Sunday, February 25, 2007


the chopsticks didn't work right, so the knife and fork took over.

Alas, today would have been the 5th anniversary of touching down in Korea for the first time. Bit mental to think that actually. Some random country that I'd never been to before. Some random country that I was going to start teaching in despite having minimal teaching ability. Some random country that no-one really had any idea about. After the first few hours, I still didn't have any idea about it. I knew there was a KFC near the bus terminal and I knew that I had to take my shoes off indoors and I knew that I had to sit on the floor in the restaurant. And not much else.

And now, i'm an expert.

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Something's not right. Not sure what but there is definitely a sense that all is not well. Not sure with whom or what but the sense that something is in the offing just kind of lingers. Perhaps its a combination of things that all seems to add up to 1 'thing'. What that thing is another issue.

Perhaps it's just my impending tiredness or the time of the year or day or something.
doom and gloom?

I wonder if it's actually just me misinterpreting all i see. Interpretation bypass if you like.
Perhaps it's an accumulation of stuff that have suddenly /or not so suddenly/ arisen.the march of time being a fucking big part of it.

perhaps i should just concentrate on my football.
Romanov you're a knob. Alot of pitches are cutting up badly - much more that in previous seasons. whatever.
maybe 'chat' about music. the brits=shite. Popular 'music' at its worst. every year is the same. All the big music corp. patting themselves on the back. never listen to them, they're shit. all these random bands being classes as 'best live' or 'best newcomer'. if they were 1 year old, then they are newcomers but how can it be 'won' by some bloke who is 27 years old. Newcomer? Hardly. cynical.

ain't the weather doing alright. haha.
Lecturer was quite impressed with Ethopia because it's government wanted all it's population to be within x number of kilometres of broadband internet. good plan. how about providing safe drinking water for the population first. I guess if most the population is dead, then that means it's easier for the rest to get to a broadband internet connection without the expense.

How about cleaning houses? does it reflect on the person if its clean or not. Can i generalise. Dirty house=lazy person, low morals, low perception, knobhead>
Clean house=anal, organised, has pride, dust allegery, normal.

All this religion. do you reject satan. no, get behind me. never meet him though.What the 'person' or the stuff associated with the notion of satan ie the opposite of an angel? could you define what satan is so that i can then make an informed choice of whether or not I would like to reject or indeed accept. Show me the facts, then I can decide. Which gets back to interpretation. that 'bloke' with the horns. You know the one...bit of a goaty beard, bit sunburnt has funny feet. or the entity that is everything that you shouldn't do like drink 15 pints in a night, get mouthy and start of fight or take a mars bar from Tesco or stike a bird across the face. information mate, thats what we want. none of this mythical bollocks.

it's a bit heavy.
all this writing nonsense.
and thats all it is...nonsense.
unadultered nonsense
and now i wanna be your dog.
and now i'm ready to close my mind. on the burning sand.
wellcomeon. wooo.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


great, isn't it?
not really but you knew that was coming haha.
another month done and out of the way forever.
and more awkward questions about the months ahead.
yes, more assignments.
yes, more thinking about the assignments.
yes, more stress.
yes, more upheavel.
yes, more mood swings.
and no, same pf.
in the 3rd person, of course.
but no answers.
no further foward.
no explanations.
no deviation.
but to where?
the eternal question.
no answer to that.
no idea.
done by the summer.
and then haha.
probably nothing.
a thing for my cv.
a pat on the back for finishing.
but then back in the same position i'm often in.
just drifting in and out.
purpose, unknown.
wonder what would happen if i resigned my position.
probably just continue on my straight path. not giving a fuck about what others are saying.doing.
case to be made for selfishness.
strong claims.
why not indeed?
can you let yourself down in the same way that other people can let you down or is it a different sort of let down?
cause i'm tired of let down-ness.
piaget/vygotsky. lone ranger or part of the collective being.
do unto others as they would do to you.
thats right.
perhaps i will.
might turn messy however.
all these things i've done.

Sunday, February 04, 2007


You know when you go to some kind of social gathering and there is always some 'older' bloke on the dancefloor trying to be John Travolta in 'Saturday Night Fever' or trying to do a Crouchy 'Robot move'. He thinks he's well cool and hip and THE MAN but then everyone else is actually slightly embarrased by his antics.
It is not unusual for someone to say 'that's someones dad'.

Well, we can say that now!
Yes, that's you me old mucker.
Watch out, the style police are taking notes and are compiling a dossier of things to hold as evidence.

Friday, February 02, 2007


As Razorlight once noted when talking of Pete 'don't go back to dalston'.

Insert 'mayfield' for 'dalston'.

Yes, that reservation on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Down in London all these little skittery towns that really aren't nice places to live are called 'commuter towns'. Apparantly all these skittery little towns outside of Edinburgh are getting rebranded in much the same way. Mayfield though...needs more than rebranding.

2 major punch-ups and 5 police cars later, it was time for a strategic withdrawal.

Alcohol and neds and birds and their mates don't mix. Neither do glasses and heads. Pathetic really.
What's the point in trying to wack someone? You'll only get wacked back. And it's never just you and him. It's you plus the world and his bird.

People just don't get it.
Actually, people do depress me alot.
Is it people trying to be the alpha male or something? Trying to get the best mate but looking as hard as possible and showing it through drinking 34 pints in 10 minutes, getting liary and then getting delusions of coolness. Just stop at being liary. Nothing wrong with that. But the chest beating.

it's amazing how ballsy you can be behind a computer with a stinking cold and a temperature.