Sunday, September 28, 2008


Sometimes I'm not very good with 'grey' areas. Often, I need things in black and white to fully understand things particularly when it comes to other people and what it is they want or indeed what they mean. One particular thing confuses me. A conversation on the subject was had but to be honest, I'm not really any the wiser.

The confusion comes from emails, texts and other electronic forms of communication. It's not the content that confuses me but rather how the communication ends. If you just get a name at the bottom, then all fine and well. You might even get a shortened form of the persons name, again all fine and well.

The confusion is the 'x' and derivations of it. It could be a single 'x' at the bottom. It could be the persons name (clearly from someone of the opposite sex!) followed by an 'x'. Or it could be a number of 'x's'. I'm fairly confident that an 'x' is universally known as a kiss. I'm hoping that I've got that straight.

But, what does it 'mean'?

And for me, that's the 'grey' bit.

Does it even mean anything? Does it mean 'a kiss'. Just a 'kiss'. Or I'd quite like to 'kiss you'. Or does it signify something more that just 'friends'. What if there are loads of 'kisses'. Does that more meaning than only signing off with one 'kiss'. Is it even flirting.

I have no idea.

Don't get me wrong, I like seeing a 'kiss' or 'kisses'. It's a sign of being friends and /hopefully/ being quite comfortable and relaxed with each other. But, sometimes I'd like the 'kiss' or 'kisses' to perhaps mean more. And thats the problem. Maybe they do mean something more but by the same token, maybe I'm just reading too much into them. Maybe they mean nothing at all.

Because of my own confusion, I tend not to use them but by doing that I might be come across as uncaring or lacking 'affection' for that person when in fact, that might not be the case at all. I actually would quite like to 'kiss' them in real life and indeed flirt.

See, its a minefield and I don't know what to do /or not to do/.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I'm sometimes disappointed that people don't e-mail me or facebook me or whatever first. I seem to be the one who makes the first contact, thus prompting a reply. I'm not complaining about getting the reply, not at all.

...Just sometimes though it would be nice for others to think 'oh, think I'll drop pf a line to see what's happening' or 'I think I'll let pf know how good/bad a day I've had or even just to say 'how's it going?' And based on that initial thought, send me a message. It's no problem. I'll not get angry or upset or anything. I'll happily read any message and reply the best way I know how.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


A bit of a rip off of a recent Times article but isn't everything a bit of a rip off of everything else these days.

Things I can't be arsed doing before I die aka a cynical piss take of all those lists that tell you what you must do before you die.

1. Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. Apparently its good and releases loads of loads of endorphins but what's the point? If you were meant to soar like a bird, you would have either been born with wings or else gravity would be such that you could naturally. Neither are applicable.

2. Be nice to people. Yes a nice mantra but where does it get you. I have been nice to some randon Admin. staffer at work. The result? He has just stitched me up. The final result? Stitching him up back. On second thoughts, I might rephrase it to 'be nice to certain people because you can't be nice to everyone'.

3. Wayfarer sunglasses. Never buy them. They have never been cool, even in the 80's when they were meant to be cool. Avoid.

4. Probably get married. I mean, are men by definition and by 'nature' meant to be with one person for their entire life? Note the use of 'person' because these days, it doesn't need to be to a person of the opposite sex. Anyway, if you are only meant to be with one single person, then why do you get feelings for other people?

5. Being controversial-less. See above. You might as well be otherwise wheres the semse in having opinions if you're not going to speak them out loud.

6. Trying to 'find myself' by means of therapy or self-imposed isolation on a random mountain. Isn't new ageism just a passing trend anyway?

7. And I can't think of anymore at the moment. So there.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


So, that was the week that was. A short week back in the cold and damp land that is 'home'. Nice to be back of course but ultimately it was just a flying visit to catch up with people and to get out of Dubai for a little while. It served it's purpose that is for sure.

The most disappointing aspect of it all was the fact that Edinburgh really is a bit of a s*ithole compared to what it was before. It really has shed its skin but not in a good way. The city centre is nothing short of a disgrace. I never thought I would ever say that given the splendor of the Castle and the Royal Mile but it is.

Every road has constuction of some sort on it. There are traffic cones everywhere along with big gapping holes in the road. Yes, they are making space for trams but it is a travesty. You'd think that a bomb had gone off on every street corner. As a Manc once sang 'Is it worth the aggrevation'? Not only do we have this complete eyesore on each street but the what should be the best street in the city is dying a slow and painful death. Princes Street should be wonderful. The Castle and the Gardens on one side match anything, anywhere in the World. Turn around however and there is nothing. It should be exclusive shopping or al fresco cafes and car-free. Instead, it is tat. It is cheesy tourist shops. It is empty shops. It is a farce. A national disgrace.

To the Councillors of Edinburgh:

What on earth have you done to my city? Where did it go? You should be held responsible for its decay. If people can get tried as a War Criminal, then you should be tired for crimes against the ancient city of Edinburgh. It should be the capital of or nation yet it now resembles any street in the U.K. and that is not a compliment. Fix it or get someone in who will fix it. Before it's all gone.

Sunday, September 07, 2008


That result against Macedonia was nothing short of a national tradegy. Forget Tropical Storms and mudslides, this is our own. A desperately disappointing 1-0 defeat. Had we played well, especially in the first half, then it you might have said 'oh well, we were unlucky' but that would be a misrepresentation of things. We were crap.

After 1 match, our chances of even getting to the play-off for the World Cup are hanging by the proverbial thread. Another defeat to Iceland and that would be that. No question.

Of course, we might win and everything would be 'better' but the most depressing thing was that we didn't even play well. I guess the new manager is trying to be more positive and play two upfront but we actually look less dangerous as a result. Play to our strengths and not to how others want us to play. If you can't play to your strengths then what's the point? No wins in 4 for Burley now. Is it too early to be asking questions of him? Iceland will be interesting. If we lose then the answer is a definite 'yes'.

Thursday, September 04, 2008


Football has gone mental.
Most just a little mental but stupidly mental.
Obscenely mental.

I mean, it's getting to the point that its not even a game/sport anymore. It's a plaything for the rich. How else can you explain some random Arab bloke buying Man. City. They aren't even a top team and never really have been ever. Yes, they have history but they are never going to win the League. Yet suddenly this Arab bloke with a spare Billion Pounds decides that he wants them and to make them the biggest in the World. W.T.F?

It's a total nonsense. You can't just come in and spend in the hope that you might become successful. Honestly, within 12 hours of buying the club, he spends 34 million pounds on some half decent Brazilian. That's the biggest transfer in British history. Next up, is a 135 million pounds bid for Ronaldo during the next transfer window. What? It's madness. The laugh is they are a mid-table team. Simple as that. You can buy a team with heritage but you can't buy success or the infra-structure that makes success possible.

Not only is money killing the game but its the owners who have spent all this money buying the club now think that because they own the club they have the right to pick the team and the players to be signed therefore bypassing the role of the manager. Why have the manager then? Why doesn't the owner do the lot. Take training, pick the team, sort tactics and indeed sit in the dugout come match day because that's where it's all heading.

In an aside, I hope Scotland do the job on the weekend. I'm concerned that they aren't giving themselves enough time to acclimatise to the heat in Skopje. I'd love to win the opening game. Love it. I think we can but if we get a draw then all well and good. 3 points would send me into work on Sunday with a big smile on my face.

Monday, September 01, 2008

This Ramadan thing takes a bit of getting used to I must say. Often I would have tea or even if I was feeling a bit devilish, a coffee. I would just do it...get the kettle filled up and off I'd go regardless of who was in the office.

Alas, it's not that simple at the moment. Since our Muslim friends are fasting during daylight hours it is considered rude to stuff your face in or around them. However now I need to be sly. If I want my morning tea, I need to consider who is the office, the length of time I would need to set the tea up, followed by the length of time required to drink it against the likihood of other people coming into the office and busting me. It's almost like a military operation. A cloak and dagger effort. And that's just for a cup of tea. Sandwiches on the other a selfish kind of way, its going to be quite hard doing this without getting busted munching or supping something. I just hope that when I do get busted its not by the Police who have an office just up from us. That could be bad.

In addition to this, we have a number of coffee shops and restaurants near the apartment which are actually now all closed during daylight hours and open only when its dark. Good if you are on a diet.

One thing that is really surprising is that the evening rush hour now starts at 2pm!

It seems that everyone goes home early during Ramadan meaning that instead of the usual rush hour, it is now in the early afternoon after which time the roads are fairly quiet not only of cars but of people too. I guess you can't blame people for not being out and about. I mean, if I was fasting during the day I'd be well moody at that time of the day. But its just a month.