icke the other day.
This bloke gave up his job at the Beeb to become...well, I'm not really sure. He's kind of a spiritual, author, speaker, conspiracy sort of guy. He famously suggested that the Isle of Arran off the coast of Scotland would disappear. It didn't and he has been a source of great ridicle ever since. He also suggested that the Earth is actually run by a bunch of reptiles who are disguised as humans These reptiles has held high posts throughout history and have altered mans path.
I'm not sure what to believe when he talks about that but one thing did catch me eye and that was his accersion that we have this 'massive' brain that is in fact largely not used. He suggested that it had been 'switched' off at some point of our evolution by 'aliens'.

But his evidence for this was the fact that we only have 5 senses. We can sense alot with these 5 senses but the fact remains that there are alot of other 'things' that we simply cannot detect. He used the words 'frequency'. We are tuned to sense a certain 'frequency' and things outwith this frequency range are things we cannot sense.

I have to say, I actually agree with this thought. It would be naive to think that we can sense everything in the world/universe and to suggest that we are completely 'in tune' with our surroundings.
Example 1: Radio Waves/Tv Waves. As it stands, we can't see them or hear them or feel them. But, stick a metal rod in the air/ground, you can 'see' them.
Example2: Infra-red/UV. We have instruments to say that they are there but we can't really 'sense' them.
Example3: /not sure right now!/

Anyway, the point being that he and others might be consisted 'out there' but perhaps they are not as 'out there' as one might think. I guess that alot of people might have though that Capernicous /name?!?/ was 'out there' when he suggested that the Earth actually moved around the Sun and not vice versa or the people who were convinced that the Earth was flat.

There are mysteries all around. Don't discount anything...

Monday, February 20, 2006


I've got this photo site over there on the right hand side. It's not bad but I tend not to put many pictures on it because I can only put up 2hundred or so pictures. I tend to use the other photo site, also on the right hand side there...anyway, every week the photo site host sends me an email to let me know how many visits I've had to the site that particular week.

Usually, this email is says I've been hit 3 or 4 times in a week. Not great but since I hardly put any pictures on it, it's no big surprise.

The last 2weeks however, something strange has been happening. Last week, this email arrived and said that I had had over 150 hits on the photo site. Then this week, I had been hit 83 times. Now that is weird.
I think someone is stalking me.

Sunday, February 19, 2006


Word of the week: 'F___________k.

Rude, course. Yes but after not teaching since Christmas and then suddenly having to go back to teaching, you'll understand what I mean.

Phrase of the week: 'Brit Awards 2006'

Ehm. Not sure about them. I was quite into them but now I'm not. It's all the Record companies giving themselves a pat on the back. It's not really anything these days. In terms of how many record sales, yes it's relivent but to the serious music buyer-lover. Perhaps not. Did Paul Weller get the 'outstanding' contribution Award? Must be for the only man in music to have the same hair style. Think he's waiting for it to become fashionable.

Sight of the week: 'Live TV'

Quite like live tv. It has an edge to it, particularly when watching sport. Afterall if your team got humped 5-0, you're not going to sit and watch the edited highlights now, are you. Anyway, the reason I mention it is because of Man. Utd'S Alan Smith dislocating his ankle followed by breaking his leg as he hit the ground. Horrific in anyone's book but when showed numerous times and in slow motion, it's even more so. Live tv is not always best.

Song of the week: 'Get up/Say what' by Pixeltan

A 5minute 51second joy of high-hat, hand-claps and strange rumbling bass alittle held together by some random bird saying the immortal 'getup / say what' but not all at the same time. She might say 'get up' and then a howl and then 'say what' or she might just say 'say what' without saying 'get up' or howling. Available on the excellent DFA Compliation #2. A truly remarkable 3cd set. Did I mention that it was pretty good?!?

Saturday, February 18, 2006


You know how the American V.PResident shot some other bloke...well, wouldn't the Police normally get involved. If I was to accidently shoot a student /not that i'm suggesting that the thought or means has ever crossed my mind/ then something would happen. At the very least, I would get a stern talking to.

Has he been given a 'stern' talking to by the boys in blue? Somehow, I would doubt it.

Friday, February 17, 2006


is this it

The end of the holidays. Neither happy nor sad. It's just something that happens. Monday morning will see the teacher in me try to awaken from it's slumber. It's hibernation if you like. Preparation has been ongoing since the end of last semester. In little spurts and definitely not a consistant spurt. It's always the case that with this much time off you go through patches of thinking about how to tackle next semester and periods when you are completely turned off by the thought of doing it all again.
This past week has seen 'patches'. Improvement and tweaking of things. It's evolution. Taking the best and worst of previous semesters and either keeping them on or ditching them and adding to. Of course, best laid plans are not always effective and you have the curious situation that 'in theory' ideas xyz will work well but the practical application does not always follow. And that is the thing. You need to get that happy medium. And that's the trick.

Anyway. Monday. Getting back on the case. 1ST week is a write off given that 1st years aren't in until the following week. A nice 'gentle' ease back into it. Perhaps.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Seems like the Film Department at my University are in the news at present - well, the 'internet' netizens news anyway. It appears that some students made a 'film'. Nothing especially wrong with that given that is what they are studying. It appears that the students had filmed some 'actors' getting married on the Subway - in a carriage. They had convinced the bemused fellow passengers that they were too poor to afford a 'real' Church or Wedding Hall wedding, so they had decided to do it on the Subway. The bemused passenger fell for it hook line and sinker offering applause and best wishes during the 'wedding ceremony'.

If course, so wise guy on the train also filmed it on his mobile and posted it on the internet. Then the 'news' broke that it was in fact a stunt.
Netizens...with nothing better to do got hold of this 'story' and bombarded the Departments Website with complaints and threats about the whole thing. The fact that they were duped into believing something that actually wasn't what they thought it was. Ironic given the amount that they 'believe' from the media. /'hub' of asia' and all that jazz./

What exactly is the problem? 'cos, I'm not really seeing one. The Subway is a public place, they weren't doing anything illegal, if the 'onlookers' believe everything then that's upto them, yet these students are cast as wrong-doers by the do-gooders who hide behind there monitors. Knobheads. Feel like going onto the Department's Website and congratulating them on their efforts. Free thinking and initiative is alive and well in Hoseo University. But, that is Korea. The internet is great but it's the knobheads who abuse it.
Hope these students got a pat on the back for their efforts. As the Ramones once said 'Netizen punks, f__K off'. /ok they didn't but close enough/.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Ah, the humble toilet roll/ Essential and very under rated. It's an item that is very much taken for granted. Great when you have some, somewhat depressing when you don't. In fact, 'depressing' isn't really a strong enough word. I'm not sure many words can do that feeling justice. The feeling that is garnered when, after a rather fine effort, you look over to find that the toilet roll holder is not in fact covering the last remaining remnants of the toilet paper and in actual fact, there is none left.

Alas, toilet paper I salute you. But only some toilet papers are worthly of such saluations. U.K. toilet papaer, definitely. Korean toilet paper, definitely not. The reason being that British toilet is different. It can be smooth, hard, soft, strong and can be obtained in a lot of nice colours with which you could co-ordinate with your bathroom. There is something rather comforting in watching nice cuddly Andrex puppies on the tv knowing that the toilet paper that they are advertising does the job with something to spare. It neither scratches nor leaves a 'rawness' which can be uncomfortable.
However, Korea has no such adverts with cuddly puppies. There is only 1 colour - white and there is no difference or choice to be found in the supermarkets. It's hard and doesn't have a nice feel to it. In essence, it's crap. It rips too easily, is somewhat similiar to sandpaper and is impossible to start a new roll without tearing half of it. Also, you can't just buy 2. You have to buy a bulk pack of say 12 or 24 which for a single guy who lives on his own, is a healthy amount and an even healthier amount of time on the toilet in order to use that many rolls. In fact, I've had my pack of 12 rolls for bloody ages...i was wondering if perhaps a new range had come out in the meantime something alittle less unpleasant to use but it seems that in evey shop, there remains the same type of toilet paper, so I don't even have any great incentive to use up all my 12 rolls.
I wonder if there is some big conspiracy here in Korea. If the general population don't know that they can get better comfort toilet paper overseas, then they won't complain about the stuff they use now. I might start importing some decent stuff and have one of those 'feeling' exercises on the street, kind of like the 'Pepsi' challenge but for toilet paper.

I think perhaps I've got too much time today. I really should be getting ready for next semester.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Valentinesdays -only for lovers and the fools who think they have a chance.
And those those in neither category-just another day then.
Bah humbag-or is that christmas.

Monday, February 13, 2006


Well...back in the sunny climbs of Cheonan. It's cold, dark and cloudy. In essence, Edinburgh in disguise - and a deep disguise it is too with no castle, maroon buses or natural blondes. That'll be the jet-lag then.

Having 2 weeks away from Koreans is somewhat refreshing particularly when upon reaching the gate to board the flight back to Seoul, you are suddenly annoyed by everything that they do. From having too many bags to queueing to get onto the plane when 1. the annoucement hasn't been made and 2. when their rows haven't been told to board.
Alas, this was all forgotten when it became apparant that I was getting 3 seats to myself. The thought of lying down and getting some hardcore sleep was almost overpowering until some random Korean bloke decided he didn't like his seat and chose to sit next to me. Not only was I pissed off by this rude awakening but by the fact that this bloke had great English and was prepared to use it at all times despite be having my F.H.M. 6 inches from my face. Oh yeah and for the duration of the flight he kept his artic style jacket on. Furthermore, he had indicated that he had travelled from Madrid to catch the flight from Amsterdam to Seoul but instead of going home, he would be leaving again in 5 hours and travellng back to Dubai and then onto Iran. Now, to me that is an huge waste of time...I mean, what's the point in going that far, only to turn back and go back in the same direction. Couldn't he have flown to Dubai from Amsterdam. Hell, he could have even gone Glasgow to Dubai with all the neds.

Anyway, back safe and sound with my Galaxy chocolate levels getting increasingly low. It's all downhill from here on in.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Well...I might as well wade into the murky depths of religion and all this nonsense about cartoons and Muslims and all that jazz.
Here goes:
Isn't it alittle weird that a significant amount of Muslims response to all this is something along the lines of 'The claim that the Prophet is the head of a violent religion is insulting and wrong, and we will kill or blow up anyone who says it is'.

nuff said.