Friday, March 31, 2006


The ills continue. I really think that I have real problems when seasons change. I wonder if there is an actual medical condition which can explain the fact that during seasons - summer, spring et al that I don't get particuarly sick yet when a change is on the way, something happens. Like now. A swollen and somewhat bloodshot looking left eye.

Perhaps, I'm just unlucky.

Thursday, March 30, 2006


Cold and mighty windy. Don't go to the beach in March. It's not a pleasant experience. Also, don't got to the beach with over 100 students who are intent on drinking as if it was their last night on Earth. It's messy and nothing gets done apart from lying in a chromatosed state, hiding from the sunlight.

Not only that but we even had the company of Korea's finest fighting men, the Marines doing 'things' on the beach with their big tanks and hovercrafts. Not really sure what they were doing. Just standing about by the looks of things. They did standout somewhat though in their combat gear - all greens and browns against the blue sea and yellow/ish/ beach. They won't win any wars if they continue dressing like that.
Think that might be my last M.T. It's dull and boring and I can't even try to go pulling anybody...what's the point if you can't even flirt haha.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


It's started.
The rebirth. Or at least a definite effort to improve oneself.
Internet time has been cut today. Perhaps not as much as it could have but I need to write this.
Fruit has been munched more than normal. A good sign. Vegetables, however. Hmm. It's not like you can just get some, peel them and then munch. You actually have to do something with them, like cook them. To hell with that. That's a minus already.

But, I did have along stretch this morning. All major muscle groups. And did that make me feel pretty good. Oh yes. Haven't got round to going to the gym though. Another minus.

Haven't enhanced myself as a teacher today but I only had 1 class. Although, I was able tweak my lesson plan to make it 'fit' better with the class.
And the reading. Well, I have been reading Don Quixote but it's a massive book and it's been quite a slow, drawn out process. I have though picked up the pace - a couple of chapters today. That was in the office when I should have been becoming a better teacher. I can justify it though, so it's o.k. And, then after I finish this, I might whip out my 2nd book - Plato's Republic, altough I haven't quite got to it yet because it has 60 pages of bloody introduction by the Translator. But, the idea to do it is there.

This hardcoreness. Can I keep it up. It's all about habit formation. Any educator should know about that. Come on.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Not much to comment on.
Trying to reduce the time spent on the internet. Trying to eay more fruit. Wonder if it would be worthwhile getting a blender, so that I can start the day with some kind of fruit juice. I could get the recommened daily intake of vitamins and minerals within 15 minutes of getting up, instead of it taking to at least the end of the day to get it.
Trying to spend more time reading or at least doing something that is as 'time wasting' as sitting on the internet. I think it's called using your time 'constructively'.

The gym thing though has died a rather big death. I was there at least 3 times a week up until February. But, I wonder if something else might be better. Perhaps an hours yoga or some equivalent that soothes the body instead of ripping apart when you lift weights.
Also, one my colleagues has taken it upon himself to fast once a week. The thinking is that 1 day a week, drink only water. During that day all the toxins and other 'crap' come out of your system. Might have a point but I quite like eating. At least beer is down to a minimum unless I'm forced into it /- you know who you are!/ Junk food has almost gone. Before in my office fridge, there might have been cookies to dip into my coffee. Instead nuts, raisins and mandarins. Can't dip them, well, you could but you'd burn your fingers but the point being that the junk is still in the shop, were it will remain.

Could spend more time trying to become a more rounded teacher. But, often do you want to think about work when you're not actually at work?

Making myself a better person. That's what I need to do. Might start tomorrow.

Monday, March 27, 2006


Short/ish/ teaching week, this week as the annual let's-go-to-the-beach-and-get-minginly-drunk season starts in earnest. aka M.T. The University sponsored 3 days in which all the classes go away on a bonding session. Brotherhood at all that...

I might even go myself on thursday as the majority of my classes on have been cancalled because of it. Although, I don't plan to stay overnight because that would give a big message to our students...let's get Paul drunk and that's not good especially if I puke or start acting like I'm the man which can happen. We might even get a game of football going. Not because I really want to play but because we need to iron out a few creases before our next game otherwise we could be onto a hiding.

It'll before interesting to see the differences in the classes after this bonding ritual. Invariably they come back to class louder and more friendly than before but fortunately mid-term tests are round the corner. I get my little revenge.

Sunday, March 26, 2006


Word of the week: 'Ban'

Seems like the ban on smoking in public places has kicked in in Scotland. I can say that I'm quite happy about it actually. It means I can go and have a pint /when I go home, that is/ and when I leave, only worry about my own B.O. and not the B.O. and smoke combo of yesteryear! I wonder how long the ban will continue and how well regulated and enforced it will be. Needless to say, such a ban will never come to Korea. Ever.

Phrase of the week: 'Diving and cheating'

All these overpaid knobheads who play football. Get up and stop acting like a big girls' blouse. Football is a contact sport. Fed up with all the diving just to get a player booked or sent off or simply to get a foul. It's a nonsense. Book the divers and the cheats. It has no place on the field. It's somehat ironic that one of the biggest culprits is Chelsea -Robben and Drogba to 2 name names yet they don't like it when it's against them. Sort it out Ref.

Sight of the week: 'Students'

Nothing unusual about that but what is unusual is the appearance in my building. In fact, some student is in my bloody class. Thankfully, I wasn't stoating home after a night of soju excess rather leaving to go to University I suddenly heard a shrek of 'Pooooooool!' I have to be carful now when I'm going home. Nightmare.

Rant:Abusive Tirade of the week: 'Traffic'

Oh the joys of sitting in it. The problem is thow that one would expect there to be some blockage or road works that bring about a traffic jam. Alas, it seems that this is not usually the case. Having travelled for about 20 minutes at a small's pace, a parting appears akin to the parting of the Red /Reed/ Sea in which all the cars suddenly become less congested and everything returns to normal. As if nothing was actually causing the traffic jam. It's a weird thing and I've never known it to happen everywhere else.

Song of the week: nocode.

Hidden Message of the week: eVERYTHING you have done Is forgiven. Everything.

Saturday, March 25, 2006


Fed up.
Fed uip going into Lotte Mart or some similiar supermarket and getting completely analyised. 'What's he buying?'
I'm buying food, now get to f K.
The less than obvious 'I looking at something in the distance, honest gov' look that strangely follows you. The anedote. Look back. And be obvious about it. In fact, stop dead in your tracks and stare. Watch then starer try to get out of it. Trying his or her hardest to disguise the fact they are staring at your shopping trolley. I know what you're doing and I'm doing it back. Stare the starer out.
Now that's satisfaction.

Anyway, why are there never enough lockers at the afore mentioned supermarket. You're not allowed to take a bag in with you, so you have to put it into a locker for 'safe keeping'. But, it seems that when I go to find a locker, there are invariably none. How can this be possible when there are about 5 people in the entire store. Do these people use 11 lockers each?
I have a theory about it. I suspect that the security guards actually take all the keys out and stash them somewhere with the express purpose of giving themselves the job of stopping people who walk into the supermarket with bags. It's like there way of showing everyone who the boss is. Power tripping if you like.

The problem with this particular theory-there is no way of proving it. I'm working on it however.

Friday, March 24, 2006


The Departmental Football team is up and running/GET IN THERE/
Thankfully, more than a teams worth of students showed up as did some other team consisting of businessmen with matching tops and haircuts. After a few minutes of language hindered tactics discussion /i.e. who was to play where/ we got down to the game itself.

The opening portion of the game wasn't that great - alot of loose passing and some very disjointed passages of play with our opposition having the better of the possession. This being the 1st time we'd played together showed with nothing really to show for our efforts other than clearing our lines. However, they did finally break the deadlock with some neat passing movements and some less than decisive defending.

We weren't really looking like a team, more like a collection of people standing in roughly the same area. The 1st thing that was bothering me /in my dual position as striker and manager. kind of./ was our defence were much, much to close to our goaline when we were attacking. What's the point in that?
We're playing them all on-side. Clearly, I can't just shout 'Oi, move yer arses up'

So, I had go back and help them out. In a very Hansen-esque manner, I got the defence upto halfway and into a line, on me. That way be keep our shape and have a reasonable chance of catching them offside. Their guys weren't that fast, so we could afford to keep a high line. We looked a better unit after that, apart from the odd scare. Our guys and 'keeper looked decent. Although, they almost scored directly from a corner kick. 1st mistake...we didn't have a man on the front post and 2. The 'keeper misjudged the flight, leaving a big gap. Now, I hate heading the ball because I'm crap at it and it gives me a sore head but since I was last man, duty called and somehow from 2 yards out I managed to avoid scoring an Own Goal and put it over.

Later though, 1 - 1. I scored from about 8 yards out. Weak shot, crap save by their 'keeper.

From then on they didn't really trouble us too much and we began to look more like scoring but didn't. One of our guys, was 6 yards out, in front of goal but someone managed to slice the ball away from goal and closer to the corner flag. I had a volley slip wide also.
But, then we started playing 'offside'/. We called for it but their guy ignored it and 'scored'. No chance, not having that. As a 'revenge' their team starting doing the same - calling it everytime we went forward which was a farce given that their left-back was playing everyone on almost all the time. How can you be off-side if there is a defender 6 feet behind you. Honestly, it's a wonder the Korean National Team got to the Semi-Final's of the World Cup!

In the end, we managed to score to make it 2 - 1. Nice movement down the right, crossed over, our man couldn't miss from 3 yards!

Anyway, played crap, scored a goal and ended up winning.

Played 1, won 1. It's all downhill now.
*and apologies. I'll never make a sports reporter.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


The Hearts' revolution continues unabated. Rix, the Head Coach has been punted after 4 months and the Director of Football has been punted after a month. This after punting the original manager after 14 games of the season in which they were sitting top of the league. The following week the Chairman resigned and the Chief Exec. got punted also.

Is there some kind of pattern here?

It's a farce. Hearts are in the Semi-final of the Scottish Cup and are sitting in 2nd place in the league, 6 points clear with 8 games to play and on course for a Champions League spot. Yet, everything is not well. Compare that to last season when they were 5th and a massive 40 points off the top spot.

This 'Lithuanian' lot must be having a laugh. They must have some hidden plot because this is not how to run a football club. It's a farce. Stability is the key for successful teams. Is it any wonder Real Madrid haven't won anything in 3 seasons...they've had 5 managers in that time. Man. Utd have won everything with a Boss who has been there for nearly 20 years.

I just can't believe the Hearts fans are putting up with this. There club is a laughing stock. Who is going to accept the role of Manager if they are not going to be allowed to choose the team, choose who they buy or sign and essentially become a puppet for this Romanov bloke who isn't on the Board, is completely unaccountable yet owns 80% of the shares. They should refuse to renew there season tickets. Vote with their feet before it's too late.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


So...the battle of wednesday. That 'bird' who tried to cry and finally stormed out of class last week was back. Kind of.

She wasn't in class for a full 1hour 24 minutes of the allotted 1hour 30minutes of class. In she came and we were winding up. I didn't have the heart to tell her to just turn around and go. I let her sit down. At the end of class, she came up to me and wanted me to mark her 'here'. I think not. And, where was her book? In the book shop. She's not helping herself much.
The following class saw me throw a student out. A first for the semester. The class are Theology students - which could go either way. But, they are noisy are hell/no pun intended/ and I have problems getting them to shut up. If the class had perhaps 20 students, there would be no problem but with 40+ students, the dynamics change somewhat and it's a case of me vs. them and I'm out numbered and can be easily out shouted.

I threatened a couple of groups early on and then finally, I shouted. It's not big and not clever but it had to be done. With the 'shout' was a docking of points for the whole class. At that point some girl said something to here neighbour and which point I 'politely' told her to get out. She was somewhat shocked and sat there as if I was joking. Finally, off she popped. The class quietened down after that. Oh.

Not sure what to do with this lot. It's not that they are a 'bad' class per se, just noisy. I might allocate them seats next week. That might break up the groups of friends and the noise. Might not be popular but...

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Finally the day will be arriving. Football day.
I've been trying to get a Departmental football team on the go. Clearly all the other Professors are way to old and North American to take part or have any kind of lust towards football which leaves me and the students. I've had alot of interest from them...and we have the 1st practice session on thursday. I'm quite excited about it all. I'm abit concerned about how many will turn up on the 1st day. I hope we get enough for at least a 5 a side. That will be a starting point. I've already had some other Departments call me up for a game but I've told them that we need to get a alittle bit of practice in before we can play competitatively, and it will be competitative.

My only worry is that I won't get a game...if there are 12 of us on match day, who will be off the park. It'll have to me and i'll be gutted!
Roll on thursday.

Monday, March 20, 2006


You know that time just before you drop off to sleep. It's kind of a really relaxed state in which the days tribulations are just fading away and suddenly some completely random thoughts just pop in there. Thoughts that have no real reasn to be there but just kind of get there.
Well, I had a one the other day that really scared me, so much so that I didn't descend straight to sleep but rather become almost full awake again...

It was the thought that some /realtively speaking/ time soon I won't be here. I don't mean in Korea or Scotland but physically, not here. On this planet. Gone and no-one can tell me where. Just disappear. With little or no trace that I was here. It's something that my brain just can't compute and it's something that I have a morbid fear of and it was a thought that brought a mild panic. In 1000 years, I will not be breathing. And who will know me. And the worst part is that I'm perhaps half way to the 'disappearing' bit.

Which brings the idea that really, there might not really be any point to living other than passing on your genes to the next generation. Everything else is just a distraction in doing that.
Perhaps I should turn to the greatest work of fiction the world has ever known for guidance and self-delieverance.

Sunday, March 19, 2006


Word of the week: 'Snow'

Mountains of the stuff. It's meant to be spring. Monday saw a complete blanket covering of the stuff but it was gone within a couple of days. Strange. I wonder if the North Koreans or the Chinese had something to do with it. I'm sure the Netizens had something to say about it.

Phrase of the week: 'We hope that you find another Institution'

Thank you for your bog standard knock back letter Edinburgh University. All 5 sentences of it. It would have been nice to have had some constructive criticism as to how and why I was unsuccessful.

Sight of the week: 'The end'

Just the end of the week. Busy, busy week that had to be done and endured. You often get a couple of weeks in a semester that are just madness. That was one of them. Another one to look forward to then.

Rant:Abusive Tirade of the week: 'That game that's a pure rip off of rounders'

I think it's called Baseball. And they had a 'World Cup' style tournament in which Korea took part. Korea had a couple of wins and got to the semi-final...against Japan. The whole Nation stopped to watch it as per media lead frenzy would have the masses do. I pointed out that, really there are only about 10 countries in the world that play Baseball and that not many people cared if Korea got to the semi-final. Didn't go down too well with some locals. In the end, they got humped 6-0. Ouch.

Song of the week: 'Kemistry' by Goldie

On one of my picture sites, you can have some music playing in the background. I put this somg on 1. Because I quite like it and 2. It makes a change from all the ballads and stuff you hear on other peoples picture sites. Anyway, got a comment saying that it was 'spooky'. I'm taking it well because the person in question actually used the word 'spooky'!

Hidden message of the week: 'it's comingup it's coming up, it's coming upitscoming up it's coming up it's coming's dare.

Saturday, March 18, 2006


So Scotland signed off with an away win. Can't really grumble about that. In fact, these days are decidely giddy for us long suffering Scots. 3 wins and a comfortable third place finish in the 6 Nations will do nicely given that we have been in the bottom 2 for the past couple of years. Improvement and the signs that we have a pretty decent team.

Even through last season I did think that the team wasn't that bad. In parts, we competed with the opposition but just couldn't keep up the tempo or let the opposition score a million points in the opening 10 minutes.

This year though, much better. Solid defence with men being tackled and not just tackled but put down on the ground. We now have arguably the best back-row in the 6 Nations and a young back-row it is too. On the down side, the number of tries or should that read 'lack of' tries. I'm sure that little problem will sort itself out in time for the South African tour in the summer.

Alas, we finished ahead of England who are in no position to even think about retaining the World Cup. They are desperately short of attacking inspiration not that we should be concerned with that. The French won it without really breaking sweat whilst the Irish collected a 2nd Triple Crown in 3 years. They shoud be content with that. The Welsh, well injuries has been blamed but they were crap. And the Italians might cause a surprise or 2 in the coming year.

My predication for next year...a Scotland, Italy 1-2. In what order though?

Friday, March 17, 2006


The thought was 'can't wait til friday'.
It's friday but I'm still waiting. I think the mental strength has gone for the week. Had planned to come to Uni. and get my stuff sorted out ahead of next week. But, my half hearted attempt at it has only got me so far. Ideas are whizzing but not in any real coherent way and certainly not refined enough to be whipped out in class. It's times like these that sometimes a little break doesn't seem like a good idea because of the 'stuff' that needs doing but invariably in doing so, you end up not forcing a idea for class. The idea just comes of it's own accord. It makes for a better class.
'Forcing' it though, makes for crap classes. How do you balance the 2?!?
What's the trick.
Anyway,had applied to enroll in a Ph.D program back home. The hope was that I could stay in Korea and do my research but on Uni. holidays, I would go back to Scotland and be on campus and study there. Alas, all my time and efforts in doing the preparation and the completion of the application have proved all in vain.

All I received was a 'thanks but no thanks' which is certainly depressing. It kind of takes me back to square1. Perhaps, I was over ambitious in thinking that I could do. I still think I could but it's convincing others that you can. The next move will be important and as in classic footballing terms, it's the Boss who is looking for a 'reaction' to being 2-0 down at half-time. The reaction is the thing.
Continue on my status quo, non-promotion, stuck doing this at this level thing or upward trajectory. Not sure I'm one for the former. The latter however. Otherwise, what's the point.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


Everybody here needs a shove. And noboby is getting things done. It's the saddest night out in the usa.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


It's one of those weeks that you just hope you get through. There is no joy in it apart from the 'can't wait til friday' thought.

Busy teaching week with additional 7 hours this week. And before the violins start playing in sarcastic earnest, thats the same as stay late every night this week for all you 9to5er's. And of that additional 7 hours, none of it is sitting down at a desk, hiding behind a computer monitor. It's all in the full glare of 20+ students all looking at you, analysing every move you make and every word uttered. Thankfully, this is a /relatively/ one off for the semester. Hopefully, after this week is done, I can get into some kind of 'teaching' routine without unexpected this, thats and the next thing hitting.
But, that's the fun. Apparantly.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Just had the 1st 'F' student for the semester. Not that i'm prejudging or anything but the student in question will do well to pluck this 'F' out of the flames - and it's only the 2nd class together.
Last week, she really didn't do much in terms of being active and participating. I let it go because it's the 1st week and people tend to be somewhat subued.
This week however, the student in question came in late. She did not have her textbook, a pen or even any paper to write on. Not a good start.

Finally she managed to get some papaer and a pen of someone but then proceeded to scribble on the paper whilst ignoring what we were meant to be doing. Finally, she put her head down on the table. Depending on the mood of the class, I could have totally ripped into her. I tend not to shout and scream merely come up with some 'witty' put down that embarrasses them infront of the class. However, with this girl, I did nothing as I knew whe would have to talk to me at the end of class because she was late and I hadn't ticked her name in the 'in' column.

The end of class arrives and she comes over and said that she was late and that she was sick. Yeahyeah yeah. I tell her that I'm marking her absent because she essentially was. She then proceeds to 'cry' or at least the movement and sound of it without there being any tears. I think she released that tears wasn't going to have any affect on me. Then she made a noise as if to say 'huh, f________k u then' at which point she turned and walked off.

Well, she can act all she wants, this clearly spoilt young 'women' but at the end of the day if she wants to play 'dirty' then come and have a go if you think your hard enough 'cos honey, there will be only one winner.

Monday, March 13, 2006


How do you fold yours?
I always thought that you folded along the crease. If there were no creases, then you only had to fold in half.
Trousers, that is.

If I have jeans, I would fold them in half so that one leg meets the other. I would then hang them up or throw them on the nearest *_______________*. No creases. Easy.
But, if I had a pair of suit trousers with a crease down the middle of each leg, then I would fold them alon the crease and not in half as I would do with jeans. I thought that's what everyone does.

Clearly though, I thought wrong.
It seems that in actual fact, one should fold your jeans along an imaginary crease in much the same way as you would do for trousers, thus essentially making a crease and then hanging them up. Surely, this method is wha too hard. What is you don't get the imaginary crease folded straight? Next time you get your jeans, you're going to have a weird, non-straight crease. And that's just stupid.

Anyway, my point is what is the best way to fold yer trousers. Have I been doing it wrong all these years? Or is it a strange Korean thing...answers on a postcard.

Sunday, March 12, 2006


Word of the week: 'Passport'

It's here. aLL new. Maroon and definitely less well made than the previous incarnation. Not as 'rigid' and the photo page is no longer at the back, instead it's the 2nd back page. What's the point in that then? I mean, the customs boys have a hard enough time trying to find the back page, let alone complicating things by asking them to find the 2nd last page.

Phrase of the week: 'I'm hungry. How 'bout getting some fries and a burger.'

Atypical American female passport holders. Somewhat over weight, ignoring the KimBab restaurant right infront of them. It made me chuckle.

Sight of the week: 'Immigration'

Not really the place itself but the people who frequent it. It's a total melting point of all the types of people who stay here. Types like my good self, Chinese students, Philipino factory workers et al. I ususally try to just get in and out of Immigration asap. I don't particularly feel compelled to chat to other people just because 1. we live in Korea 2. we speak English. Snob? Yes. But, whilst I was waiting some Philipino bird starts talking to me. All the 'usual' questions swiftly followed by 'How much do you earn?' What's that got to do with anything...clearly, that question remained unanswered, followed by a swift movement closer to the main desk, away from her.

Rant:Abusive Tirade of the week: 'Tape. Red.'

Oh. Queueing. Can't be doing with it. Once the passport had been secured, I had to make the trip to Immigration to get the old Visa suitably extended. An hour and 40 minutes later, I was served by the old civil servant bloke behind the desk. All smiles, he wasn't. Not surprised when he gets people like me coming to visit him everyday. Anyway, I sit down and he does all the necessary stuff. Literally 3 minutes later, he's done. Gives me back my passport and onto the next punter. Shocking. All that wait for 3 minutes. I felt like staying and demanding more time with him, after all I'd waited all that time to see him. Felt somewhat short changed by the whole affair.

Song of the week: 'Echoes' by the Rapture

An entire album. It's playing right now. Alittle louder than normal but thats 1. because the neighbours have been doing my nut 2. because it's sunday and what else is there to do on a bitterly cold, windy do in Korea and 3. Because I can and will and 4. because it's a mighty fine debut, especially House of Jealous Lovers. A riot of blistering high hat, hand claps and tap-footability.

Hidden message of the week: 'I was there at the 1st Cannes Film Festival/in Cologne.'

Saturday, March 11, 2006


Ach. It's shite being Scottish. We do the hard bit and beat England and then cock it up against the Irish. Actually, that's not strictly true. The Irish looked a much improved team, certainly better than their performance against the tricky Italians and awful 1st half in Paris. And, to their credit, they tried to run in, in difficult conditions.

Scotland though. You can only admire their tackling and defence as a whole. 2 games without conceding a try cannot be sniffed at. Think back a year and our opposition were running in on average 5+ tries every game. It seems like they are making tackles as if they are going out of fashion.
Also, we didn't play that well yet at the end we were 'only' a converted try away from winning. Again, a year ago we were usually a converted try down after the first 5 minutes, never mind at the death. I wonder if we can keep this momentum going into next week in Rome. I would be delighted if we won there and returned a 3 win 6 Nations. That would be real, definite progress ahead of the World Cup next year. However, the Italians are no mugs these days as their draw in Cardiff showed. To hell, even if we did lose in Rome, that would still be an improvement on the 2 previous 6 Nations with only 1 game won in that time.
Mr. White, your time is now.

Friday, March 10, 2006


The dust, the dust.
This time of year is actually not too bad. The day's are getting warmer and the whiff of spring at times manifests itself over the whiff of the pollution and the rubbish that lines the streets. I like spring above all because of the new growth. There's something optimistic about the spring, a chance to get the year off to a good start along with the blooming of the new flowers and ^greenery^. I haven't seen any azaleas in bloom yet but they will soon...that's when spring will be here.

Along, Korea is prone to another sign that spring is here and it has nothing to do with plants blooming or greenery. Look to the skies and you will see it. It's the dust with compliments, love China.
The dust comes from the Gobi desert in China and somehow makes it way to the Korean penisula and dumps itself onto us covering everything. Not a hardcore covering but a noticable one. The cars are currently showing signs of it whilst my office has a thin film of it due to me leaving the windows open. I can feel it in the air. The sun has been out at times but it's not a clear, bright sun. The haze caused by both the pollution and the dust.

Actually, I'm surprised that the Chinese haven't used this as a kind of weapon. It would be pretty effective. Load the dust up with *something* and let it fly off to Korea and beyond!

Thursday, March 09, 2006


In my capacity as a member of staff for the Department of English Language and Literature, I have taken it upon myself to start up the Departments very own football team. To be honest, it's a disgrace that we don't have one, after all we have a decent pool of *potential* players. I think the problem has been that my colleagues are either not interested in the beautiful game or are on the wrong side of >35 or are women.
Alas, it's down to me.
I'm happy to 'manage' it and put time into getting things going. Perhaps a weekely practice followed by games against other Departments or simply other teams. Also, the University has a sports day so it would be nice to have the Department put out a team.

I might even decide to pick myself...hahaha.
The Boss has given the idea the go ahead, so really it's upto the students to get in touch and get this thing sorted. So far, I've got half a team who have shown an interest. All we need is another half team!
If we don't get it, I'll be quite depressed. All I can do is put up a few posters, post a few messages on relevent websites and sit and wait.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


And Chelsea are out of Europe. Fantastic.
Rather pleased that style and grace won over defence and money. For all the money they have spent, they still lack something that 'whoa' factor. They have it in their Manager who could be classed as a footballing genius but on the park, they have unquestionable ability but that spark of genius is lacking. Barcelona however do have it in Ronaldinho and that's the difference. Someone who can turn a game in a split second. I suspect no amount of money could buy that - not even Chelsea.

They'll have to wait another year but I do fancy Barcelona. They have it all over the park. Messi goes off injured after 30 minutes and who do they bring on...Larsson. Strength and depth and the 'whoa'.
That's where my money is.
Barca. Champions of Europe 2006.

/Celtic knocked them out of Europe a couple od seasons back!/

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


We had a 'welcoming' party for the new intake to our Department. That probably should read 'piss up' for the new intake because that is what it essentially is. The Cheonan Campus Professors all decended into some dingy bar for it to be met by literally the whol Department - 1st to 4th years. As is normal, we all had to give a short introduction. The Korean guys 1st with there monologues and then us. I'm not really 'into' giving introductions in this manner. I'm actually not too comfortable with all those eyes on me but it's something that needs to be done. The 3 other foreign Professors got a cheer as they were introduced...and finally, my time. I seemed to get a pretty large cheer. Louder than the others. Talk about embarrassed. It's nice to get some kind of recognition but it's definitely abit embarrassing and I find it all alittle strange, I mean, all I do is teach in my own little classroom. If people like what I do in class then great. If not, then hmm. I guess I should take it as a sign that i'm on the right track which makes it all worthwhile.
Anyway, after the introductions the Korean Professors bolted for the door 'We have a meeting' Yeah/yeah yeah. Just didn't want to be forced to sit and get drunk with the students! In the end, we 'foreign' lot got out will we could also. I'm sure the students don't want to sit around with us guys and if we did they would only to get us minging...nothing wrong with that but not on a Monday night!

Monday, March 06, 2006


So_______i've done some digging.
Some new website links can be found on the Right/hand/side.

May I point out the 'Allow Popups' one. It's my Korean foto site and the one that gets updated the most. Oh yeah, you have to allow pop-ups or it won't 'pop up'. Some of it is in Korean but the bits you need are in English!

+ the B.Brother one is excellent. Makes you wonder what the military are using.
++ tv is 6,000 'channels'. Everything you need.

+++ in music. Check out mix. Type in a band, plays their music and music by similiar bands. Apparantly UK version is coming soon.
_+++ also, Scarface. Compare scars. I've nothing compared to these ones. Scary.

++++and my personal favourite. Draw a Pig. Does what it says on the tin. Hours of simple enjoyment.


Sunday, March 05, 2006


Word of the week: 'Arsed'

Can't be but perhaps brought on by what happened below.

Phrase of the week: 'Gastro Enteritis'

Not even sure that is how it is spelt but I can definitely tell what it feels like. I wouldn't recommend it. It's neither big nor clever.

Sight of the week: 'Finally, class'

The 1st class of any new semester is always 'interesting' purely because you have 30 or 40 students who probably don't know each other too well and probably have varying degrees of English competence. This and their own personalities all make it the best /and worst/ class of the year. It does appear though that it's the 1st year boys who show the widest variance in behaviour. Firstly, you have the ones who are too cool for School, or at least they think they are or hope to be. Secondly, these are the ones who are trying to show off to me and their classmates. They are trying to show everyone that they know alot of English. Unusually though, they are the weakest. Secondly, you get the ones who are not too cool for School, are scared shitless by the class and as a consequences don't want to be in it. These guys need abit of loving. They have potential, it just needs to be brought to the surface. Thirdly, you get the ones in the middle. The ones who are ok and are slightly motivated and the ones who are ok but aren't that arsed. The 1st group will be found out next week. Something to look forward to.

Rant:Abusive Tirade of the week: Families. Do my nut. Not my own but others. Was walking up the local 'mountain''s miles smaller than the Pentlands but that's what they call them here even though they are nothing of the sort...anyway, this mum and her teenage kid are alittle infront of me. The kid turns around and spies me. Then, immediaitely turns to her mum. I know full well what she has said 'Oh...some foreign bloke'. They keep walking and perhaps 10 paces later, the mum turns around for a little look but tries to make out that she's looking beyond me at something in the distance. I try to ignore it. Perhaps 3 or 4 minutes later, the brother comes running back towards the mum and blatantly points out that there is some foreign bloke behind them. In no way can what happened be misinterpreted as anything other that total 'I've just seen an Alien' kind of thing. Anyway, they get a swift stare and rather bad word in Korean and as they were taking up the whole of the path, I barged past them. Get that right up yae. It wasn't cool but it made me feel better for alittle while.

Song of the week: 'Don't save us from the flames(Orginal Mix)' by M83

Found this little gem on a mix album from May 2005. Kind of trancy, kind of strangely euphoric, kind of hard house but then there is this curious local that sounds alot like yer man from Coldplay - but it's not - then as an overdub there is a kind of 'wailing'. Sounds like a complete mish/mash but i'm quite liking it, so there.

Hidden message of the week: ...been waiting 7 years and 15 days.

Saturday, March 04, 2006


How to completely stop everything in a Bar, Part1.

Local Korean woman, foreign man. Lots of beer. Man says something, Korean women not impressed, Korean woman starts to lose her temper and starts raising her voice. People in the bar notice a womans voice, look over and see that she is shouting at a foreign guy.
Everything stops. People stand up to have a better look. Korean woman and foreign guy keep 'bickering'. Crowd in the bar keep staring. Finally, Korean woman and foreign guy leave the bar, still bickering. The crowd do back to what they were doing before.

Doesn't 'look' good especially with all the suspicion associated with foreign men. Apparantly they are only interested in drinking and getting girls. Period.
Anyway, the foreign man was not me but some other bloke fighting with his wife.

If a Korean husband and wife begin at it in the middle of the bar would there be a similiar 'stopping of time'.

Friday, March 03, 2006


Our Dear Leader Mr. Tony Blair speaks to god in much the same way as Mr. Bush. That's worrying. I wonder if he got an answer.
No doubt the 'militants' whoever they are will whip up a politicial storm by suggesting that he is and Mr. Bush are starting a new round of the crusades.

Yawn yawn yawn.
Keep politics and religion separate please. Dearest Leader, your job is to lead, not talk to some 'bloke' about what you might or might not do. Facts, that is what should guide you, not some ficitional voice in your head.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Impressions and all that jazz. Certainly Korea is full of 'impressions' and this week inparticular has it's fair share with new student's coming into class and making a snap judgement on you before you've even opened your mouth or even started the class. During the course of the class though, snap judgements are made by yours truly. I guess it's human nature. Sizing up the opposition if you like. Threat alert.

Not only that but it seems that colleagues also have 'impressions'. 2people have both called me up to ask where the best place to go out in Cheonan is. In the past, that was a no-brainer - 'yeah, zedrock, behind Baskin Robbins, can't miss it' - however, it's not that easy now. But i'm wondering whether or not these colleagues have the impression that i'm out all the time, drinking and fraternising the locals. Hate to break up the party or blow up the myth but i'm not and the 'place' to go out in Cheonan is not something I can completely answer. Perhaps MBar, perhaps not. Perhaps BarNana, again perhaps not. And that's it. I'm not sure anymore. The days of boozing twice a week are becoming increasingly distant yet the 'impression' is that i'm in the know. How wrong. I wonder if I wore minging clothes, didn't shower and had long, greasy hair if I would be asked out 'the place to go'.
I guess people help to cultivate such impressions whether it be intentional or not. Perhaps their impression is based on the fact I could be arsed living out in the middle of the countryside devoid of anything but strange smells and isolation. I'm a city boy, that's why I moved back to 'civilisation' and not because I want to be out drinking in bars all day long.

anyway, for future reference, where is 'the place'?

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Is this is. Is this what it's all about. Eating, drinking, fucking, sucking, snoring. Then what. You're 50. You've got a bag for a belly. You got tits, you need a bra, you got hair on them. You got a liver with spots on them and you're eating all this fucking shit. Is this what is all about. Is this what I work for../you know why. Because you need people like me so you can point your fucking fingers and say 'that's the bad guy'../ Say goodnight to the bad guy. It's the last time you're going to see a bad guy like me. You'd better get out of the way, there's a bad guy coming through.