Monday, October 31, 2011


Working at an Airport allows many things. Access to the area around a plane for example. The area around a plane is restricted but beyond that is an area that cargo or equipment can be parked prior to loading a plane.

I was on my way up to one of the other offices when I passed one such place. The plane hadn't arrived yet but there was some cargo lying waiting. Two pallets actually. On one pallet was a very nice sports car, all strapped up and ready to be move on to the plane. It's not all that unusual to transport cars in passenger planes so long as there is enough space. It's mostly expensive cars that you see like this. Ferrari's, BMW's, Porsche's. You get the picture. This first pallet was a top of the range Audi sport thing. Two seater. Probably some rich bloke wanting to take his car with him on holiday. As I say, nothing unusual in that.

On the 2nd pallet was also a car. It was...

Yep, a Nissan Sunny much like this one!

I had to look twice because I didn't quite believe what I was seeing. Give it it's due, Nissan Sunny's are fine cars. They get you from A to B relatively quickly and comfortably. What else does it need to do. 


You don't load them onto planes and take them to another country with you. I mean, it's likely to cost you more to ship it than to simply buy a new car at the destination. The owner must have really loved it to do that. Or be mental. I'd be embarrassed to do that. But, each to their own.