Friday, September 28, 2012


Haven't been on this in absolutely ages.

I suppose it's partly due to time and not really having the time to sit and write something, anything. It's not that easy to sit for 30 minutes and witter on about this or that. Try it, it's hard. Inspiration is the name of that game and if you haven't got any, you haven't got any. It's not something that you can force. You could bit it would be more miss than hit.

It's the end of Summer which is a good thing here in Dubai. It means the temperature is only approx. 38C during the day. Still hot, but not as hot. Manageable is probably the word for it. The Summer really has flown past. I didn't really get a holiday as such. More like a long weekend. A long weekend to the Maldives though which was rather extravagant but it was our first wedding anniversary. I could hardly take the wife to McDonald's now could I?

It's a beautiful place and certainly a location that is ideal for relaxing. The place we stayed had the whitest beach I have ever seen. And I have seen some beaches. We stayed in a water bungalow. That was a first. Right over the water. The building moved at time which was a strange sensation. We had a balcony with steps leading down into the sea. We even had a big storm. Bliss. I'd recommend it.

Inbetween that, it's been work, staying in the air-conditioning and trying to save money.

Save money, because we want to buy a house back in the Motherland. Easier said than done but that's the plan. We may not actually live in it but at least its somewhere we can call our own, even if that means being able to put our 'stuff' up in a loft or attic for later. Ultimately buying a house is an investment. Better than having the money in the Bank. Right?

Let's see how often I get round to writing. Its a diary first and foremost and it would be a shame to let the year go by without reflecting on it.