Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I have been playing to enrol myself into a CELTA Course which is essentially an entry level certificate to teaching English to adults. It's run through Cambridge University and is very well respected and highly regarded in Europe and the U.K. I have something similiar already - a TESOL - which is more recognised in this part of the world.

It's quite a hardcorse course. 9 to 5 everyday for a month + a mountain of reading and homework and lesson planning. All for the princely sum of £900. But, it's got to be done.

Anyway, I had a telephone interview with the School running the course. If I did well, I'd get on the course. No pressure then.

I managed it well enough though. It covered tenses, spelling, grammar, parts of speech and various teaching situations. The spelling portion was quite interesting. All the words that I'm weak on! Thankfully, the guy who was interviewing me didn't realise that I had a dictionary loaded up infront of me on the internet. Thank godness for that.

So, course starts on the 10th July and finishes on 4th July. Seems like I'll be back in Edinburgh a few days before then and a few days after. Might be 5 weeks or so in total. That'll be the longest time I've been home in a good few years. Alas, I'll be working my ass off. No rest for the...

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I got up and out early to get to Univeristy. 1st day of Final Tests.
So, I put on my shoes, grabbed my bag, opened the door. The split second I opened my door, my next door neighbour opened hers. I kept going and closed and locked it. She hesitate for an instant before closing it and locking it. All the while covering her face and turning her back to me. Odd.

So, I walked towards the lift and pressed the button. She wasn't too far behind, her high heels making a racket along the way. Along, she had her back to me as we waited. I was wondering what the problem was. Did she have some awful disfigurement? Was she crying? Perhaps it was a spot? Maybe she was embarrased?

Anyway, the life came and we both got in. Again, she is turning away from me. Suddenly, she whips out a little box. She opens it and I discover that it's actually her make up box. She quickly starts putting it on. Suddenly everything becomes clear. She was 'hiding' becuase she hadn't finished her make up.

Now, if it was going to make her stunning or add somethnig to her appearance, then fine but there's not much you can do with mutton, is there?

Monday, May 29, 2006


More politics.
More mud-slinging.
More aggrovation.
Thankfully though, I'm not in the loop.
The University provide all the foreign teachers with a place to stay. The apartments are in the main campus. I choose to move from there because my office is at the other campus and all my classes are at the other campus also, so it made sense.
All the other teachers though are in dispute with the Administration over oil payments. Every month a certain amount gets taken out of their salary to cover the oil i.e. heating etc. It seems that the Administration want to change this because the supplier is requesting a change in the Universities payment method. I'm not sure about the 'fine' details but lets just say that there are a number of unimpressed teachers who have been vocal about the injustice of it all.

Thankfully, I don't have to deal with it all. Letters and responses have been going back and forward some of which degenerate into a slanging match.

I guess my concern is that all this negatively will be held against us all to be used against us at a later date which isn't great given that I have had no part in any of it.

Which leads us to the way in which we are perceived. Perhaps not that highly...another issue altogether.
Keep your head down and do your classes. Be nice when needed and play the game - rightly or andgames.

Sunday, May 28, 2006


Word of the week: 'Mistake'

'Bush and Blair in mistake shocker'. Whoa, they admitted it. That's a surprise. Nice of them to acknowledge it. They still think what they did was fine though. It's like apologising to someone for standing on their toe when you actually punched them repeatly in the face.

Phrase of the week:haven't got one.

Sight of the week: 'Next'

The new timetable for next semester is up. Doesn't look that much different. Got the theology class again. That could be interesting given that most will be getting a rather large 'f'. Plus, I get an evening class which could be a a cause of stress.

Rant:abusive tirade of the week: 'Smell'

All round our building there are new signs telling people that the building is a non-smoking area yet it seems like certain people can't actually read. Take knobhead bloke on my floor. Chooses to smoke, not in his apartment but goes outside to smoke. Please bear in mind that the corridor isn't open to the elements but is fully enclosed so that any smoke whafts along it. He got a healthy stare when I went to University. And what did I see when I came home? Same bloke doing the same thing. He was facing away from my but could see my reflection coming along the corridor. Strangely, he didn't turn around. Knobhead.

Song of the week: 'Crap Craft Dinner' by Hot Chip

Laptops are, on the whole, somethat souless instruments that can be used to make music. Sometimes that soulessness is reflected in the music produced. This, however, is not souless.

Hidden message of the week:everybody here needsa shove*

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Socrates suggested 'Goodness, then, is apparantly a state of mental health, bloom, and vitality; badness is a state of mental sickness, deformity, and infirmity'.

Fair point.
He's quite a clever bloke, that Brazilian player.

Friday, May 26, 2006


So what...the 1st Minister of Scotland has publicly said he will not be supporting England during the World Cup. So has the National Football coach. Apparantly, this has caused abit of a furore. I can't really see the problem. He just saying what most of the country are thinking. Why would you suddenly start supporting when you have had years and years of hoping they would lose?

Nonsense. You don't suddenly go supporting a different team or country.
Well done boys, I'm in agreement. All this 'we're going to win it'. Shut up. Let's see you get out of the group stage first.
It's alll going to end in tears.

Thursday, May 25, 2006


7.00am on the dot. Blaring music. 2 songs on a loop coming from the street corner 200 yards from my apartment. It's the potential MP's campaigning. Their little van/platform combos play a little promtional video and pump out their 'message' and the noise pollution that is giving me a sore head. This and there overly bright t-shirts and dancing.
2 songs. On loop. 7.00am.
I guess they are appealing to the people who are driving past hence the 2 song loop. They perhapd have a 2 minute window to attract voters.
Surely, I can't be the only one who is upset by this after all I'm 200 yards away from it and I live in a building with 20 floors. Not to mentuion the 15 storey apartments which are closer to the pollution.

Election Day isn't until next wednesday. I can't cope with this for another week. I might have to confront this. I can just see myself on SBS - the somewhat Nationalistic National TV Broadcaster - as the lead story on the evening news. 'Foreigner in campaign mayhem'. Cut to yours truly being lead away by the nations boys in blue. The reporter painting the picture...

____________The foreigner appeared at 7.16am dressed only in his boxers and headed straight for the head dancer. Her visor was ripped off and she was pushed to the ground before the irrate foreigner starting kicking the tv screen. He continued despite the other dancers trying to contain him. In the mellay, one dancer lost a white glove. It still hasn't been recovered. Once the tv screen had been damaged beyond repair the crazy foreigner turned off the cd player which had been playing 2 of Koreas most patriotic and best loved songs. The insane foreigner described the songs as noise pollution. He was finally overwhelmed by the bright pink t-shirts and showered in Election posters. His humilation was complete when the Police forced him into leading the dance troop. Afterwards, he was lead away for questioning. This action has caused a storm of protest with many netizens calling for a clampdown on foreigners listening to Korean popular music. One such netizens known only by his family name Kim added "these foreigners have no respect. Their ears are polluted. How dare they come here and demean us. They take our money and our women. We are Korea. Dokdo is ours". It is understood that large, candle lit protests are planned across the country to highlight the problem that foreigners cause to everyday life. Police, in a statement, said the questioning would continue.

Yeah. yeah, yeah.
SBS at it's best.
Watch your tv's.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Korea played Senegal in a pre-World Cup warm up game.
Didn't watch it but it was 1-1 at the end. Apparantly, Korea were poor. Doesn't bode well.

Actually, I would like to think that they might do well in the World Cup but I just have this nagging feeling that they will crash and burn.

They will not be reaching the Semi-Final, that's for certain. They overachieved last time round yet it's almost as if the public believe that it was their 'right' to get that far. In some instances. people believe that they actually won it last time round!

Home advantage certainly propelled them as if often does. England '66, Germany '74, Argentina '78, France '98 aand to an extent Korea and Japan '02. Yet, this will missing in '06. Lets not forgot, that Korea have never won a World Cup match outside of Korea. This /i think/ is there 5th overseas World Cup.

In all honestly /don't mention this to anyone/ I think they will struggle to score goals and because of that, I'm not sure they will get out of the group stages. They should beat Togo but given they couldn't beat an understrength Senegal, I have my doubts. Next will the critical game against the Swiss. They have a young team. The beat us well awhile back. They will not be pushovers. Whoever wins this, will qualify. And the French. They will not fail this time, that's for certain. Korea to beat Henry et al. Not on your nelly.

Of course, national pride is at stake. More so than many other nations. This small country needs to make it's mark. I'm not sure it will. If it doesn't, there will be a backlash of sorts. Everyone else will be blamed. I might even suggest that the other World Cup games may not get shown on tv because of it. After all, the national broadcaster didn't even show the Senegal goal in the 'match highlights' after the game.

Watch ths space.

Monday, May 22, 2006


The long semester is starting to take it's toll. Only 3 weeks until we're into the final testing. It's a funny time because I'm not pushing on thinking 'I need to get x/y/z completed for the test' because I'm not actually testing from the textbook. Instead, I'm giving the students a list of topics to choose and essentially present.

It changes the dynamics. Away from me 'doing' and onto the students.

But, the same old issues keep popping up. Namely phones. Every week they are told to turn them off. Do they? Course not.

One guy switched his on right infront of me. Idiot. I know my eyesight isn't perfect but...I give the student his or her phone back after class but this guy didn't collect it. That's almost a week now.

The 2nd person was a women who was 'slyly' trying to send a text. Obviously not slyly enough. Actually, it's quite easy to spot despite the precautions the students try to take. This student was doing my nut, so I punted her. 'You are the weakest link. Goodbye.' She didn't understand the 1st part but did the 2nd. Took her 5 minutes to actually move.

And the 3rd. Class had started when some bloke came in late and sat next to some girl. I continued with the class but noticed that these two were unusually close with the bloke facing the girl even though the desks meant that they should have been 'shoulder to shoulder'. The bloke then whips out his phone and starts to send a text. Cue my homing device. I nail him for the phone...and for being late. A big no, no. I'm not a shouter, more of an 'embarrasser' in front of the class. Not great teaching practice but it works. And then, it transpires that he isn't even in my class. He came to my class because he misses his girlfriend and wanted to be next to her. Bad move mate.
Embarrassed, yes.
Finally, he gets up and leaves.
At the end of the class, his girlfriend comes to get his phone. Aye right. So, I'm now the proud owner of 2 phones.

Sunday, May 21, 2006


Word of the week: 'test'

The students have been notified of it. They should have no complaints about it because they have been given 6 choices and 2 weeks to prepare for it. Yet, I have a slight inclination that some still won't get it.

Phrase of the week: 'Burn in hell...'

Yeah probably. Something to do with a movie released this week. Yawn.

Sight of the week: 'pool'

Definitely the pool of chunder that sits next to the front door of our building. Probably nicely deposited by some mingin drunk middle aged bloke who couldn't make it home. Instead he leaves us it to wonder at everytime we enter and exit the building.

Abusive:Rant of the week: 'Noise pollution'

In 10 days Korea will have an Election. In order to advertise their particular, there are groups of supporters on street corners with matching t-shirts who play loud music and dance in tune. I fully accept that it is their way of electioneering but do they need to start it at 7am on a Sunday morning when no-one is around. Are they having a dry run or something? Do it by all means but start at 8am please.

Song of the week: Some crappy sugar sweet song that gets played at 7am. In doing my nut and I want to charge downstair and throw a brick at the 'dancers'. Clearly though, I can't find any bricks and my throwing arm is out of action.

Hidden message of the week: no code.

Saturday, May 20, 2006


Was thinking of wading into the Da Vinci nonsense but have so far neglected to do so on the grounds of having not read the book and also because it's obvious to me that the Catholic Church has, through the ages been somewhat economicial with the truth in various guises and on various topics.
Cue the assertion that Bible represents the greatest work of fiction the world has ever known.

Alas, the movie of the same name. Hyped to the max but failing to get the juices flowing. Somewhat underwhelmed by it's slow, plodding tempo. In some movies, you can't wait to see what happens next but here I really couldn't have cared. It was almost souless. I wonder if it hadn't been the blockbuster of the year, it might have turned out to be more claustrophobic, disturbing and an essential 'must see' with 'real' characters and feelings instead of the lifeless Hanks and the continual 'I don't understand' from that quite attractive young Frenchwomen who was clearly uttering those lines so that the thickos who were watching could be brought upto speed. And who was that Monk? Well weird.

HaD potential. Lost it.

Friday, May 19, 2006


An E-mail was sent yesterday from the General Office of the University indicating that all staff were required to undergo a mandatory health check up. It just so happened that such a facility to do this was due on campus that very day. How thoughtful.

First of all, I have nothing to hide healthwise. I'm neither fat nor /too/ thin. My hearing is fine, my eyesight isn't the best but then show someone who has 'perfect' vision. I am not really suffering from anything 'major' other than the afore mentioned and lamented fractured arm. In fact, I'm probably healthier than most of my colleagues. Plus, the only 'drugs' of choice are coffee /max. 2 a day/ and booze /once a week if I'm lucky/.

The 'bit' I object to is the mandatory nature of it. It wasn't the University who insisted upon it rather, it was the Government. If I didn't take the check up, I could be hit with a fine.
Big brother and all that..

I guess on should look at 'history' and see that Korea was still a dictatorship 20 years ago, so I should be surprised that some of it's remains are still prevalent today. Old habits die hard. Or perhaps my blood was extracted under the pretence of...but actually they are checking out my DNA. Not really comfortable with that kind of information being kept and passed on to whoever.

Anyway, i'm healthy and currently upto 84.4kg. 3kgs more than Febuary but with a cast on and a need to empty the bowels.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


New and improved new andimproved.
new AND improved.

NEWAND improved.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


So, the U.S. Government or whoever released images of the airplane that slammed into the Pentagon. A mere 4 and a half years after it happened. The images are quite literally over in a flash. And for me, that is all it is, a flash. I don't see a plane as such. In fact, I don't really see anything other than a fireball. That's not to say that there isn't a plane. 'Whatever' it was, was travelling too fast to be picked up by my failing eyes.

Surely, there are better images that could have been released in order to finally confirm what did slam into the building. I'm sure the Pentagon has numerous security cameras, as do neighbouring establishments. Why didn't the authorities just release the 'definitive' images to finally put all the doubt to bed and end all the 'talk' of what did or didn't happen instead of this half baked nonsense. So much for the freedom of information and all that jazz that they claim to exercise.

I suspect some grainy 2 second film showing a fireball isn't going to quell much of the conspiracy chatter. And there is nothing more exciting for conspiracy theorists than abit of chatter.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


How depressing. The only tv I regularly sit down and watch is the 10pm CSI. In fact, it's almost the only time during the week that the tv is on. Anyway, it seems that I've seen the ones they are showing now. Nightmare. Especially when you know 'who did it'. Will have to find an alternative at 10pm. See how stressful life can get...

Speaking of which, I can now tie my shoelaces. Not that I couldn't before. I could up until 2 weeks ago. But since then I haven't been able to grip and hence tie them. I now feel like an adult once more even if it does take the best part of 5 minutes to do them.

Monday, May 15, 2006


Every so often, surprises just seem to occur at University. Something unexpected and unplanned. This time, it was the appearance of the Oxford University Press guys who had come to meet with us and talk 'books'. They had even flown in 2 Editors from New York to talk to us.
Apparantly, they had been in contact with the Boss 2 weeks ago and they had confirmed that they were coming. Alas, we find out an hour before the meeting is due to start.

Also, it appears that we will have next tuesday's the 'Sports Day'. Thought we'd had it last week but perhaps I imagined all that. I'm not exactly complaining but we have 4 weeks left, 2 of which will be off and the other 2 for testing. Could be a problem given that I need 1 class to tell them about the test and to get them organised.

Sunday, May 14, 2006


Back at the doctor's yesterday. Went into his small room to find that he had the heating on. Interesting, given that it was 22 Degrees outside. Perhaps it was medicinal.

Anyway, he requested I have another X-ray on my arm. So, off I went to the little x-ray room. I took off the splint and found that I couldn't actually lift my arm. That's scary but not unexpected given I haven't used it for a 10 days. The bloke came in and showed me where to my arm for the 1st x-ray. No problems there but then for the 2nd x-ray, he grabbed my arm and literally forced it into a new nd alien position almost fracturing it again in the process. Clearly patient care isn't that high on the agenda.

The x-rays were fine. No complications but i had to get a rather fetching bright green cast put on. It has to stay on for 3 weeks which could be a very long dinner time, my hand was hurting. The same 'x-ray' guy put the cast one. He 'tied' it between my index finger and my thumb but it was too tight, so much so that I couldn't extended my hand. Cue trip to the local shop to buy a pair of scissors and a stanley knife. 30 minutes and a cut index finger later, I'd released the pressure by cutting through the cast between my fingers and didn't it feel great.

Think this cast might be off in 2 weeks at this rate.

Saturday, May 13, 2006


Yes, that's you Liverpool and Hearts. And Scotland.

Liverpool somehow won the F.A Cup by scoring a 35 yard screamer in the final minute to take the game into extra time and the penalties. I was watching it and I was aghast. I couldn't speak. It's the sort of goal you dream of scoring. I've tried but never managed to score like that. It usually ends up as a daisy cutter or hits Row Q. The ball was still rising when it hit the back of the net. Genius.

And Hearts. 'Walkover' they were saying before the game. Aye right. 2 postives don't always make a positive. The minnows took them all the way to penalties as well. The small matter of the current Scotland goally won it for them. Romanov, the 'Dictator' has since suggested that there is a conspiracy against his team and that they should have won the league. Shut up you knobhead. You punted 2 managers. 'Rested' your best players and if you had looked at the league table that you were 20 points behind the winners, who won the league with 6 games to go. A conspiracy?
Ye were pish. Simple.

At least we have won something this year, Scotland that is. The Kirin Cup. Perhaps not the most glamourous trophy but a trophy nonetheless. I'll certainly take it. Now England, what exactly have you won this year...oh yes, that's right you got knocked out in the Semi-Finals of the World Cup on penalties. I'll get my tissue.

Friday, May 12, 2006


I'm worried. My Boss came to my office for the 1st time in over a year. Something is definitely up. Perhaps it was merely a social call and i'm reading way too much into it but it's certainly odd.

I wonder if he just got out of the lift too early and didn't realise until it was too late and instead of looking like an idiot and trying to rush back into the lift, he calmly continued on his way as if he actually meant to get out early, hence the face saving visit.

It's a mystery.

As is hitting 30. But at least I can ask.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


It's quite nice being Scottish. Particularly upon hearing that the national team recorded it's biggest win for 11 years and it's biggest away win since the 1982 World Cup.

A resounding 5-1 cuffing of Bulgaria in Japan as part of the Kirin Cup. It seems 'all' we need to do in the game against the host nation, is avoid losing by 3 clear goals to actually win the Cup. Come on...At least 'we' can say to the English /when they 'cruelly' get knocked out of the World Cup on penalities/ that we win something meaningful and yos didnae.

Alas, being Scottish means that we will be losing 2-0 going into the final minute and then conceding a fluky 35 yarder that takes 2 deflections on the way in.

There does seem to be some negative feeling at present over the conduct of the Celtic Manager. They were due to play Roy Keane and Alan Shearers' testimonial games. He decided to stop any Celtic players joining the Scotland squad because of these 'glamour' friendlies.

I'm appalled by his actions. The irony being that the 3 players who couldn't join up with the Scotland team didn't even play in the 2 games. Furthermore, Keane and Shearer are minted and really don't need the extra cash. Surely, nothing comes close to representing your country. Many would give there right arm to pull on that Navy jersey, myself included and to be denied that in order to warm the bench at a game that makes the rich, richer is a farce. Strachan, you should be ashamed.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

As previously mentioned, the footy team were lined up to take part in the University Sports Day. Yesterday they played in the pre, pre-qualifier and won it 3-2. Nice. I didn't see it because I was in class but it seems like there was abit of fighting and the referee wasn't quite upto the job, booking one of our guys because he was elbowed on the side of the face.hmm.

Today though, it was English vs. Chinese, Departments that is.

I went down to let my support.

The majority of the guys who play regularly played plus a couple of other, one of which was this stocky, short guy who i'd never seen before. Not even sure if he is part of the Department.

The 1st half was close. Both teams quite well matched. I think it was 2-1 to them at H.T. They were getting alot of change from corners and long throw-ins. 1 guy inparticular seemed to be winning every header in the penalty area much to my concern. Also, they seemed quite physical. Alot of leaning into and pushing. I suppose it's legal but it isn't pretty.

The 2nd half though didn't go to plan. They scored at least 3 more, we scored 1. A number of 'interesting' refereeing calls didn't help matters. I guess it's easy to blame the officials when things are going your way but when they clearly get it wrong...that bothers me. They were on the attack, down the right, not too far from being level with the 18 yard box. The ball is close to the line but doesn't actually cross the line, in fact it's about a foot in play. The linesman doesn't signal that it's out yet the referee who is about 20 yards away signals a throw-in to them. How do I know the ball was in...I was right next to where it went 'out'. From the resulting throw-in, they score to make it 3-1.

Sour grapes on my part...perhaps but a mistake is a mistake. I even told the linesman but he played the 'I can't understand you' card. But, he knew as well as i did what they story was.

Finally, they scored to make it - i'm not sure - when this short, stocky bloke that i've never seen before takes off his top and walks off the park. The referee is running around. There is discussion but no-one seems to know what has happened. Alas, he had been sent off. For what, i'm not sure but he tried to come back onto the park and 'speak' to the referee. Cue me to intercept him before he gets there. I usher him off to which he says 'don't touch me. You don't know me'. Shut up you knob-head. You just got punted and this is my team. Clearly, that's what I wanted to say but didn't.

And at that point, I had to leave the action. We lost. Finalscore? Don't know.

It was interesting to compare our team and their team at half-time. Their were all together, in a big circle talking tactics and drinking water. Our 'team', essentially ignoring each other, talking to their mates. Players deciding that they can't play in the 2nd half. A nonsense. That's what happens when a 2nd year who is more concerned with basketball is in charge.

Plus, it's all this 'i'm a 4th year, i'm have seniority over you, mr. 1st year' bollocks. It doesn't help. Case in point was when Hiddink took over the Korean team. In the early days, when they all sat down for dinner, the older players sat together whilst the youngers sat together. That's not the sign of a team. That's Korean society in microcosm. Hiddink changed all that. At looked what happened.

Not that i'm comparing our team with that team our me with Hiddink but general parallels can be drawn.


And who was this 'stocky' bloke.
I'm semester i'll make a comeback. Perhaps.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


On this other teaching site, there hads been a raft of postings/polls on bands wherein people are invited to vote for their favourite and the reasoning behind it. Some of the comments have been quite illuminating yet my overwhelming feeling is that it's almost impossible to compare the relative merits of the bands in question given that 'grading' an individual band is very subjective with no real right or wrong.

The bands in question were The Beatles and the Rolling Stones. There are definite similiarities between the 2 in that they were of the same era. Both were highly influential yet can you really compare the 2?

Musically, they are very different. Both began as live bands and there can be no questioning there ability to put on a show...the Stones are still doing it now. But, the Beatles then essentially become a studio band and there music reflects that. There 'performance' was the album. They experimented to a wider extent because of this 'freedom' they had. They had the popularity, they had the money, they had the drugs and they had the time to do it. They also had 2 of the most gifted songwriters of the pop-era.

The Stones in contrast, are a live band and that is perhaps their strongest suit. Are they as gifted, songwriting wise? Opinions are split. They can knock out a decent tune but it's almost as if they are more conservative musically. They have their formula. It works, so why change it?
I wonder if they are more well known for their non-musicial antics...

Apples and oranges.

Another posting was trying to link Radiohead with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Someone is having a laugh there. Very, very different. Apples and oranges. Definitely not. Tomatoes and pineapples.

Monday, May 08, 2006


Really fearing today. I've had 4 days of taking it easy and getting used to the fact that i'm one armed. However, the thought of having to step into class and 'do' a full day isn't an exciting prospect. Not only is it the teaching side, its the practical side like showering, doing the bloody buttons on my shirt and getting on the bus. Ive already come to terms with the fact that I can't get my contact lenses in.

And the swelling in my hands. Not pretty.

Fun and games.

Sunday, May 07, 2006


The end of the football season is nigh.
Celtic crowned champions before Easter. I'm not sure that was predicted in August when we were humped 5-0 by some obscure broadcasting team - Artmedia Bratislava. This was followed by a 4-4 draw with Motherwell. A last minute goal giving us a point. Perhaps not a vintage team but one that wins the league and a place in the Champions League. No qualifying necessary /i think/

The minor placings were unusual with Hearts 2nd and Rangers 3rd. Enough has been said about Hearts although a cup final next week might make this season an exceptional one. Rangers were crap but I'm not sure they will be this crap again particularly with the new manager coming in.

Hibs flattered to deceive as did Aberdeen. I hate Kilmarnock so i'm not even going to mention them. Down go Livingston. Perhaps should gone down last season, they didn't and they didn't learn from that. The rest...well nothing surprising.

And that's it really. No football til June. Nightmare.

Friday, May 05, 2006


At least the sun is shining. It's almost summer. I bet we have a week of snow after this.

Operation:adapt and conquer* continues. Unabatted. No.
Showed up for class yesterday. Not that i really felt like taking class. I had no real choice since we had tests last week and next is the University Sports Day which means i'll not see them for weeks and weeks.

They got homework which they werent overly impressed with but they were overly impressed with the fact that they got out after 30 minutes.

God knows what i'll do next week. Can't write anything and can't even hold anything. I'm not the sort of teacher who starts at the front of class and talks for the duration. It's not possible given that they can't understand what you are saying. Instead things will have to change. The 'how we do things'. But how to implement that, is the question. That's the challenge. How to successfully 'do' class without writing anything.

i can do it. i can do it. ican and will do it. no choice.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Still officially in shock...
Not a decent nights sleep by any stretch of the imagination. In fact sleeping on my back in really difficult. Not only that but trying not to move my right arm is proving hard. Moving is such a natural event that you don't even think about it, you just do it. But in doing so, I get a short, sharp pain.

Everything that i do, i have to consider if it's worthy of the effort and the inevitable pain that comes with it. I would like to say that staying in bed would be the best thing but even that is uncomfortable.

Instead, I finally try to take a shower hahaha 'shower' in the loosest sense - 'get wet' is perhaps a more accurate description, get dry and then get dressed. Buttons are bastards to do.

I went back to the doctor. He said that i will need to have my support on for a month after which i can start doing some 'exercises' to build up my arm again. Alas, the mood was lifted with the news that i don't need an operation to realign my arm. I guess I should be thankful for something.

Life continues. Adapt and conquer. Hard but true. At the moment, there is no light and no tunnel. Dark and flat like a brick wall.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


sO, we played football.
Or, rather my team played football.
I lasted about 10 minutes.

I was running for the ball when one of their defenders clipped my heel. On purpose? Accident?
Who knows.

Anyway, I went flying and landed squarely on my forearm before sliding to a halt. Blood coming from mt knee and a kind of numb pain in my arm.
Fast foward to the hospital.

2 xrays confirmed a fracture.

They wanted to put on a splint but in order to do that they had to move my arm into a 45 degree angle. Whilst doing that I was close to passing out. They had to lay me down and raise my legs in order to get blood to my head.

Fast Foward to lying in bed with an aching right arm, unable to get into a comfortable position because moving at all casuses pain.

Can't quite believe it.

Times like these when being at home is best. Maybe it's officially time.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Guess who has been told by the English Department Captain that he can play in the Sports Day with his Football Team...


Monday, May 01, 2006


Seems like i'm getting abused because my posts make me sound 'miserable'. /yes, that's you mr. mountain!/
Well, sorry if they are but...

I write this up when I'm bored and if I'm bored, it usually means that I'm tired and if i'm tired I can't be arsed and if I can't be arsed, it sounds like i'm miserable. So, in essence it's a vicious circle.

In future, I will fake infinite happiness but then you would see right through that and ask me what the problem is!

A minefield.