Monday, June 18, 2007


It does appear that I've been going about things all wrong. Perhaps not 'all' things but definitely some things. However, I have not always been convinced that I have been doing things wrong.

The thing that I'm specifically thinking about is the /in some eyes/ dreaded 'M' word. Yes, the marriage thing. It seems when you hit a certain age that it is what people do and in many ways I can see why people do it and it does make sense. People are on the whole social beings, brought up in a social environment and to want to be with other people is perhaps built into us. Who am I to criticise thousands of years worth of 'evolution'.

The thing that makes me think that i've been approaching all this wrong is this simplisitic idea that I would get married to someone for l-o-v-e and thats it. I guess that might be a completely radical concept but I honestly thought that is why people do get married. It never really dawned on me that other factors played a bigger role that the one played by l-o-v-e. Naive? Yeah probably. It didn't really occur to me that job, status, money, finance and all manner of material things come into play. Maybe I was taking the 'for better and for worse' part of the wedding ceremony abit too literally. It didn't matter to me if that 'someone' had a cracking job or was rich or came from a well off really wasn't a big consideration for me. Perhaps that why I single and perhaps i'm actually abit of a closet romantic.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Num Lk.

Sometimes, just sometimes you hear of an album that not many other people have heard of. You don't really know much about it or even the band themselves. But sometimes you take a little chance and get the album anyway. And that's how it happens generally - new music that is. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

I recall hearing a band called the Avalanches in passing. They mashed their songs up and that was it. No-one could tell me much about them. No further attention was paid to them until on wet Saturday afternoon. In fact it was V2001 at Chelmsford. Wheateus had done their 1 famous song /not a bad pop song, if I do say so myself/ and then the rain came down. It was mad dash from that stage to the Tent. I think Alabama 3 were just finishing their set. After they had gone off, all was reltively quiet until the PA started leaking the intro. to 'Welcome to the Jungle'. Strange since G'n'R were definitely not playing. Alas, about 6 blokes ran onto the stage and starting doing whatever they were doing which I wasn't sure what it was meant to be. There were songs but they didn't just play a song - beginning, chorus, middle, chorus, enf - but it was more a jam of sorts that warped into and out of songs. I just sort of watched thinking 'my god, what the hell is going on here then'. Others I was with were non-plussed. Finally at the end of the 'set', the keyboard player ran to the front of the stage and turned around so that his back was to the crowd. He then pulled his trousers down and then bent and which point he proceeded to hit is ass. He then stopped, did a couple of somersaults and left the stage. Mental. And that was the Avalanches. Cracking album and really should have made more. Anyway, the point being you hear names and sometimes its worth taking a 'risk'.

Which leads me to the most recent 'risk'...Digitalism. Quite possibly a worthy follow-up to Daft Punk's seminal 'Homework'. Hard in places, bassy in places but definitely an album that reserves to be heard. Quite liking track number 7 called Pogo. Incessant high hit, a melody supplied by a 'wonky' organ and a bass that really wouldn't be out of place on a New Order record and a sort of 80's style synth all held together with a South London 'singer' of sorts. Although its the whole thing that appeals, not just 1 song. It's exciting, its changes pace, its instrumental, it has vocals and it just goes places that more conventional 'drums/guitars just can't go. And that, is better than re-working the same old formula. Every 'rock' song has to all intents and purpose been done before in some shape or form. Controversial but essentially true. But then the market is there so why shouldn't it continue on?

See its not all miserable.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


1.How to please a women/apparantly/.
Love her, die for her, take her to dinner, miss the football for her, buy her jewellery, be interested in what she says.

2.Why is there always so much month left at the end of the money?

3.We are here on earth to fart about and don't let anyone else tell you differently.

4.Never kick a fresh turd on a hot day.

5.Never trust a computer you can't throw out of a window.
6. I like life. It's something to do.

Monday, June 11, 2007


Sleep. I quite enjoy it.
I quite like that period between you getting into bed and actually falling asleep. It's the time when all these random and not so random thoughts pop in there. Just stuff that has happened and stuff that you would like to happen.
I like sleeping all the way through the night until its time to get up, whenever that is. But I don't really like waking up because I have to go to the bathroom. You have to become semi-aware of where you are, you have to locate the edge of the duvet, then edage your way out of bed to bathoroom whilst trying not to to be too noisy and trying hard to not bump into things. But then when I'm done and I get back to bed, I like the warm feeling when you pull the duvet back over you. And I also like that drowsy feeling - the one where your neither awake nor asleep.

It's after these kinds of occurences that dream often kick in.

I'm not particularly one for reading too much into the dreams I have but 2 things seem to be evident.

The first is that often if I'm in my dream, I can't really see who I'm with. It's like I've forgotten to put my glasses on and as a consequence things are fuzzy. I kind of find that abit weird not being able to see properly. However, I always know who I'm with even though I can't see them as well as I should. It's like I can 'feel' its .

The second seems to be a fascination with the sea. The dreams that I do remember, there is always water or the sea nearby. Not only that but more often than not there is a wave - tsunami style. I always sense that its coming and I spot it early and because I can spot it, I and whoever I am with manage to get to safety before it hits.

Saturday, June 09, 2007


1 individual seems to be entirely comfortable of criticising or mocking or passing comment about everything that I do or have or whatever. Well, I'm fed up with it to be honest. I often laugh it off 'haha, whatever' but enough is enough. Not just an isolated case but its almost everytime I meet this person which isn't that often, thankfully.

The time will come that this person will get slapped - metaphorically speaking, of course.

So what if I have a blog. So what if I happen to have a pattern on my shirt. So what if I'm a student. So what if I only drink beer. So what if Kilts come with 'cravats' - which they don't, you twat. So what if people wash more than once a week. So what if people choose to take pride in their appearance. So what if people want to improve themself. So what if people don't want to getting mingin'.

Sort it out. dm's at your age.

Friday, June 08, 2007


That lecturer was spoken to. I told him that my work was an 'A'. Well, perhaps I didn't put it quite so bluntly. In fact, I might have been abit indirect but he got the message!

He retorted by suggesting that another person in the Department had agreed with his grading, however that the essay itself had been sent to an external marker to examine. You bet your arse it has. He will see that it needs another 2%. He will make the correct decision.

I asked my lecturer about why it wasn't an 'A' to begin with. He had said that in order to get an 'A' you need to display some kind of 'innovation'. Which is what I did! In the outline where are bunch of ways to approach the assignment. I ignored them all and went with my own ideas. Now, how can that not be an innovation - the bastard!

I'm fighting a losing battle but come on mate, sort it out. ./and I'll leave it at that. Clearly I could go on about the patchy marking of other peoples essays - the ones that should never have got what they got but seem to have been favoured somewhat or given 'slack' because their written work might not be all it could be/.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


So, results for semester 2 were released. One my way down to collect them I was thinknig about what I would like to get and what I probably would get. The 2 are not always the same. I would have been happy to get 3 B's. I'm not greedy but felt that would have been a fair reflection of things. Clearly, I wanted 3 A's but then you can't always get what you want.

I got to the office and I told the Secretary the classes that I did. She went to the correct box to get my essays. She got the 3 boxes and was looking through the first one. She was looking for a long time, I mean a really long time as if the essay wasn't there.

In fact, it wasn't there. There was just the comment sheet. The essay itself had gone to an 'external marker'. Not a good sign, I thought but was convinced by the secretary that it was 'normal'.

So, I took the comment sheet and looked at it and found myself pleasantly surprised...'A'. Even better since i thought that was my weakest essay. Funny how some things are perceived by other people. The other 2 essays followed quickly and intact. 2 B's. What I thought I would get although being 2% away from an 'A' in the Statistics essay was alittle hard to take particulary when the lecturerer criticised me for not doing a test on the data that I did actually do and specifically asked him how to do in one of the revision classes. He will be getting spoken to.

In the end though, an 'A' and 2 B's is not to be sniffed at. It's better than I thought but equally, its disappointing to fall just short of getting another 'A'. Beggers/choosers and all that. Content.

Monday, June 04, 2007


Plans. They rarely go to plan.

So, I had to submit my Dissetation proposal by the end of May. Not only submit it but get it signed off by my Supervisor. Given that I had been in contact with my Supervisor since March I didn't think that submitting it would represent a big issue. If anything I was quite looking forward to submitting it because it meant I could finally get on with doing it instead of just thinking about it.

I send it off to my Supervisor 2 weeks before it was due just to make sure that everything was o.k. 1 week passed and I hadn't heard anything. I was slightly nervous but a week is the average time of response from my Supervisor. A further week passes. Really very nervous. I email her back and still I don't get any reply. Heart attack time.

I email the Course Leader. He suggests I email her again. Damn, I didn't think about that, he's well clever.

So, I did.

"I am currently out of the office and will return on the 4th June"

Was the reply.

Submission date is the 31st May.

Oh dear.
Panic attack.

Alas, I contact the Course Leader again. This time he's much more helpful. He suggests submitting my draft with a view to getting it signed off when she returned to the office. A positive /ish/ resolution.

Here's me being stressed about it...only to find that certain un-named fellow classmates haven't even got a Supervisor let alone a Dissertation Proposal to submit. What's the point in having a deadline when its flouted?
It's not like they haven't had any notice - they have known since September that this was required.
Idiots. If I was the Course Leader, I would tell them to...well, lets not go there.