Thursday, May 31, 2007


Don't trust them.
They make you think that they are doing you a favour but in actual fact, they're not. They are out to make a living and will do anything to service that. Arriving 'late', spending an hour or two on site before claiming that they have to go to the Merchants for something that they didn't think they needed. Then leaving withour securing the thing they are meant to be fixing. And then of course is the vague time that they will return. "I'll try to get it done tomorrow" Which is nice but then they have another job to go in the afternoon. Is your 'job' getting done before. Is it bawes.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


You've seen this girl once or twice. Just in passing - in front of you in a queue or a few seats away on the bus. She's striking. No name or phone number. Not even sure if she speaks your language. Lives in a flat or a house, single or job. Don't know. But you made eye contact. No words. Nothing. Just a glance.

Continue on your way. As does she.

You're at some place. Could be a party or a bar. You greet the person that you are meeting. At the other end of the table is the girl. A glance. You make small talk with the person you are meeting. She gets up and walks off. Perhaps towards another room or to the bar. She doesn't see you. You see her. Walking away with her back to you.

You follow.

She's standing. She's looking around. You see her. She sees you but only for an instant. You continue towards her. She can sense you' re moving towards her. Your heart is pounding. There is no other sound in the room. There are no other people in the room. You know nothing. No name, language, flat or house, single, job. Just you and her.

She looks up. You're getting closer. Close enough. You walk past. Just beyond her. And stop. She turns towards you. She takes a step then leans towards you.

She whispers 'don't blow it'.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


How to talk utter shite:
open one's mouth.
be dull.
have no interest.
have no knowledge.
be me.
don't listen.
please add to the list.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


The end of the footy season then. It's been weird having a complete footy season unravel infront of me and actually being in the same country as it. First since season 1998-99.

But given the state of Scottish footy, i've probably watched more English footy...

Celtic as champions. Think we all knew that around September time to be fair. Wasn't a question of 'if' - more like 'when'. The league though has been fairly predictable. The Hearts juggernaut stalling somewhat - in fact, I think it was stopped and searched at customs. Aberdeen proving that they are the 'best of the rest' and then this damn Hibs team. Everyone raves about them and how good they are but they're in 6th place. If they were good, they'd be in the top 3.
Glad that Celtic managed to get out of the Champions League group stage. But, still crap away from home which is a concern. Disappointed that Hearts couldn't do anything in Europe. Would have been nice to have them in the mix - it would get our quotient up if nothing else. Plus, quite like watching footy at Murrayfield. Certainly beats the Edinburgh Rugby dour fest /apologies mitchyban - but its true!/

And then the English league. Now that's what we want - abit of theatre. Man U. having the cheek to win it. And with a fair about of style. That goal Vs. Bolton. Corner to Bolton - half cleared to Rooney. Rooney to Ronaldo who thinks 'might as well take it for a run'. 60 yards later, is still going. To his left, Rooney. A little pass from Ronaldo to Rooney. 2 touches and the ball drifts over the Bolton keeper. The whole took less time than it did to write its description. Defence into attack in 10 seconds.

Then there was the sackning of Roma. 7-1. We'll never see that again. Smith's goal. All one touch. Still, I thought the 3rd one was the best. And finally, Rooney chipping David James in the FA Cup. James is a big bloke and all he did was stand and admire the ball going over his head. How about Scholes' rocket against Villa. Ouch!

And then Mourinho. We have Strachan, they have Mourinho. Wouldn't be great if we could have some kind of dance off between them? Reporter to Strachan: 'Can we have a quick word Gordon?' Strachan to Reporter: 'Velocity' - not much you can say to that really.
Where to start with the rantings of Mourinho? Too many to count.

Alas, all this Tevez 'we'll take you to court' nonsense. Shut up. You're crap and you got relegated. End of story.

Cup Final on Saturday. Another 1-0 to Celtic. Probably Millar. His final game before he gets punted for being crap. Dunfermline in Europe also. Farce.

And least we can go to the Faroes in a couple of weeks for the Euro qualifier and draw but do it with some style. And that's what matters. Style. Actually, I think we'll win which keeps us top of the group. And then the summer can start...

Saturday, May 12, 2007


The gym. An unhealthy place if there ever was one. Full of machoness, sweatiness and any other 'ness' words that you can think of.
I just go in, do my stuff and then out again.

Actually, the gym would be quite a cool place if it wasn't for everyone else. The ones who barge in even though you haven't finished doing your routine. One word for you - manners. Just because you have tight fitting shorts and white skin tight vest doesn't make you cool and certainly doesn't allow you any special privileges. In fact, your privileges have indeed been revoked for sporting that outfit.
Then there are the ones who huff and puff even though they are only lifting the second notch on the machine. Give up mate.

Gives me a sore head jujst thinking about the antics that go on.

Friday, May 11, 2007


1. Having some difficulty getting myself back into 'student mood'. The comedown after the completion of my assignments didn't last long but now I just can't be arsed with it all. Having no more classes to attend gives you that false sense of 'i'm done' when in fact that is really far from the truth. From now until the end of August, I have a Dissertation to formulate, research and write up. All 15,000words of it. And it's all upto to me on how it will go.

I have a proposal of what I wanted to do but having left it and come back to it, its not right. Factually, its accurate but in reality its all over the place. The plan itself doesn't flow and there seems to be stuff going off at tangents which don't really 'fit' into the overall scheme of things. I sent it off to my supervisor to look at. She thinks its coming along nicely but I'm unconvinced. Plus, I've read a couple of other Journals which have thrown up stuff that I hadn't considered before and that I can definitely incorporate in the dissertation.

Alas, i'm kind of back at the drawing board. Revising what I wrote to make it all fit together better and make it all more achievable. And given that I have 2 months to do it, I need to be realistic...

Which leads nicely back to the fact that I can't be arsed rewriting my proposal. Days have gone by where I'm trying to do it but its easy to get sidetracked when you're not really 'into' doing what you are meant to be doing.

2. Tony Blair. Going. One word for you 'Iraq'. That, my son, is your legacy. Dress it up as you may. Spin it as you will but that is how you will be remembered. Not for making Britain a 'leader' but for making Britain a 'follower'.

3. When is an invitation just an invitation. And when is an invitation something more than an invitation?

4. There will be no miracles here.

5. The end.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


The previous post was post number 666.
Think I should quickly move onto post number 667, just in case.
So, there it 667.
That's loads.
How many of those postings have been meaningful?
Perhaps 3 or something.
How many of them have been total nonsense?
Quite alot more than 3.

Saturday, May 05, 2007


the glorification of getting mingin'.
coming soon.

Instead, quite content to see that the snp will not get the opportunity to hold a referdum on whether or not Scotland should become independent and break-away from the rest of the U.K. Don't really think that now is the time for all that particulary when if we do become independent and don't fancy it any longer, we can 'come back' into the U.K. Shut up...its not a pair of jeans that you can just take back because they made you look good in the changing room but don't look good in natural daylight. 'I'm not fancying that now'. A nonsense. You can't have it both ways. It's one or the other. The current or the new and no halfway house - stick my big toe into the water to see if its cold...

aye, whatever.
Indeed, do we even have any statesmans in the Scottish Parliament? Do we bawes. All we have are bloody councillors who somehow managed to get the 'cabinet'. And they want to run the country on the international stage. Jack McConnell standing up to the USA? Salmond telling the 'English' Primes Minister that he wants nothing to do with Trident? The First Minister sending peacekeeping troops into Iraq or Darfur?
Don't make me laugh.
If we did what the snp want, we would have to accpet that we're a small country with absolutely no power in the big bad world. Fact.
Currently we have a voice in the U.N. security council, we're in the G8, we have a bit of a say in Europe. We actually have a disproportionate say considering our population. We're doing no' bad as it stands.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Quite liking:

'Dance to the underground' as found on DFA Remixes:Chapter 1. 9minutes of electronica. Who needs lyrics when you have a melody and a high hat and a saxaphone? Just kind of builds and builds into a frenzy. Can't quite stop myself shifting my hips in a rhythmic manner.

Not really having to think about coursework and/or education/research.

Strangely, the weather though it was baltic up the top of Calton Hill on Monday night - fire or no fire, it was cold. Even Stella couldn't warm my hands - that would be a beverage, not a bird.

The Gossip. Not for once about others but the album. It's really quite tap-footingly nice with a mighty fine quantity of whoa-whoooas. And you can't say fairer than that.

That Chelsea have spent £500 million and only won the League Cup. Even Hibs managed that and they only spent £500. Alas, old Jose just can't accept that his team was guff. For him to say that his team should of won last night is a travesty. Anyone else make the link between his recent ranting and raving and Keegans melt down some years ago. 'I'd love it...just love it if'. Ferguson's got to him then...

Not really liking:

The fact that I am completely incapable of spelling 'qualitative' and 'quantitative' at the first time of asking. Go on, try it. Then of course is the 'ing' endings. If I excited, i just can't get my fingers to work in order. It always comes out 'nig'.

The Klaxons. Apologies but 4 decent songs, does an album not make.

Dissertation thoughts. Having them, and that's what I'm not liking. Big bold plans but no real way of pulling it off. Yet.

Anything after Dissertation hand-in day.